Feb 29, 2012

little joys in February

So I just got home from driving in a blizzard. Considering I own a Mitsubishi Eclipse it wasn't a great situation - I got stuck on the main road a few miles away from my house and got a little panicked. However I called my mom and she told me to try a low gear and that worked, even though I made it to my house skidding and slipping.

So what did I learn? Not to be caught outside when a blizzard hits in my car Ariel. Sometimes we have mild snow storms, and sometimes they are full on blizzard white outs. That is what I experienced today. I'm a confident driver in the snow, but not when I'm in a sports car. I was in Target when the storm hit so I had no idea that it had begun. I was going to try and beat it. By the time I got out of the building, however, the storm had landed! Since my family lives in the mountains I was afraid of getting stuck on the hill close to our house. Turns out I was right {because I did get stuck temporarily,} but thank goodness I made it home alright. :)

Anyway, just wanted to share that story with you!
Be safe out there in the snow Ocean Dreamers!
{See why I'm a Southern CA girl?!}

So this post is going to be a mix of things that have given me joy this past month. Hopefully they give you a little bit of joy too by looking at the pictures!

Let's start with food, shall we?
I had the most amazing sushi roll in CA. 
I love it when the sushi chef makes the sushi nice looking.
That's calamari on top in case you were wondering.
In AZ I had this super yummy virgin daiquiri.
I'm a lightweight so no alcohol for me that night, ha ha.
Froyo and chocolate covered gummy bears. Need I say more?
I couldn't help but try on these amazing Jessica Simpson pumps
at TJ Maxx a few weeks back.
They were surprisingly comfy and even though I didn't buy them,
I thought they were super cute and stylish!
 I was in Free People heaven at an awesome mall in Scottsdale, AZ.
I also did a lot of antique shopping with my mom.
She loves antiques, hence why I grew up in a house
with all sorts of antiques inside. I enjoyed going with her
and finding amazing vintage treasures like you see below.
A while back I bought a Groupon deal to make a Mixibook
I make one of BK and I and I really like how it turned out!
I also got a new planner {that I love} and I can't wait to read the
new Glamour mag with Amanda Seyfried. My favorite magazine.
How was your February? 

Can you believe that tomorrow is March 1st?!

Happy March {almost}!

Feb 27, 2012

spiff up a stylish home - guest post by Artistic Homeowner

Guests are coming for dinner at the last minute. You just remembered the book club is meeting at your house tonight. Your sister-in-law is stopping by for lunch. Whatever the reason, you need to tidy up the house- and quickly. No worries! Here are some easy tips to tackle midweek clutter in a snap.

Tidying up the Living Room

Gather up things that have collected during the week and are out of place- sneakers, hoodies, magazines, newspapers, etc. Toss them into a laundry basket and stow away in a closet for the time being. Quickly put remotes, DVDs, and CDs back where they belong. 

Fluff up sofa cushions and pillows, fold throw blankets.

Run a dust cloth over end tables, coffee tables and lamps. Do a quick once over on floors and rugs with the vacuum.

Tidying up the Bathroom

Empty the bathroom garbage. Clear the counter of makeup, toothbrushes, contact lens holders, deodorants, etc. and stow in a small basket under the sink. Remove any newspapers, magazines, and reading material.

You can scrub later, but for now- it's all in the wipe. wipe out the sink, wipe the faucet and mirror, wipe the toilet seat and rim. 
Freshen the toilet bowl with a squirt of toilet bowl cleaner or mouthwash and a 20 second swish around. 

Toss damp towels and washcloths into the laundry, add fresh hand towels. Open a fresh bar of hand soap. Give the bathroom a spray with room freshener.

Tidying up the Kitchen

Clear away homework, papers, cell phone chargers, change and other clutter and stash in a cupboard. Attack dust, crumbs, and dried jelly on the counter tops and kitchen table with a damp sponge or disinfecting wipe. 
Load up the dishwasher with glasses, dirty dishes, silverware, even pots and pans. Place dish soap, brillo pads, sponges and kitchen gloves under the sink.

Close all counter drawers and cupboard doors. Straighten up kitchen chairs. Clean smudges off the refrigerator doors and windows with cleaner. Quickly sweep or dust mop the floors. Give the rugs a shake outdoors. 

Tidying up the Bedrooms

Toss anything laying around on the floor into laundry baskets and load into the closet. Make the bed, fluff up the pillows.

Do a five minute vacuum. Crack a window 2 inches to let in some fresh air.
A quick note to moms of tweens or teens- a teenage bedroom may be far beyond the scope of a mid-week spiff up. If your teen's room is beyond help, simply close the door and pretend it isn't there. ;)

High five, lady, you did it! You transformed your cluttered mid-week house in a jiffy. Now light a scented candle and put on the coffee- you have guests coming!

Bio: ArtisticHomeowner.com sells 1000s of beautiful wall murals.  Find one that is just right for your spiffed up house!

Feb 26, 2012

gowns from Oscars past

The Oscars are tonight!! 

I love the fact that my entire afternoon 
is going to consist of watching the stars on the red carpet
 and looking at all of their amazing dresses. 
I can't wait to see what they are going to wear!

So to celebrate my happiness over watching
gorgeous gowns I thought I would post some pictures
of gowns from Oscars past. 

Are you ready?!
Mila Kunis looked lovely in a soft lavender
 Elie Saab gown on the red carpet in 2011.
Jennifer Hudson showed off her hard work of getting thin
and in shape in a stunning orange Atelier Versace dress in 2011.
P.S. the bright and lush citrus colors are very much in!
Who can forget Rachel McAdams in 2010?!
She was a vision in a Elie Saab's soft, 
watercolor floral gown. I LOVE this dress!!
In a color that's similar to Rachel's gown, Elizabeth Banks
wears a Versace tulle dress in 2010.
The lavender color is simply stunning.
 Sarah Jessica Parker went for a unique
look in a Chanel Haute Couture dress in 2010.
Amy Adams looked bold and beautiful
 in a green Proenza Schouler in 2008.
 Kate Winslet wore a YSL Atelier one-shouldered gown in 2009.
Minty green! {Which I am in love with right now.}
This minty green Valentino dress made
 Kate Winslet look lovely in 2007.
Another beautiful summer color -
Michelle Williams wore a Vera Wang dress in 2006.
 I love Cate Blanchett and she looks lovely
 in this glistening Valentino dress in 2005.
Kate Hudson wore an elegant Versace dress in 2004.
Who can forget Grace Kelly in 1954?! 
She's so graceful and gorgeous.
And just to throw in some eye candy - Zac Effron
always makes me swoon, especially in this
Calvin Klein suit that he wore in 2011.

Have fun watching The Academy Awards tonight!

Who are you looking forward 
to seeing on the red carpet?

I can't wait to see Rachel McAdams, and many others!

Feb 23, 2012

Toast to the Red Carpet for the Oscars LIVE with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!

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You are invited to an online red carpet viewing party by I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!

Get the scoop on all of the stars as they walk down the red carpet on the night of the Oscars on February 26th, which I can't believe is coming up already!

I don't know about you but I can't wait for the Oscars. Not only are there some fantastic movies up for best picture, but I get to spend most of the evening checking out all of my favorite actresses' dresses and shoes. Oh, and let's not forget the accessories! They always look so amazing!

Last year I loved Scarlett's Oscar dress. She looked gorgeous, don't you think?

So enjoy a great evening online and Toast to the Red Carpet – LIVE, presented by I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! This event will be streaming live on I Can't Believe It's Not Butter's Facebook page on February 26th from 3-4:30PST. Get inside access and have fun looking at all of the stars' outfits!

In addition, for those of use who love food, (I know I do!) there will be a discussion with the stars and a culinary expert during the live streaming! Get prepared to write down some amazing recipes that you can use with your yummy I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. I'm getting hungry just thinkging about this.

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To enter please comment below and mention why you are going to watch theToast to the Red Carpet – LIVE online show and interact during the Toast to the Red Carpet – LIVE online show on the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Facebook page. The winner will be announced after February 26th. Thanks I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!!

Good luck, enjoy the Oscars, and have fun looking at all of gorgeous outfits!

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Feb 22, 2012

if you knew a furbaby's thoughts

It's been over two weeks since I got back from dog sitting
in Arizona and I'm currently missing my furry friend Tikko
so much! So to mend my broken heart I thought I would 
post some pictures of my sweet Maltese doggie because
after all, he is highly entertaining and delightful.
{Look - Sierra got something from Juicy Couture! I wonder what's inside?!}
{Okay so I think if I get into Sierra's suitcase again she'll pay lots 
of attention to me. Oh wait - it's working!}
{Ahh this suitcase is rather comfy. I think I'll just stay here.}
{Why on earth is she placing me in this bag?! Does she think
I look cute or something? I don't like being in here.}
 {Oh the sun. It's so warm. It's so nice. I love the sun.}
{I love lounging next to my human. There's no where else I'd rather be.}
{The air feels so great - I'm a bat dog!}
{I reeeeeaaaallly want some food. But I'm a good dog so
I'll stay down here. But - can I have some food pretty please?!}
So as you can see I think it would be fun to know what
a dog is thinking about - don't you? But then again, many
people love dogs because they don't talk back
(unless you include barking,)
 and they always love you unconditionally.
I certainly love and miss my furbaby Tikko.

Feb 19, 2012

tag - 11 things

 Since I'm finally catching up on some blogs today,
I thought I would do something fun since I came
across the lovely Leslie's 11 Tag post.

Which, by the way, I just found out that Leslie's
middle name is Paige like mine. How fabulous is that?!
Check out Leslie's blog at A Blonde Ambition.

Now for the fun questions and just wait your turn 
because I will be asking
you some fun questions after I answer mine!

The Rules:
  • you must post the rules 
  • post 11 fun facts about yourself 
  • answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you &  
  • then create 11 questions to ask the people you've tagged 
  • tag 11 people and link them in your post 
  • let them know you have tagged them

1. If you could raid any celebrity's closet, 
who would it be and why?

 I don't like Paris Hilton, but I LOVE her closet!
2. If you were a shoe, what would you look like?

I happen to love Christian Louboutin and this shoe has
the perfect amount of elegance and lace. Perfection.
3. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Friends that don't text or call back. Basically flaky friends.

4. Favorite song of all-time?

5. Are you a dog person or a cat person? 
And why? (If you don't like animals,
 we can't be friends.)

Yep. Of course. Most of you know how much I want a Doxie or Maltese.

6. You're queen for a day. 
How do you spend your royal 24 hours?

I'm going to wear a Vera Wang dress and
 have a photo shoot for Vogue Magazine.
 Then I get to eat the best Italian food around and 
get pampered by having my hair done. 
Oh, and let's not forget the pedicure and manicure. ;) 

7. What's the most delicious thing you've ever eaten?

Tomato and basil at my favorite Italian food restaurant.

8. What scares you the most? 
(This can be deep and complex or shallow...
whateva you feel like!)

Having my love die young & before me - 
which I hope will never happen!

9. Which celebrity do you wish would 
drift off into obscurity?

Lindsay Lohan!

10. You're 16 years old again. 
What advice would you give your younger self? 

Don't worry so much about what others are thinking of you.
Use this time to shine and develop your own gifts and talents.
Oh and don't date that Chinese guy because he's no good and will most
likely break your heart (cause he did!) lol.

11. What's your Starbucks order?

Hot Chocolate. Yum. (I don't like coffee.)

Now it's your turn and tag because you ALL are it!

Here are your questions:
1. If you could change one thing in your life right now what would it be?
2. If you could drop everything and vacation somewhere, where would it be?
3. What's your favorite designer?
4. If you were a sock what would you look like? (Random I know.)
5. Favorite artist?
6. The snack that you can't stay away from...
7. Favorite magazine and why?
8. When you are blue what cheers you up?
9. Love or hate Rihanna's new blonde hair? (might do a post on this.)
10. New blogger that you've just found and love?
11. Most embarrassing moment. GO.

If you decide to do this tag, please 
leave the link below so I can come and comment!

Have a great rest of your weekend! xoxo.