Nov 30, 2012

steal vamp Bella's bombshell look

Happy Friday Ocean Dreamers!

Today I will be seeing Breaking Dawn part 2 and even though I've read all of the books, I admit I'm not as big of a fan as I used to be {I know, I'm sorry but I'm not sorry}.

However, even though I'm not crazy obsessed with Twilight like all of the Twihards out there, that's not stopping me from seeing the film! I'm dragging my mom along with me and we'll be watching the final segment of this vampire saga together. :) I do have to admit that I'm looking forward to seeing Bella kick some major butt and of course seeing Bella and Edward together with their darling daughter.

One of my sponsors {Marc Anthony} e-mailed me with this fun video that shows us how to create Bella's hairstyle that you often see in Breaking Dawn 2. I love her transformation (from what I've seen in photos) and soon I'll be seeing her transformation from girl-next-door to vamp bombshell on the live screen!

Here are some step by step instructions 
from Marc Anthony themselves 
on how to achieve Bella's bombshell look! ;)

Visit for more 
information on Marc Anthony Hair Care
and use their Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray
and Beach Spray to help you achieve the look.

Take one-inch by two-inch sections and spray lightly with Hairspray
We do this for two reasons: it protects your cuticle from the 
heat of the curling iron and it really helps to set the hair.
Curl each section starting close to the root all the way to the ends. 
You want to have a bit of inconsistency in the size of each
section so that the look is more natural. 
We also like to alternate the direction of the curl 
for each section so that one curls left to right and the next right to left. 
This gives it a more natural finish as well as making 
it a modern bombshell; a bit sexier and messier than its predecessor.
Leave the top section for last since you want the 
entire area to be curled back without a part.
This is done for the volume and a ‘no part’ finish is so modern!
It is important to let this sit for a bit to help ‘set’ the look, 
allowing it to last longer and with more substance. 
After curling a section you can roll the section back up 
and secure it with a bobby pin to mimic a sort of ‘roller set’. 
We like to wait about 10 minutes before taking a brush to this. 
If you want more of a messy finish or extra volume, 
teasing hair with a pick can really work as well.

I'll let you know what I think of Breaking Dawn part 2 in a bit! 
Have a great weekend! ;)


  1. i saw the movie and while it wasn't great, i did keep on thinking: man, her hair looks AWESOME LOL

  2. I'll definitely be checking out that video. The curls look really good!

  3. Oh how fun. Hope you enjoyed the movie girlie! I loved it.


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