Oct 16, 2012

the smart way to shop online - guest post by Sophie Hill

The flexibility that online shopping offers nowadays is unquestionable, you can shop at any place and at any time, the worldwide stores of the internet never close, which is quite useful if you are a busy person and have little time for shopping. One of the main reasons why I prefer online shopping is because it saves time and money and I can do it in the comfort and privacy of my home. I buy everything online: my clothes, my glasses, my shoes, I follow the latest fashion trends online!

If I need something, no matter where I am - at work, at home or walking on the street, I prefer to go to my favorite online shop via phone and add that desired product to the wishlist and buy it later, rather than running from store to store. And also I get discounts, free delivery and free returns in many cases. For example a couple of days ago I ordered two pairs of lovely jeans online, but when I received them, I realized that I don't need the second pair and returned it easily because it was a store that does free returns. There are still people who don't prefer online shopping, I really don't understand them, online stores have larger collections than offline stores and they help you to find desired product very fast in one place.

Online shopping for clothes is easy, but you should try to shop clothes online the smart way. Selecting the right website is an important factor of smart online shopping, because there are a lot of online e-commerce websites but only few are quality websites that offer huge discounts. To get the best price you should compare prices between different stores and it's easier when they are all in one place.

The other key point to do smart fashion shopping is to follow the trends. For your ease there are sites like fashionfinder.asos.com, where people are talking about fashion and sharing different outfit ideas and combos, from all over the world. With all these benefits of online shopping and a lot of brands and stores available online now, it is a little bit difficult to follow all of them separately. That's why there are websites that  that do it for you like shopstyle.com and loopos.co.uk.

Tips for fashion trends by experts are also available in fashion blogs, as you know great wardrobe starts with an initial inspiration - for more style inspiration there are plenty of fashion blogs to follow. For example here you can find the 99 most influential fashion blogs, when reading them you can be sure to stay in touch with the season’s trends. Also fashion blogs will help you to learn how to dress well on less and how to try new things to look great.

At loopos.co.uk you can follow all your favorite brands in one place and find a list with products only at sale. Also it is a great place to find bargains for you and your family. A complete range of fashion items like clothes, shoes and accessories for men, women and kids, allow you to shop for everything you need and more easily.

You can sign up for a weekly fashion sale alert to have discounts delivered to your inbox or follow them on Facebook and Pinterest, like I do. If you want to find the best items on sale and get them before they sell out, my advice is to check new arrivals daily. Also there is a offers section, with a huge selection of the latest fashion voucher codes, style offers, student discount codes and best promotions from stores like Urban Outfitters, Zalando, Boohoo, Debenhams, Very, Dorothy Perkins and many more of their retailer partners.

You can make big savings with these coupon codes and promos when shopping online. For example if you shop at Urban Outfitters now you'll get 10% OFF on all UK orders, entering the given discount code at checkout + free delivery all month long! For me shopping online is much more attractive than going out to the mall, because everything is literally at my fingertips. Hope the listed points will help you to become a smarter online shopper!

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  1. I look for sales on line, but if i really like something that isn't- i still have to buy it :/ not very smart, i know lol


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