Oct 5, 2012

Marc Anthony dry shampoo and beach spray review!

Recently I had the chance to review some awesome products! Marc Anthony sent me out their Dream Waves Beach Spray and 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo and both are excellent products. Plus - they both are extremely affordable. I was impressed by the packaging, but more than that, I was impressed by the product. Let's start with my review of the Beach Spray first.
The Dream Waves Beach Spray is a great spray that isn't sticky and creates lightweight and luscious curls. I loved how easily it sprayed on my hair and I loved the after effects even more! I didn't take a picture of my curls the day I sprayed it in my hair, so I used a photo from a while back that's very similar to how my hair turned out. I think this would be a great product to use when I head back to sunny CA and I'm enjoying the beautiful beach. 
So if you're looking for lightweight and breezy curls this is a great spray for you. ;) Now on to the Dry Shampoo...
The 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo is another great product from Marc Anthony! I thought I would spare you a picture of my greasy hair, but just know that it works well! Unlike other dry shampoos this this product does not have "color" in it, which means the color doesn't get all over your hands when you're rubbing it into your hair so that it absorbs all of the oil. In the past I have purchased dry shampoos that have a "blonde color" and it's supposed to make your hair blonder, which I don't like! In fact, it makes my hair look gross and fake, so this was a nice switch.

The Dry Shampoo is also easy to spray (you should spray a good distance away from your tresses so that you don't get too much of the liquid on your hair) and afterwards you should leave it in for a few minutes before styling your hair to give it time to absorb the oils. Usually I spray it in my hair and follow it up with using my hands to evenly distribute the product by gently rubbing on my hair where it is oily. I also brush my hair thoroughly after rubbing it in, in case some of the product decides to stay put as opposed to doing its job. ;)

Marc Anthony products are available at: Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, Ulta.com, Drugstore.com and other retailers. Suggested retail prices $7.99 - $8.99.

Owner of Toronto’s trend-setting Marc Anthony Salons and winner of numerous international awards, celebrity hairstylist Marc Anthony is the creator of the comprehensive Marc Anthony True Professional® line of premium stylers, shampoos and conditioners that can be found worldwide. Today, Marc Anthony and his roster of Celebrity Stylists have become the definitive Team to the Stars for television features, trends and celebrity hair styling. They can be seen regularly at such prestigious events as the Oscars, Emmy’s, Grammy’s and Toronto’s International Film Festival; styling the manes of Royalty to A-list celebrities like the Duchess of York, Fergie, Tilda Swinton, Ellen Page, Freida Pinto, Harrison Ford, Eva Longoria, Hilary Swank, Kevin Spacey, Justin Bieber, Keanu Reeves and Jeremy Renner to name a few.

Let me know if you get the chance to try Marc Anthony's products! ;)


  1. Haha before I read this post, I thought Jennifer Lopez's ex husband had started up a hair product line. :P

    This sounds like a really cool product and your hair looks AMAZING. I wouldn't mind using the beach spray myself. Your hair really does look like you came straight off the beach. :)

  2. Sounds like a great hair brand! I've been looking for the perfect beach curls spray, so will keep an eye open for it for sure.


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