Dec 12, 2012

influenster Crest 3D WHITE review

I loooove influenster...not only do they send out great products for bloggers to review, but great products that I adore! Crest has always been one of my favorite products and their 3D WHITE Strips are no exception. They help your teeth stay white and look white just after 3 days - and I'm not making it up! Here's what you can except with these clever white strips:

  • A whiter smile after just 3 days
  • Full results in 20 days
  • Professional-level results at a fraction of the cost vs. light & laser systems
  • Revolutionary Advanced Seal technology for no-slip whitening
  • New improved lower strip for more whitening coverage

What I love about these white strips most of all is that they aren't annoying like a plastic tray that you have to put into your mouth {not to mention having to worry about the whiting gel that you have to be annoyed about evenly dispersing throughout your trays}. The strips are SO much easier to place on your teeth and take off, without dealing with plastic trays coming off of your teeth while they're in your mouth (so annoying) or not getting enough of the gel evenly distributed across the upper part of your front teeth. Plus, you can wear them overnight or just for 10 minutes - they're convenient because you can virtually wear them on the go and wherever you go too! 

Another factor I love? They're easy to pack and since I've been on-the-go so much this is ideal. Go check them out at your nearest drug or beauty store - they're amazing for your pearly whites! ;)
Disclosure: I received this product complimentary 
from influenster in an online activity.


  1. I got these too, and they really do work . . . but they make my teeth SO SORE! Does that happen to you? Even when I take an Advil, the pain is still pretty intense . . . maybe my teeth are just too sensitive. In any case, they definitely make your teeth whiter!

  2. I need to invest in some of this. Thanks for sharing info about them!


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