Oct 8, 2012

best (and worst) cities for your skin!

I'm always concerned about my skin. Are you? Did you know that where you live effects your skin? Daily Glow contacted me about their info-graphic and it mentions all of the states that are great (and bad) for your skin. It seems like I live in an area that isn't that great for my skin, yikes! {aka Los Angeles and occasionally Phoenix, AZ}. I wonder if because I live more near the ocean that it is better?? Also - I'm thinking that BK and I need to move to Northern CA near San Francisco, stat! I'm aging by the second, lol!
Where do you live and how does your city and state effect your skin? 

We better focus on quality skin care to make up for the lack of skincare we are receiving in select cities and states!

Head over to Daily Glow's website to read more about their findings.

*I was not paid for this post. 
This is simply me posting something I find interesting after being contacted by Daily Glow!

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  1. I have such sensitive skin Sierra, so I appreciate this post. I'm in NY so I'm in a "safe zone" BUT I must say for me winter is pretty harsh on my skin. I am always in need of some vitamin D.

    Hope you are enjoying the best of Fall! xoxo



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