Nov 30, 2012

steal vamp Bella's bombshell look

Happy Friday Ocean Dreamers!

Today I will be seeing Breaking Dawn part 2 and even though I've read all of the books, I admit I'm not as big of a fan as I used to be {I know, I'm sorry but I'm not sorry}.

However, even though I'm not crazy obsessed with Twilight like all of the Twihards out there, that's not stopping me from seeing the film! I'm dragging my mom along with me and we'll be watching the final segment of this vampire saga together. :) I do have to admit that I'm looking forward to seeing Bella kick some major butt and of course seeing Bella and Edward together with their darling daughter.

One of my sponsors {Marc Anthony} e-mailed me with this fun video that shows us how to create Bella's hairstyle that you often see in Breaking Dawn 2. I love her transformation (from what I've seen in photos) and soon I'll be seeing her transformation from girl-next-door to vamp bombshell on the live screen!

Here are some step by step instructions 
from Marc Anthony themselves 
on how to achieve Bella's bombshell look! ;)

Visit for more 
information on Marc Anthony Hair Care
and use their Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray
and Beach Spray to help you achieve the look.

Take one-inch by two-inch sections and spray lightly with Hairspray
We do this for two reasons: it protects your cuticle from the 
heat of the curling iron and it really helps to set the hair.
Curl each section starting close to the root all the way to the ends. 
You want to have a bit of inconsistency in the size of each
section so that the look is more natural. 
We also like to alternate the direction of the curl 
for each section so that one curls left to right and the next right to left. 
This gives it a more natural finish as well as making 
it a modern bombshell; a bit sexier and messier than its predecessor.
Leave the top section for last since you want the 
entire area to be curled back without a part.
This is done for the volume and a ‘no part’ finish is so modern!
It is important to let this sit for a bit to help ‘set’ the look, 
allowing it to last longer and with more substance. 
After curling a section you can roll the section back up 
and secure it with a bobby pin to mimic a sort of ‘roller set’. 
We like to wait about 10 minutes before taking a brush to this. 
If you want more of a messy finish or extra volume, 
teasing hair with a pick can really work as well.

I'll let you know what I think of Breaking Dawn part 2 in a bit! 
Have a great weekend! ;)

Nov 29, 2012

beauty is only skin deep

Isn't it amazing that we can spend so much money on beauty products? 
Take a look at this infographic below that's from Women's Personal Finance.
The findings are astounding!  

I am the first to admit that I love my fashionable items 
and buying from my favorite beauty brands is top on my list.
However, I think it's important to cut back on beauty 
products at times, especially after reading over this infographic.
Can you believe that 24% of women buy haircare
products and 23% buy beauty products
while spending around $40 per month?
I can and I think that's a lot of money!
I think I even spend more than that; pretty crazy.
I think it's important to be aware of where our
money is going and realize that beauty is only skin deep!
After all, beauty comes from the inside. ;)
I'm definitely going to try and do my best and 
think more about what I spend my money on. 
Saving is important for me now even though it is challenging!

*I'm not saying that buying beauty products is wrong.
Many products improve our way of living 
and I love my beauty products 
{especially organic and cruelty-free}!
They also protect your skin from skin cancer
 and improve your health overall.
I just thought these findings were interesting.
I hope you think so too!


Nov 26, 2012

preparing for that special event - guest post by Hazel

There are several times in our lives that call for special preparations. Whether you are getting married, attending a wedding or even a prom, you will want to look your very best. Looking your best will require a bit of advance preparation but there are many things you can do to make sure you are dressed to impress. Here are some tips to make sure you stand out – in the right way, of course!

Choose the Right Outfit


You want to dress for the occasion, but you do not want to overdress or outshine the guest of honor. The key to dressing correctly is to determine the type of event that you are attending. While you might think that a wedding calls for a fancy outfit, many weddings today are low-key and almost casual. The dress code is normally listed on the invitations that you receive prior to the event. If you are unsure what to expect in terms of the dress code, be sure to ask someone who is in charge of the event, not just another invitee.

Choosing the right outfit is important to put forth a good appearance. If the dress code calls for fancy wear, you will want to choose a dress or suit and tie, depending on your gender. Additionally, dress shoes will be required and should match your outfit.

Make Sure Your Legs are Shaved!

If you are wearing a dress, you will want to make sure you have no visible hair on your legs. Of course, some people opt to use a home hair removal aid instead of shaving. This offers a permanent solution to rid you of body hair growth once and for all. There are many different methods of removing hair; you simply choose the one that works best for you.

The important thing is to make sure that you use your home hair removal device a few days prior to the outing for the best results.

Get Your Hair Done

Women will most likely want to have their hair done; it is part of the pampering aspect of preparing for a big event. Whether you choose to visit the salon or have a friend or family member do your hair, choose a style that matches your outfit. This may sound funny, but the truth is your elegant outfit will not look so good if you simply choose to leave your hair down. Fancy outfits call for an elegant up-do while casual outfits can get away with a more casual do.

Men, while many opt not to have anything done, some may decide that they need a haircut before the event. This will help you present a polished look and when you attend a formal event, you want to look your very best. If you decide against a haircut, you can don a hat that is appropriate for the dress code. A fedora is good for a formal event while other hats, such as a beret, but never a baseball cap, are good for events that are not as formal in nature.

Tying Up the Loose Ends

Making appointments and taking charge of personal care is important, but your choice of transportation is important as well. If you are the guest of honor or family thereof, arriving in a state car or limo is not out of the question as it will add to the formality of the event.

Getting prepared for a big event requires a lot of minor details. It is best to begin preparations in advance so that when the big day arrives, you are not left scurrying around trying to pull the arrangements together.
There are many home hair removal devices that can help you get prepared for your big event. Do some research and find out which one is right for you.

Nov 25, 2012

when in doubt, go work out

I've been thinking a lot about how important it is to surround yourself with people that motivate you. For me, I tend to put off eating healthy, working out, and having a healthy lifestyle overall, but I know thanks to a few friends, my BK, and my mom and dad, I'm encouraged to stick with it. I've learned that I actually enjoy working out and it makes me feel good about myself. Even though I may struggle with the amount of food I intake, working out definitely helps me get back on track. I've also realized that it's important to rely on yourself for motivation and not always depend on people to get you up and going to the gym as well!! You definitely have to make up your mind to stay fit and do some form of exercise that you actually enjoy.

I've also realized that when I plan my workouts, I 90% of the time will actually do them. This means writing them down in my Erin Condren planner and planning in my mind what time I need to leave the house to make it to a class in time. I also have a workout plan wherever I go - California, Utah, and Arizona. I know it's easy to say that "I'm on vacation" but in reality I stay at these places 2-3 weeks at a time so I have to treat it like I'm at home and not on vacation. Otherwise I'm just giving myself an excuse not to workout out and eat healthy. 

{via my Instagram}

I've also realized that a lot about learning discipline to workout on a daily basis is by sucking it up. Ha ha, yes I know my tank top says that too, but it's true! If you make up your mind that you're going to get sweaty and not look pretty an hour out of your day then you'll go to the gym, class, or however you workout with the mind set that you're going to take care of your body and sweat. 

I've mentioned this before, but having a reward system to workout out hard is important too. In fact, when I return to Utah early next week I have a few new tanks waiting in my room that arrived in the mail by now. I'm obsessed with motivational words that encourage me to head out the door and go to the gym asap so I can show off my new tanks! You can get tanks like this at oGorgeous and it's just another site that I'm obsessed with. 

So how do you keep yourself motivated to workout?
 Do you have people that encourage you? Do you reward yourself?

When it doubt, go work out! ;)

Nov 22, 2012

3 reasons why most diets fail - guest post by Josh


Let’s face it, at some point in our lives we are probably going to want to lose weight. It might be because you had a baby, ate too much for the holidays or just put on some excess weight as you got older but the fact of the matter is you would probably like to be skinnier. The problem with losing weight is that a lot of people have the notion that a simple diet is enough to lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off. Many of these people begin to believe that if they just stop themselves from eating, sometimes to the point of starvation, that they will reach their weight goal. Unfortunately these are the exact reasons why diets do not work. Here is what to avoid on your path to weight loss. 

1. People Cut Out Too Many Calories

Do not completely cut out calories. Calories in and of them selves are a good thing. They provide the energy that you need to get your body going throughout the day. Cutting out all calories in your diet will result in a lack of energy and it will also lead to an increase in fat. When the body starts to notice a decrease in caloric intake, it will start to store what calories it does take in as fat and leave you with low energy. This often ends up with the dieter eating or drinking a sugar filled treat to give them a boost during their day and crushing their diet plans. 

2. People Don’t get the Proper Amount of Sleep

Another reason why a lot of diets end up failing is that the dieter fails to get the proper amount of sleep and does not drink the proper amount of water. Most people need about 8 hours of sleep a night for their body to recuperate and regain strength. When people cut their sleep short the body cannot regenerate and will continue to operate in degenerative state. This will not allow the body to lose weight and will actually slow metabolism. Not properly hydrating your body will also slow metabolism. The average human should drink approximately 4-5 liters of water everyday. A lack of proper hydration will once again lead the body to conserve its resources and will often lead to an increase in weight. Many people think that by not drinking water, they will not put on water weight and they could not be further from the truth. 

3. People Don’t Exercise While Dieting

The last and perhaps the biggest reason people do not lose weight is that they are not exercising properly. There is a common misconception that a dieter can jump on a weight loss plan such as an HCG Diet and that they still won’t have to work out to lose weight. That could not be further from the truth. Someone might be able to lose weight temporarily by doing a quick diet plan but for sustained weight loss, proper exercise should be incorporated into your dieting. This will often times not only help you lose weight but also give you a much better state of emotional well being. 

Diets can work but there are a number of reasons why they fail. If you can correct the stumbling blocks found above, you can be well on your way to a successful diet. 

Nov 20, 2012

8 holiday nail colors - guest post by Sara

The cooler air has arrived, the leaves have turned and holiday d├ęcor has been placed around town. It’s time to throw on your favorite leggings and comfy sweater and grab a mani/pedi. Before you head in to your favorite nail salon, consider these fun holiday colors:

Beyond Cozy by Essie: You don’t have to wait until the ball drops to wear a fun and shimmering silver on your nails. This holiday season welcomes metallic nails with open hands.

Wrapped in Rubies by Essie: Just like its name, this color wraps you in a luscious deep burgundy color with gold undertones. A more mature choice for the perfectly manicured hand.

Cocktail Bling by Essie: The color resembles the winter sky before the first fall of snow and the light shade of gray goes perfect with your winter wardrobe.  How can something so neutral stop traffic?

Holiday Glitter Trio by Butter: This special delight comes with three holiday colors: Chancer, West End Wonderland & Rosie Lee. Chancer is your deep, sexy red that will catch a jealous ex’s eye. Your West End Wonderland is a festive gold glitter and Rosie Lee softens the group with a light sparkle purple.

Carry On by Essie: A more modern look with this flat deep plum/burgundy hue. Compliments any skin tone and you can share this one with all the ladies in your family.

Bobbing for Baubles by Essie: Blue is not your traditional holiday color but don’t be fooled by this holiday outcast. Muted sapphire is perfect for fun, cold weather dates like ice skating and sledding or holding a cup of hot chocolate.

Dive Bar by Essie: Consider that deep green, teal to be the new Christmas green. Slather this color during the holiday office parities for a change of pace and fun.

Only Gold For Me by Sephora: Chunks of gold, just what a girl wants! This flashy but classy polish screams party. Quick tips, you will need several coats for this one or for instant glam, add it as a single top coat to a dark color.

Fingers and toes nail colors are a fun way to express your personality during the holidays. Stay in trend and stick to these colors. Happy holidays!

Author Bio
Sara is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She is a frequent contributor of

Nov 10, 2012

what looks fab with shorts - guest post by Lem

Hi Ocean Dreams,

Happy weekend!

Since I'm gearing up to go back to CA in about a week, this guest post came at the right time! I can't wait to be in the warm weather and maybe wear some shorts! Enjoy this guest post by Lem!

Ladies (and even guys) have developed an extraordinary love for shorts. The obvious reasons? Easy to wear. You don’t have to struggle pulling up your shorts onto your waist, unlike tight fitted pants. Another reason is that it provides you great comfort! You can freely move around with your shorts on. And lastly, it makes any lady look sophisticated. Everyone will notice how good you look in your attire. However, sometimes we get stuck on what fashion items that go well with shorts. We become problematic on what we should wear with it. Ladies are meticulous beautiful creatures. Who wouldn't want to look refined? Now, if you’re looking for some ways on how to look gorgeous wearing shorts, here are some tips you might love to consider.

Top it off with the right tops: 

You already pull out your nice piece of shorts inside your wardrobe, and the next step is to determine what kind of tops you need to partner with it. Your shorts would go well with a fitted blouse. That is, if you want to flaunt your gorgeous curves. I don’t suggest wearing oversized shirts with it since it exudes a “time to go to bed” look. I know others look sexy wearing an oversized shirt with their shorts on, but it is also wise to consider the place you are heading to. If you’ll just annoy your friend around the neighborhood, go with your sexy-looking oversized shirt. Aside from fitted blouses, you can also dress up with your favorite sleeveless tank top. Tank tops today come in very stylish cuts. This is normally my outfit because it’s comfortable and breezy. You can also put on a chic floral blouse. I saw a lovely gal recently who looked stunning with this combo outfit. You might as well try it.

Go for the boots and heels:

If you have long, slender legs, getting your boots out of your closet will be a perfect glam-up match for your shorts. Don’t you love that sound your boots is making while you are taking your stride? As for me, I don’t wear boots, since my legs are short. I know I won’t grow any taller. I would only look like a blob with a boots on. Heels would also be an okay footwear. Look tall and glamorous with your heels on. This will be a great head turner for every guy.

The all-around sneakers:

If you are like me, you love sporting sneakers whenever wearing shorts. Comfortable isn’t it? Sneakers plus shorts are a great match if you want to exude a sporty yet girly look. Just remember that you also need to consider your ladies tops and shorts before slipping your feet into your sneakers. It’s totally off if you have a floral girly top and shorts plus sneakers. People might think that you have a weird fashion statement, or a crazy gal who wants to solicit unwanted attention. Would you want that? Definitely, no.

Play with knee-high socks:

WARNING: only for teens and the adventurous. Have you seen people on this outfit, especially the Japanese girls? They look cute don't they? Knee-high socks come in different colors like the traditional white, colorful stripes, pink, violet, and many more. But before you consider this fashion trend, don’t forget your age bracket. *winks*

The versatile leggings:

Leggings are not only worn by people who are members of the dance troupe. Though leggings have been part of the fashion trend since the 80's, you can actually dress up with your shorts. If you are not so uncomfortable about the warm weather, wearing leggings with your shorts might be a fashionable choice. There are several stylish leggings out there which come in plain colors and patterned designs. Just face the mirror and see for yourself which are a great combo for your shorts. Don’t forget your overall look!

And to sum it up, you have to glide with your best poise when wearing shorts. There are some who wear shorts who look absolutely stunning even if their legs are uhh, kinda hairy?

If you know other ways on how to look your best while wearing shorts, care to share them with us?

About the Author:
Lem Enrile is a writer who loves sharing her experiences, women clothes, and imparting useful tips about fashion. She works as an Outreach Consultant for IndieMode, the home for exclusive designer women fashion dresses.

Nov 1, 2012

one day too late - some celeb costumes that are fab

So my Halloween consisted of eating some candy and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. I also put too much makeup on my face (see my attempt at a spooky smokey eye below) and it took forever to get it off. How was yours? 
Gone are the days where I go trick and treating, but I am definitely okay with that and I very much liked my low key evening relaxing and watching The X Factor. I also can't wait to catch up on Nashville. But that's besides the point...I had fun looking at (umm I mean stalking) my favorite celeb's Instagram and Facebook feeds to catch up on their Halloween costumes. Here are some of my favorites through the years:

Costumes from Years Past:

Who doesn't love to recreate their favorite prom moments? It's super easy to throw on a dress and look as fabulous as Katy Perry. Right? Right.

Stay Keibler looks adorable as Raggedy Ann. I love my Raggedy Ann doll still today! ;)

Oh Mariah I love that you dressed up as a...cookie?!

This costume is one of my favorites. Lauren Conrad dressed up as a flapper! I love her dress and shoes!

Ahh I love this one. Alyssa dresses as a butterfly! She just might fly away. 

2012 Costumes:

I actually liked Kim's mermaid outfit this year. Except she could use a bigger top - she's kind of coming out of her seashells like typical Kim fashion.

This one is my favorite due to all of the pretty colors. Dressed up as a cupcake, this year Milian celebrated the launch of her custom Halloween cocktail recipe for HPNOTIQ Liqueur at Beacher’s Madhouse in Los Angeles.

Couple Costumes {And PLL}

I happen to love Ryan and Julianne together and they look even more fabulous dressed up as Bonnie and Clyde!

Can you believe that Fergie and Josh dressed up as As model/actress Angelyne and filmmaker Dennis Woodruff in Beverly Hills yesterday?! I hardly even recognize them!

Jessica Simpson dresses up as a sexy milkmade and her boyfriend Eric Johnson in a Scottish Braveheart costume and Maxwell as a chicken. Chicken? Umm I can't help but think of "chicken of the sea!" lol.

Eddie and Leann know how to choose the costumes! Gotta love Grease! 

The Pretty Little Liars stars dressed up as Tweedledee and Beyonce's Austin Powers character, Foxxy Cleopatra. I love Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell!

Did you dress up or do anything fun for Halloween?