Nov 29, 2012

beauty is only skin deep

Isn't it amazing that we can spend so much money on beauty products? 
Take a look at this infographic below that's from Women's Personal Finance.
The findings are astounding!  

I am the first to admit that I love my fashionable items 
and buying from my favorite beauty brands is top on my list.
However, I think it's important to cut back on beauty 
products at times, especially after reading over this infographic.
Can you believe that 24% of women buy haircare
products and 23% buy beauty products
while spending around $40 per month?
I can and I think that's a lot of money!
I think I even spend more than that; pretty crazy.
I think it's important to be aware of where our
money is going and realize that beauty is only skin deep!
After all, beauty comes from the inside. ;)
I'm definitely going to try and do my best and 
think more about what I spend my money on. 
Saving is important for me now even though it is challenging!

*I'm not saying that buying beauty products is wrong.
Many products improve our way of living 
and I love my beauty products 
{especially organic and cruelty-free}!
They also protect your skin from skin cancer
 and improve your health overall.
I just thought these findings were interesting.
I hope you think so too!


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  1. I will never stop spending money if it means improving my way of life and my health. This usually means I'm buying products that are natural and organic, which leads to spending more. If it keeps me healthier, that's all that matters to me and I think that should be every human beings' priority.


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