Dec 14, 2012

tips for holiday hair, beauty & makeup - guest post by Virginia

If you are looking to the future and want to have a great time and to get an exquisitely glamorous look then it is has to be during this holiday season. One must make the most out of the holidays with festive hair, beauty and makeup stocks in style and great fashion. However, the weather, holiday destinations, length and the type of holidays will have a part in your holiday hair, beauty and makeup plans. Basically, you only need to do a few easy and quick changes to enhance your look when it comes to getting great holiday hair, beauty and makeup.  Here are some very helpful tips to make your holiday stylish and glamorous.

Tips on Hair
If you want to expose your beautiful neckline then make sure you pull your hair back off your face nicely. Tease your hair, scrunch your locks, and curl for a short period of time. Then make a ponytail pulling back your hair. You may choose a big loose bun securing it with bobby pins. Consider using a hair clip or headband which will dress your hair up beautifully.  

Wearing nice makeup and styling your hair can give you a gorgeous look. Have you wondered how cascading waves would look in your hair? It gives an elegant look to your hair and can make your holiday exciting. Create waves to both sides of your head for an excellent vibe. If your hair is not perfectly in place, it can affect your whole look.

Tips on Makeup for Your Eyes
During the holidays, putting on easy eye makeup can be best without having to spend hours on your look. Eyelashes not only beautify the face of a girl or woman it gives a glorious look too to them as well. Use the darker shades along the line of your eyes but keep it light. Many tend to wear less eye makeup during the holidays.

Tips on Lipsticks
Depending on the color you will apply on your beautiful lips, lipsticks can really make a bold statement. No matter which color you choose, make sure you line both the outside and inside of your lips very well so that when you apply lipsticks it does not bleed. You should make sure that you use the lipsticks that go well with your skin tone. Picking red lipsticks in perfect combination can really express your taste and personality. Also pick the right eyeliner and mascara to add up extra glamour and doing the trick of making the perfect lipsticks makeup.

Polishing your Nails Right
Use paints for your nails that will last a little longer than usual when you are celebrating the holidays. Choose the right combination of color that goes in line with your skin and overall look.

Protect Your Skin
Sunscreen is a must to protect your skin from harmful effects of the sun if you are out in the open for too long. Use a good pair of sunglasses too. You can use soft moisturizers for your face and to protect it from sweat you can apply a light powder on your face. If you are looking for a fabulous holiday with a glamorous look the right hairstyle, beauty and makeup can be easy to achieve if you plan well.

Bio: Virginia Cunningham is a beauty, health and wellness writer from Southern California. When she isn’t writing about the next beauty trends she is writing for Northwest Pharmacy. 

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  1. These are great tips! and I of course agree about sunscreen - I make sure all of my moisturizers have it!


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