Oct 10, 2012

heads up on men’s CK spring & summer ’13 collection - guest post by Christina

If classic casual wear from one of the world’s biggest ready-to-wear brands is your thing, then we bet you’re a die-hard Calvin Klein fanatic. And, like any self-respecting fan, you simply can’t brace yourself for this year’s colder season without knowing what you should look forward to, come spring and summer. We took a second look at the Calvin Klein spring/summer 2013 collection, which hit the runways at the Milan Fashion Week in late June, in order to give you a bit of a heads up in what’s coming your way early next year.
In terms of overall styles, it seems that the brand’s creative director, Italo Zuccheli, is playing it just as classic as one would expect from Calvin Klein. Classic, yet in no way dull, since the latest CK menswear collection is a nod to Italo-American pop culture and street fashion, starting from the 1950s and going all the way into the late eighties and early nineties. There’s more than just a smack of James Dean in a collection that prominently features denim in most typed of wash and colors. There’s also a distinctly late-punk flair to the collection, brought up by the selection of impeccable pitch-black leather biker jackets. Zuccheli also threw in some street culture into the mix, by coordinating most outfits with double-Velcro sports shoes, or their more elegant cousins, with the same closing mechanism, but decked out in black leather.

The posh end of the collection was highly innovative in terms of accessorizing and details. All- black suit outfits were matched up with Wayfarer-shaped sunglasses with pops of color for the frames, and most models had their hair slicked back with Vaseline, in true James Dean style. One couldn’t help but notice some of the blazers and trousers had a shimmer to the fabric, but Zuccheli had enough foresight as to keep it low-key. Another patterning surprise was provided by the Hawaiian shirts and t-shirts with floral appliques, for a sporty-summerish look.

The color range was entirely Calvin Klein, from one end of the collection to the other. Denim blues and darker hues of navy were matched and often mismatched on purpose with black denim. There were plenty of coats, jackets, blazers, and shirts in off-white or creamy beige, while the suit part of the collection was mostly about greys and powder blues. All in all, the spring/summer 2013 Calvin Klein collection is not a massive departure from what the brand has gotten us used to, yet it’s got enough innovation to warrant massive staying power come next year.

Author Bio: This guest post was contributed by Christina F. Haze for Macy’s. For good retail and shipping prices on Calvin Klein coats, shirts, trousers, and other designer items check out the Macy’s online store. Christina is a seasoned men’s fashion and lifestyle writer, who has contributed to numerous specialized websites.

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