Dec 1, 2012

bubble necklace obsessed

Soon I'll be in sunny AZ to dog sit my favorite puppy Tikko 
and as always I have to bring a few fashionable 
accessories with me! One of my latest fashion accessory 
obsessions are bubble necklaces. 
They are a great accessory that goes with striped 
or chevron tops and they also looks great paired 
with a simple tee, skirt, dress, or another fashionable ensemble.

In fact...
I love pairing my bubble necklaces with a 
simple basic tee-shirt, tunic, 
or a hot pink Hollister tee, for example. 
Matter of fact, a few weeks ago 
I wore my black bubble necklace with 
my pink Hollister tee. This is what it looked like:
{via my Instagram}

I also gathered some images from Pinterest and Tumblr 
and created my own collage because it is so much fun 
to accessorize bubble necklaces with a cute outfit! 
Here are some of my favorites:
images via Tumblr; collage created by me

Do you like the bubble necklace trend? 
Do you own a few like me?


  1. Love these bubble necklaces. You paired it so well. It really stands out against the plain top.

  2. I so want one...hahahaha! I never fully liked them until I saw what transformations they can make on any outfit. :)


  3. Love the examples here of the necklace. So pretty and I can see them working with so many outfits. FUN! You look great in all your Instagram's Sierra. xoxo

    Happy Holidays!



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