Nov 10, 2012

what looks fab with shorts - guest post by Lem

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Happy weekend!

Since I'm gearing up to go back to CA in about a week, this guest post came at the right time! I can't wait to be in the warm weather and maybe wear some shorts! Enjoy this guest post by Lem!

Ladies (and even guys) have developed an extraordinary love for shorts. The obvious reasons? Easy to wear. You don’t have to struggle pulling up your shorts onto your waist, unlike tight fitted pants. Another reason is that it provides you great comfort! You can freely move around with your shorts on. And lastly, it makes any lady look sophisticated. Everyone will notice how good you look in your attire. However, sometimes we get stuck on what fashion items that go well with shorts. We become problematic on what we should wear with it. Ladies are meticulous beautiful creatures. Who wouldn't want to look refined? Now, if you’re looking for some ways on how to look gorgeous wearing shorts, here are some tips you might love to consider.

Top it off with the right tops: 

You already pull out your nice piece of shorts inside your wardrobe, and the next step is to determine what kind of tops you need to partner with it. Your shorts would go well with a fitted blouse. That is, if you want to flaunt your gorgeous curves. I don’t suggest wearing oversized shirts with it since it exudes a “time to go to bed” look. I know others look sexy wearing an oversized shirt with their shorts on, but it is also wise to consider the place you are heading to. If you’ll just annoy your friend around the neighborhood, go with your sexy-looking oversized shirt. Aside from fitted blouses, you can also dress up with your favorite sleeveless tank top. Tank tops today come in very stylish cuts. This is normally my outfit because it’s comfortable and breezy. You can also put on a chic floral blouse. I saw a lovely gal recently who looked stunning with this combo outfit. You might as well try it.

Go for the boots and heels:

If you have long, slender legs, getting your boots out of your closet will be a perfect glam-up match for your shorts. Don’t you love that sound your boots is making while you are taking your stride? As for me, I don’t wear boots, since my legs are short. I know I won’t grow any taller. I would only look like a blob with a boots on. Heels would also be an okay footwear. Look tall and glamorous with your heels on. This will be a great head turner for every guy.

The all-around sneakers:

If you are like me, you love sporting sneakers whenever wearing shorts. Comfortable isn’t it? Sneakers plus shorts are a great match if you want to exude a sporty yet girly look. Just remember that you also need to consider your ladies tops and shorts before slipping your feet into your sneakers. It’s totally off if you have a floral girly top and shorts plus sneakers. People might think that you have a weird fashion statement, or a crazy gal who wants to solicit unwanted attention. Would you want that? Definitely, no.

Play with knee-high socks:

WARNING: only for teens and the adventurous. Have you seen people on this outfit, especially the Japanese girls? They look cute don't they? Knee-high socks come in different colors like the traditional white, colorful stripes, pink, violet, and many more. But before you consider this fashion trend, don’t forget your age bracket. *winks*

The versatile leggings:

Leggings are not only worn by people who are members of the dance troupe. Though leggings have been part of the fashion trend since the 80's, you can actually dress up with your shorts. If you are not so uncomfortable about the warm weather, wearing leggings with your shorts might be a fashionable choice. There are several stylish leggings out there which come in plain colors and patterned designs. Just face the mirror and see for yourself which are a great combo for your shorts. Don’t forget your overall look!

And to sum it up, you have to glide with your best poise when wearing shorts. There are some who wear shorts who look absolutely stunning even if their legs are uhh, kinda hairy?

If you know other ways on how to look your best while wearing shorts, care to share them with us?

About the Author:
Lem Enrile is a writer who loves sharing her experiences, women clothes, and imparting useful tips about fashion. She works as an Outreach Consultant for IndieMode, the home for exclusive designer women fashion dresses.


  1. Those blue shorts are absolutely fantastic!!! Love!

Holly Foxen Wells


  2. I love shorts SO much. They are my go-to for summer and even for going out. I don't always want to wear a skirt or dress when I'm dancing, so shorts are the perfect option!


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