Dec 31, 2012

incredible Birthday gift ideas for 2013 - guest post by Michelle

Birthdays are special occasions in everyone’s life. So make it a cheerful one in 2013 and beyond by presenting an innovative gift to your loved ones.

Here are some amazing birthday gift ideas:

A Sweet Start

Elders say “Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new” and it is good to have something sweet before you start anything new. So, present a sweet box or a chocolate box to your friends to give them a memorable start on their birthday.

A Hug 

A Hug can is a great gift especially for your loved ones. It is an immediate gift which helps in relieving tension. So give a hug to your loved which delivers your memories from arms to the heart. So give your friends a no cost hug to get a million dollar smile from them.

A Greeting Card

Greeting cards are decorative cards designed to express your thoughts and feelings. Greetings convey wishes that last for a long time and you can find greeting cards of various colours, designs and sizes in the market to present it to your special person to make them glad.

A Flower Bouquet

Flowers are loved by many and are a good gift idea. Creative bunch of flowers play a major role in conveying wishes to people on their birthdays as they deliver a message to be open and receptive in life.

A Photo Mug

Gift them a personalized coffee mug with their favourite photo printed on it. They feel happy to have it and remember you during each sip of coffee they take.

Wrist Watches

Time is very important in every individual’s mind and if put it in a blunt manner time is money. Present a wrist watch to your dear ones so that whenever they look at it they recollect certain good memories with you.

A Wish Plant

Wish plant conveys a message to remember your roots and stand tall in difficult situations. So present a wish plant to your dear ones to celebrate a remarkable and cheerful birthday.

A Good Book 

A good book is more than any best friend.  So gift your friend a good book to help them open their life with hope and end with expectations.

An iPod

Be trendy and gift your friend an iPod with songs that match with different moods. So whenever they listen to them, they feel blissful.

Picture Memories

People may change but memories never fade, so present a photo collage to your dear ones to make their birthday cheerful.


Perfumes play a vital role in grooming and they do act as a good present. So gift your loved ones a bottle of their favourite perfume. There is a reason behind perfumes; the scent sprayed by an individual denotes their personality and character. Hence make the appropriate choice so as to stay in the safe line.

Always be creative to buy birthday gifts for your loved ones to make them happy on their special day. If you don’t have enough money to buy a gift, go for payday loans. Payday loan is an instant loan where you can get the estimated cash to your active bank account within 24 hours of approval.


  1. I love getting cards from people - I'd rather a really thoughtful card than a gift any day! This is a great list of things for all price points :) (And with my birthday around the corner, I may be putting in extra requests for hugs from my friends!).
    Happy 2013! xox

  2. I've never seen that watch for the nano... that is SO cool!


  3. I adore that puppy picture! Too cute!

  4. Great ideas. :) Cards and just little gifts here and there are my favorites...not even for a birthday/special occastion. ;) Be aware! ;)



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