Dec 12, 2012

Argania 1640 Argan oil review

Have you heard of Argania 1640? Well if you haven't you're about to learn about them now and their great Argan oil treatment! I got the privilege of reviewing their Argan oil, which applied to your tresses makes them shiny and beautiful! I should know since I recently tried it in my own hair and am now very addicted. :)

Before I dive into how this oil works, let me tell you a bit about nature's best organic moisturizer. This 100% cruelty free and organic oil works for both your hair and skin. It's also chemical free, which means it has no sulphates, parabens, or additives. Also, if you're wondering what exactly Argan oil is, it is an organic oil that's pressed from the seeds of the Argan tree and it also only grows in southwestern Morocco.

Pure Argan oil can also be combined with other beauty products. Add it to your lotion or to a favorite shampoo, body lotion, or conditioner. Sounds great to me!

What I love about this product, besides the fact that it is organic, cruelty-free, and makes my hair feel sooo silky, is that it works perfectly as not only a hair booster, but a face and body booster too!

The first time I tried it I decided to use it as a protective base as I straightened my hair, that way my straightener wouldn't cause any harm to my hair follicles. It worked perfectly and made my hair feel so silky for up to 3 days { that's how long I wait to wash }! Next time I use the versatile oil I'm excited to mix it with other products like the site mentions you can do. I think it will also work wonderfully placed in my damp hair right after showering. This oil will keep my tresses strong and healthy and definitely very silky too! Matter of fact, here are a few pictures of what my hair looked like after straightening it:
So if you're looking for a new oil to try I highly recommend Argan oil! It if you want silky smooth tresses that will stay healthy and beautiful, try implementing an oil in your daily hair and skin routine. Head over to Argan 1640's site and learn about this amazing oil for yourself!
*Disclosure: This review is my own opinion 
and is not swayed by the company.


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous and so healthy! Definitely need to consider putting some kind of oil in my hair ... I use a Moroccan oil treatment every week that keeps it smooth but I have way too many frizzies on my head! Hope everything's been going great with you, m'dear :)

  2. Ahhh. Looks gorgeous sweetie!!! And I know how your hair can look like... ;) LOL


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