Dec 30, 2012

stud earrings as a timeless piece of jewelry for every occasion - guest post by Jenny

Even though I've been a good girl this year (at least Santa thinks so lol), I've been a very bad blogger this year. :( I'm going to fix this, this upcoming year - 2013! Until I update you with a New Year's resolution and recap post, enjoy this guest post from Jenny!

Merry Christmas and 
Happy New Year my Ocean Dreamers! ;)

Each outfit can be complemented by a piece of accessory. When given thought and consideration, even the most harmless looking piece in a jewelry box can amp up one’s look to a whole new level!

Classic Earrings

Earrings have been used even by primitive women to adorn their bodies and add beauty to their otherwise “bare” ears. Today, with a thousand options to choose from, one type of earring remains a staple in every woman’s collection, and they are stud earrings.

Stud earrings are one of the most basic and were the first type of earrings used. They are attached to the ear by inserting the post or the long thin part of the earring to a piercing on the lobe. Then they are secured by a clutch.

Basically, stud earrings have a solid design which occupies a part of the lobe. These can be made from almost any material, ranging from plastic, precious metals, wood, and others.

Stud Earrings for all Occasions

Because of the simplicity of stud earrings, they can be used for almost all occasions. In some cultures, baby girls are given birthstone stud earrings just a few days after birth! These earrings are great for everyday use because they are small, simple, and can keep the lobe piercing open.

Younger girls who attend weddings as flower girls can be instantly prettified by stud earrings. Designs can range from hand painted porcelain flowers to butterflies, or even semi-precious stones which match the colors of their gowns. Since stud earrings are easily available in malls and accessories outlets, finding ones to match a flower girl’s gown will be fun and easy.

For more formal and elegant events, the ladies can wear stud earrings with bigger pieces. This works especially well when they are sporting a nice updo with their hair. Accentuating the ears with pearl earrings or a slightly larger pair of stud earrings can definitely make a stunning impact on a lady’s overall evening look.

For day events, simple designs in gold or silver will work just fine. Some stud earrings have simple swirl designs which can add a chic touch to one’s getup during a daytime party.

Casual dates and meetings can also be glamorized by wearing a pair of stud earrings. These earrings come in a lot of shapes and colors and wearing a simple pair with a button design, or some hearts maybe can add a cute appeal to someone wearing just the trusty pair of jeans and shirt.

Designs, Shapes, and Materials

In conclusion, stud earrings can be worn for any occasion. Bigger ones will work well for when the hair is tied up, and smaller ones are more advisable for young girls and those sporting the casual look.

Precious stones and metals will add a great visual appeal for formal events while those made from other materials like plastic, stainless steel, wood, and others can be worn on a daily basis while still achieving a subtle yet cute effect. Stud earrings are a great addition to any kind of outfit when chosen properly!

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