Nov 26, 2012

preparing for that special event - guest post by Hazel

There are several times in our lives that call for special preparations. Whether you are getting married, attending a wedding or even a prom, you will want to look your very best. Looking your best will require a bit of advance preparation but there are many things you can do to make sure you are dressed to impress. Here are some tips to make sure you stand out – in the right way, of course!

Choose the Right Outfit


You want to dress for the occasion, but you do not want to overdress or outshine the guest of honor. The key to dressing correctly is to determine the type of event that you are attending. While you might think that a wedding calls for a fancy outfit, many weddings today are low-key and almost casual. The dress code is normally listed on the invitations that you receive prior to the event. If you are unsure what to expect in terms of the dress code, be sure to ask someone who is in charge of the event, not just another invitee.

Choosing the right outfit is important to put forth a good appearance. If the dress code calls for fancy wear, you will want to choose a dress or suit and tie, depending on your gender. Additionally, dress shoes will be required and should match your outfit.

Make Sure Your Legs are Shaved!

If you are wearing a dress, you will want to make sure you have no visible hair on your legs. Of course, some people opt to use a home hair removal aid instead of shaving. This offers a permanent solution to rid you of body hair growth once and for all. There are many different methods of removing hair; you simply choose the one that works best for you.

The important thing is to make sure that you use your home hair removal device a few days prior to the outing for the best results.

Get Your Hair Done

Women will most likely want to have their hair done; it is part of the pampering aspect of preparing for a big event. Whether you choose to visit the salon or have a friend or family member do your hair, choose a style that matches your outfit. This may sound funny, but the truth is your elegant outfit will not look so good if you simply choose to leave your hair down. Fancy outfits call for an elegant up-do while casual outfits can get away with a more casual do.

Men, while many opt not to have anything done, some may decide that they need a haircut before the event. This will help you present a polished look and when you attend a formal event, you want to look your very best. If you decide against a haircut, you can don a hat that is appropriate for the dress code. A fedora is good for a formal event while other hats, such as a beret, but never a baseball cap, are good for events that are not as formal in nature.

Tying Up the Loose Ends

Making appointments and taking charge of personal care is important, but your choice of transportation is important as well. If you are the guest of honor or family thereof, arriving in a state car or limo is not out of the question as it will add to the formality of the event.

Getting prepared for a big event requires a lot of minor details. It is best to begin preparations in advance so that when the big day arrives, you are not left scurrying around trying to pull the arrangements together.
There are many home hair removal devices that can help you get prepared for your big event. Do some research and find out which one is right for you.

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  1. I'd love to get my hair blown out just for a party. Makes all the difference and I can never match that flip in the hair they do!



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