Dec 31, 2012

incredible Birthday gift ideas for 2013 - guest post by Michelle

Birthdays are special occasions in everyone’s life. So make it a cheerful one in 2013 and beyond by presenting an innovative gift to your loved ones.

Here are some amazing birthday gift ideas:

A Sweet Start

Elders say “Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new” and it is good to have something sweet before you start anything new. So, present a sweet box or a chocolate box to your friends to give them a memorable start on their birthday.

A Hug 

A Hug can is a great gift especially for your loved ones. It is an immediate gift which helps in relieving tension. So give a hug to your loved which delivers your memories from arms to the heart. So give your friends a no cost hug to get a million dollar smile from them.

A Greeting Card

Greeting cards are decorative cards designed to express your thoughts and feelings. Greetings convey wishes that last for a long time and you can find greeting cards of various colours, designs and sizes in the market to present it to your special person to make them glad.

A Flower Bouquet

Flowers are loved by many and are a good gift idea. Creative bunch of flowers play a major role in conveying wishes to people on their birthdays as they deliver a message to be open and receptive in life.

A Photo Mug

Gift them a personalized coffee mug with their favourite photo printed on it. They feel happy to have it and remember you during each sip of coffee they take.

Wrist Watches

Time is very important in every individual’s mind and if put it in a blunt manner time is money. Present a wrist watch to your dear ones so that whenever they look at it they recollect certain good memories with you.

A Wish Plant

Wish plant conveys a message to remember your roots and stand tall in difficult situations. So present a wish plant to your dear ones to celebrate a remarkable and cheerful birthday.

A Good Book 

A good book is more than any best friend.  So gift your friend a good book to help them open their life with hope and end with expectations.

An iPod

Be trendy and gift your friend an iPod with songs that match with different moods. So whenever they listen to them, they feel blissful.

Picture Memories

People may change but memories never fade, so present a photo collage to your dear ones to make their birthday cheerful.


Perfumes play a vital role in grooming and they do act as a good present. So gift your loved ones a bottle of their favourite perfume. There is a reason behind perfumes; the scent sprayed by an individual denotes their personality and character. Hence make the appropriate choice so as to stay in the safe line.

Always be creative to buy birthday gifts for your loved ones to make them happy on their special day. If you don’t have enough money to buy a gift, go for payday loans. Payday loan is an instant loan where you can get the estimated cash to your active bank account within 24 hours of approval.

Dec 30, 2012

stud earrings as a timeless piece of jewelry for every occasion - guest post by Jenny

Even though I've been a good girl this year (at least Santa thinks so lol), I've been a very bad blogger this year. :( I'm going to fix this, this upcoming year - 2013! Until I update you with a New Year's resolution and recap post, enjoy this guest post from Jenny!

Merry Christmas and 
Happy New Year my Ocean Dreamers! ;)

Each outfit can be complemented by a piece of accessory. When given thought and consideration, even the most harmless looking piece in a jewelry box can amp up one’s look to a whole new level!

Classic Earrings

Earrings have been used even by primitive women to adorn their bodies and add beauty to their otherwise “bare” ears. Today, with a thousand options to choose from, one type of earring remains a staple in every woman’s collection, and they are stud earrings.

Stud earrings are one of the most basic and were the first type of earrings used. They are attached to the ear by inserting the post or the long thin part of the earring to a piercing on the lobe. Then they are secured by a clutch.

Basically, stud earrings have a solid design which occupies a part of the lobe. These can be made from almost any material, ranging from plastic, precious metals, wood, and others.

Stud Earrings for all Occasions

Because of the simplicity of stud earrings, they can be used for almost all occasions. In some cultures, baby girls are given birthstone stud earrings just a few days after birth! These earrings are great for everyday use because they are small, simple, and can keep the lobe piercing open.

Younger girls who attend weddings as flower girls can be instantly prettified by stud earrings. Designs can range from hand painted porcelain flowers to butterflies, or even semi-precious stones which match the colors of their gowns. Since stud earrings are easily available in malls and accessories outlets, finding ones to match a flower girl’s gown will be fun and easy.

For more formal and elegant events, the ladies can wear stud earrings with bigger pieces. This works especially well when they are sporting a nice updo with their hair. Accentuating the ears with pearl earrings or a slightly larger pair of stud earrings can definitely make a stunning impact on a lady’s overall evening look.

For day events, simple designs in gold or silver will work just fine. Some stud earrings have simple swirl designs which can add a chic touch to one’s getup during a daytime party.

Casual dates and meetings can also be glamorized by wearing a pair of stud earrings. These earrings come in a lot of shapes and colors and wearing a simple pair with a button design, or some hearts maybe can add a cute appeal to someone wearing just the trusty pair of jeans and shirt.

Designs, Shapes, and Materials

In conclusion, stud earrings can be worn for any occasion. Bigger ones will work well for when the hair is tied up, and smaller ones are more advisable for young girls and those sporting the casual look.

Precious stones and metals will add a great visual appeal for formal events while those made from other materials like plastic, stainless steel, wood, and others can be worn on a daily basis while still achieving a subtle yet cute effect. Stud earrings are a great addition to any kind of outfit when chosen properly!

Dec 14, 2012

tips for holiday hair, beauty & makeup - guest post by Virginia

If you are looking to the future and want to have a great time and to get an exquisitely glamorous look then it is has to be during this holiday season. One must make the most out of the holidays with festive hair, beauty and makeup stocks in style and great fashion. However, the weather, holiday destinations, length and the type of holidays will have a part in your holiday hair, beauty and makeup plans. Basically, you only need to do a few easy and quick changes to enhance your look when it comes to getting great holiday hair, beauty and makeup.  Here are some very helpful tips to make your holiday stylish and glamorous.

Tips on Hair
If you want to expose your beautiful neckline then make sure you pull your hair back off your face nicely. Tease your hair, scrunch your locks, and curl for a short period of time. Then make a ponytail pulling back your hair. You may choose a big loose bun securing it with bobby pins. Consider using a hair clip or headband which will dress your hair up beautifully.  

Wearing nice makeup and styling your hair can give you a gorgeous look. Have you wondered how cascading waves would look in your hair? It gives an elegant look to your hair and can make your holiday exciting. Create waves to both sides of your head for an excellent vibe. If your hair is not perfectly in place, it can affect your whole look.

Tips on Makeup for Your Eyes
During the holidays, putting on easy eye makeup can be best without having to spend hours on your look. Eyelashes not only beautify the face of a girl or woman it gives a glorious look too to them as well. Use the darker shades along the line of your eyes but keep it light. Many tend to wear less eye makeup during the holidays.

Tips on Lipsticks
Depending on the color you will apply on your beautiful lips, lipsticks can really make a bold statement. No matter which color you choose, make sure you line both the outside and inside of your lips very well so that when you apply lipsticks it does not bleed. You should make sure that you use the lipsticks that go well with your skin tone. Picking red lipsticks in perfect combination can really express your taste and personality. Also pick the right eyeliner and mascara to add up extra glamour and doing the trick of making the perfect lipsticks makeup.

Polishing your Nails Right
Use paints for your nails that will last a little longer than usual when you are celebrating the holidays. Choose the right combination of color that goes in line with your skin and overall look.

Protect Your Skin
Sunscreen is a must to protect your skin from harmful effects of the sun if you are out in the open for too long. Use a good pair of sunglasses too. You can use soft moisturizers for your face and to protect it from sweat you can apply a light powder on your face. If you are looking for a fabulous holiday with a glamorous look the right hairstyle, beauty and makeup can be easy to achieve if you plan well.

Bio: Virginia Cunningham is a beauty, health and wellness writer from Southern California. When she isn’t writing about the next beauty trends she is writing for Northwest Pharmacy. 

Dec 12, 2012

Argania 1640 Argan oil review

Have you heard of Argania 1640? Well if you haven't you're about to learn about them now and their great Argan oil treatment! I got the privilege of reviewing their Argan oil, which applied to your tresses makes them shiny and beautiful! I should know since I recently tried it in my own hair and am now very addicted. :)

Before I dive into how this oil works, let me tell you a bit about nature's best organic moisturizer. This 100% cruelty free and organic oil works for both your hair and skin. It's also chemical free, which means it has no sulphates, parabens, or additives. Also, if you're wondering what exactly Argan oil is, it is an organic oil that's pressed from the seeds of the Argan tree and it also only grows in southwestern Morocco.

Pure Argan oil can also be combined with other beauty products. Add it to your lotion or to a favorite shampoo, body lotion, or conditioner. Sounds great to me!

What I love about this product, besides the fact that it is organic, cruelty-free, and makes my hair feel sooo silky, is that it works perfectly as not only a hair booster, but a face and body booster too!

The first time I tried it I decided to use it as a protective base as I straightened my hair, that way my straightener wouldn't cause any harm to my hair follicles. It worked perfectly and made my hair feel so silky for up to 3 days { that's how long I wait to wash }! Next time I use the versatile oil I'm excited to mix it with other products like the site mentions you can do. I think it will also work wonderfully placed in my damp hair right after showering. This oil will keep my tresses strong and healthy and definitely very silky too! Matter of fact, here are a few pictures of what my hair looked like after straightening it:
So if you're looking for a new oil to try I highly recommend Argan oil! It if you want silky smooth tresses that will stay healthy and beautiful, try implementing an oil in your daily hair and skin routine. Head over to Argan 1640's site and learn about this amazing oil for yourself!
*Disclosure: This review is my own opinion 
and is not swayed by the company.

Dec 6, 2012

from Russia with… style - guest post by Eve

When you think of Russian style, you may automatically conjure up images of huge furry hats, full length coats and drapings of gold and fur accessories. All these would be true of stereotypical Russian attire; however, as the country grows into an economic powerhouse, its strong, traditional folkloric clothing style is making its way onto the catwalks of the world.

Traditional Russia meets the modern catwalk
This influx of Russian-inspired fashion is being driven by a small group of influential Muscovites, who have sparked international interest in their local design and aesthetic. This group, nick-named the Russian Fashion Federation, have brought traditional Russian fabrics, such as thick fur, velvet and striking embellishment into the modern day fashion scene. Twenty-first Century adaptations of the fur cossack hat, the animal scarves, military jackets and snow capes have woven their way into many of the collections of the world's top designer labels.

Inspired by old wealth and opulence
Russian fashion has long been associated with the obscenely rich and elite. The traditional stereotypical wealthy Russian woman was draped in and sea of diamonds, fur and velvet, which scream excess, money and over-indulgent luxury. The Russian elite have a penchant for logos and expense; the bigger the label, the better, and the bigger the price tag, the better still. Russian style has, until now, been associated more with wealth than with taste.

In the modern day, however, this excess and obscenity has been somewhat subdued. Russians have become more educated about fashion and, in the age of austerity, even the rich in Russia prefer to display their wealth a little more subtly. Rich Russian women such as Dasha Zhukova, partner of billionaire Roman Abramovich, and Ulyana Sergeenko, wife of an insurance tycoon, are flying the flag for Russian fashion and are leading the country onto the world's fashion stage.
Trend-setting muses
Dasha Zhukova is a front-runner in the Russian style scene, and is leading the way in portraying Russian women as powerful forces. She is a magazine editor, fashion designer and contemporary art patron. She co-founded the fashion label, Kova & T, which has since grown to appear at many of the world's top fashion shows. The wives and partners of tycoons and oligarchs are no longer just that; they are carving successful empires for themselves and portraying the Russian woman as a force to be reckoned with through alluring and exquisite fashion.

Ulyana Sergeenko has become a muse. Thought by many to be the leader of the Russian fashion elite, her signature style of cat's eye makeup and glasses, red lipstick, classic folkloric full length skirts and babushka head scarves have inspired many of this winter's collections, including that of British label, Temperley London.

At the other end of the scale, Elena Perminova, the partner of billionaire former KGB spy, Alexander Lebedev, is flying the flag for the modern Russian. Her flirty, fun style adds a super-modern twist to traditional Russian attire; while her signature style keeps the typical Russian high necks and elaborate floaty layering, she dons bright and elaborate prints, midriff-baring tank tops and block colour sunglasses.

High standards
The immaculate Russian fashionistas are setting a high standard for the elite all over the world; recently referred to the glamorous Russian Fashion Pack, as frequent outfit changers; “no one on the show circuit, with the exception of Anna Dello Russo, changes outfits more often or with more look-at-me enthusiasm than this group of designers, bloggers and scenemakers," it said.

Powerful emerging nation
As Russia emerges as a global powerhouse, the strength of the country’s fashion industry is influenced heavily by its wide range of growing industries. A study by PriceWaterouseCooper found that consumer habits were changing and health was improving; quality of life in Russia is improving, as people are increasingly inspired by Western styles. This is reflected in a growing desire for comfort, extra services and premium health care. Russian women’s love of fashion is inspired by their desire for the best personal care; the Russian high street cosmetics and online pharmacy market is one of the fastest growing in the world. In 2005, the market was estimated at €5.6 billion, having experienced a 13 percent annual growth rate. Since then, the sector has continued to grow, with the most popular pharmacy and beauty items being luxury cosmetics, men’s and children’s products and anti-age makeup. As the country’s clothing and cosmetics industries continue to grow, we are sure to see some huge designers emerging from Russia. Although the country’s fashion mainly consists of foreign brands, the number of Russian producers is growing. Russia looks on track to become the next fashion powerhouse. 

Dec 1, 2012

bubble necklace obsessed

Soon I'll be in sunny AZ to dog sit my favorite puppy Tikko 
and as always I have to bring a few fashionable 
accessories with me! One of my latest fashion accessory 
obsessions are bubble necklaces. 
They are a great accessory that goes with striped 
or chevron tops and they also looks great paired 
with a simple tee, skirt, dress, or another fashionable ensemble.

In fact...
I love pairing my bubble necklaces with a 
simple basic tee-shirt, tunic, 
or a hot pink Hollister tee, for example. 
Matter of fact, a few weeks ago 
I wore my black bubble necklace with 
my pink Hollister tee. This is what it looked like:
{via my Instagram}

I also gathered some images from Pinterest and Tumblr 
and created my own collage because it is so much fun 
to accessorize bubble necklaces with a cute outfit! 
Here are some of my favorites:
images via Tumblr; collage created by me

Do you like the bubble necklace trend? 
Do you own a few like me?