May 31, 2012

Summer Shapewear - Guest Post by Rachel

Hi Ocean Dreamers,

I'm still in CA and am now enjoying my time with BK and we plan on getting plenty of ocean dreaming in! So while I'm getting situated and catching up on work from my girl's weekend with my mom and aunt, here's a summer guest post for you to enjoy! 

By the way, this post has good timing because I'm currently trying to slim down for the summer (aren't we all), lol and I think investing in quality shapewear while I'm out and about is something I'm definitely considering. Enjoy and I'll be writing a post soon.


Weekly pedicures, iced coffee and beach BBQs; summer is here! Easy, breezy summer dressing might be all about flowing dresses, miniskirts and tank tops, but that is no excuse to ditch your shapewear. “In the summer months shapewear is a necessity under summer wardrobe staples like clingy knit dresses, sheer blouses, and white pants,” says Heather Garcia, Shapewear Buyer at  In other words, get the right shapewear and embrace all of summer’s hottest looks, without a shred of hesitation.
The smoothing camisole is a must for summer shaping.  Wear it layered under a sheer blouse or under your basic weekend tee for that extra level of confidence.  Most smoothing camis offer tummy control and banish that pesky bra bulge. Look for styles that don’t ride up, pinch and lift, not flatten the bust. Some styles are meant to be discreet but others are designed to be seen and peek out. Get one in white, nude and black and you’re good to go!
No summer wardrobe would be complete without a pair of white pants. Whether you choose a pair of linen capris or stretchy skinny jeans, white bottoms instantly add a crisp element to your look. There are a few fashion laws when sporting white pants. It is imperative to proceed with caution when drinking red wine and eating chocolate. Also, if you choose the wrong panty, your look is doomed. A shaping thong panty in a nude hue is a must for rocking white pants. Not only will it eliminate those unsightly panty lines, but it will slim your tummy and hips for an overall trim silhouette. A shaping thong also works under clingy knit dresses, fitted miniskirts and anything else that has a body-con fit.
It is safe to say that a dress and sandals is most women’s unofficial summer uniform. From maxis to shifts to simple T-shirt styles, summer dresses exude a polished, yet cool vibe. In order to create a totally flawless figure under any dress you choose, a shaping slip is a summer shapewear necessity. It is great alternative to wearing multiple pieces of shapewear and many of the latest slips fit like second skin without sacrificing an ounce of control. Also, many shaping slips allow for extreme wardrobe versatility with features like convertible straps, underwire cups, seamless designs and bustless constructions. These modern shaping slips make no summer dress off limits, even backless, halter and strapless styles.
If you only buy one shapewear piece this summer, you cannot go wrong with a mid-thigh shaper. Designed like a bike short, this tummy, hip and tush tamer works under almost everything in your closet. Wear this go-to under dresses, pants, knee-length shorts and anything else that is not a miniskirt length. Most of today’s styles are lightweight and breathable yet still provide incredible control. If you want to take it to the next level and shape from under your bust to your thighs, a high-waist version will give you the control you desire.
Shapewear is a necessity in your summer intimate arsenal because it gives you total wardrobe freedom. So go ahead and sport your white pants, shimmy in your banded miniskirt and show off your tan in a bright halter dress.  With the right shaping pieces, the only thing hotter than the season’s sun will be you!

About the Author:
Rachel Belkin is a fashion copywriter and editor for Bare Necessities has one of the largest selection of intimate apparel online carrying over 180 well-known brands of bras, panties, shapewear, hosiery, swimwear, men’s underwear and more.

May 25, 2012

please pray for my bloggy friend Tiffany - her surgery is today!

A bloggy friend of mine, Tiffany from Dreams Do Come True is having her open heart surgery today. She needs prayers and positive thoughts sent her way!

Dreams Do Come True

In the short time I've gotten to know Tiffany I've learned what a sweet and kind-hearted person she is and I will definitely be praying that her surgery goes well. She will be updating me as soon as she can and when she updates me I will let you all know how she is doing!

She told me that she is having a valve reconstruction surgery and they are removing a piece of the membrane that is around one of the valves. It is supposed to be a 3 hour surgery but it may take longer depending on how well she does.

She said she will be in the hospital at least 7 days (and that's the minimum amount of days), depending on how everything goes. I'm praying that everything goes really well!!

Please pray for Tiffany and send her positive get well soon wishes below in the comments. She'll be by this post to see all of your positive wishes.

Thanks Ocean Dreamers!

The beautiful Atlantic Ocean and coastline of Virginia - guest post by Robert

I'm currently shopping and having fun with my mom and aunt in Orange County, CA. I have to admit I'm having lots of fun. Please enjoy another guest post - this time about the coast of Virginia! I'd love to go someday. ;)


No matter if we are older or younger, we all love the sea and ocean don't we?  When we are at the beach we all forget what age we are, and play in the sand and water as if we are kids.  The beach is a place where our heart and soul heals. If you are one among the ocean lovers who enjoys the ocean charm, then get ready. Fill up your ESTA visa application, plan your days and enter the wonder land with your ESTA US Visas if you don't live in the US already.

The Atlantic Ocean and coastline of Virginia is a beautiful place where you can feel like yourself again and heal from all the pains and depression.

The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean in the world. With 112 miles of coastline, Virginia is attracting people with its famous beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. These beaches also have plenty of wildlife – from sea-birds to wild ponies.

Besides enjoying the movement of the waves, there are different activities at the water that are attracting everyone from kids to senior citizens. Within Virginia limits seniors can find their own way to stay active and health. Seniors can go with walking along the beach area, go for early morning meditation, and also they can also go for sunbathing, which is good for health. Golf is a game of relaxation which also attracts people. In this game both the participants and spectators can enjoy. 
Kids can enjoy wild life viewing opportunities, canoe trail, water sports and many other indoor adventures. 

Famous beaches across Virginia coast and Atlantic Ocean

Chesapeake Bay beaches are the famous and beautiful beaches which rest in northern most portion of Atlantic coast. These beaches provide a better home for more than 185 species of birds. Northern shore beaches rests across the northern shores of Assateague and Chincoteague islands. Eastern beaches are located at the southern tip of peninsula harboring the bay. Virginia Beach regions and Back Bay region comprises of many famous and beautiful beaches. These beaches with their warmth attract people who come there and providing entertainment and relaxation for them.

Most attractive places at the Virginia coast

Virginia has many interesting places for people of all ages. These places include famous beaches, Virginia science Museum, Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel and Oceana naval air station. Virginia Beach, which is within 35 miles of the ocean provides people entertainment and amusement. Virginia also has many resorts and hotels with a variety of delicious dishes to dine in.

So, hurry up! If you live out of country, fill up your ESTA US visa application today. Plan properly and enjoy all the places of beautiful Atlantic Ocean and Coastline of Virginia.

About the Author:

Written by Robert Hall a Tech writer with a travel obsession – catch me

May 24, 2012

Shabby Apple giveaway winner!

Hi Ocean Dreamers, I'm in California having a girl's weekend (aka mini vacation), yay! My mom, aunt and I will be shopping, eating, and enjoying the ocean! I'm super excited. :)
I did want to post really quick though who the giveaway winner is of the Shabby Apple giveaway:

Congratuations Amy Bolich!!

I e-mailed you from and requested the info I need from you to send you your dress, thanks.

Have a wonderful Memorial day weekend everyone and stay safe!

May 23, 2012

skinny jeans: sexy & timeless - guest post by Lisa

I'm on my way to California to have some fun with my mom and aunt for our annual girl's weekend! So while I'm enjoying some ocean dreams, please enjoy a guest post!


Fashion trends come and go. However, skinny jeans for women are showing no signs of losing their appeal just yet. Why? With a combination of sexy style and timeless versatility, the skinny variety still turns heads. In addition, skinny jeans remain suitable for almost every occasion. 
Indeed, designers aren’t about to stop putting their own twist on the skinny jean. Low rise and super skinny leg are just some of the different types available. 

Apart from simply looking great, skinny jeans also produce that marvelous slimming effect. In that regard alone, it’s hardly surprising that they’re still flying off the shelves and into wardrobes.

Go darker with skinny jeans and get ready to hit the town

Faded jeans seem to go in and out of fashion pretty quickly. But dark denims are always a hit. This also applies to skinny jeans. If opting for dark denim then the skinny variety is perfect for when you’re hitting the town.
Think about it: if you’re going for a night out a dressier, a darker pair of jeans is ideal. They combine both comfort and style. 

All you need to add is a smart belt and a pair of boots or heels. Hey presto, you’ve now got a figure flattering focal point guaranteed to turn heads.

Dressing up or down no problem in skinny jeans

The truth is skinny jeans look great whether you choose to dress up or down. Like leggings, they hug the body and show off those lovely curves. And you can tailor a number of different looks and styles around your chosen pair.
Finding the best skinny jean type to match your requirements doesn’t have to be too difficult, either. Designs such as the ‘Breathless’ aim to offer ladies the ultimate ankle length skinny. Meanwhile, denim legging styles such as the ‘Vienna’ maintain that classic skintight fit.

Step out in style in a skinny-inspired outfit

Undoubtedly, sticking on a pair of skinny jeans is going to accentuate and draw attention to your bottom-half. When you’re wearing flattering denim then that’s no problem. 
But it does mean you have to ensure you’ve got some cute shoes on too. The ankle length skinny is going to also place emphasis on your feet. Buy why stop there? A skinny-inspired outfit is one of the hottest trends right now. For example, matching your skinny jeans with printed tees is a great way of showing off your personality. Alternatively, V-neck tees wonderfully compliment jeans while slim collarless shirts also work well. 

The versatility, unrelenting popularity and enduring sex appeal ensure designers aren’t about to lose faith in skinny jeans. If worn correctly women of all shapes and sizes can look and feel amazing. As already hinted at, another major advantage of skinny jeans is that they allow ladies to show off their footwear. 

The cut of the jean draws attention to the ankle. So, get ready for some figure hugging style and the chance to proudly display some gorgeous heels or stunning boots.

About the author

Lisa jane is an online freelance copywriter who has covered a number of subjects relating to skinny jeans and women’s fashion.

May 20, 2012

it's not the end of the world - how I survive being lactose intolerant

Hi Ocean Dreamers, did you know that I'm lactose intolerant? I've been lactose intolerant since I was a little girl and even a baby, even though we didn't know it at the time. What seemed like a curse at the time has actually turned into a blessing. I now eat healthier and have learned what I can and cannot eat. 

I actually prepared this article to post on another site, but I thought I might as well share these tips with you since many people have food allergies (dairy included) and don't even know it! If you've had a lot of indigestion and you're not sure what it is, I would encourage you to get it checked out. You never know if you may be lactose intolerant. It's better to find out now instead of putting your body through the misery! Read on to find out how to help yourself through dairy food allergies... 

Being lactose intolerant is never fun. If friends are eating ice cream or pizza in front of you it may seen torturous, but hurrying to make it to the bathroom isn’t fun either. Applying tips to your diet so that you don’t have to concentrate on being lactose intolerant will certainly help, but it won’t take it away. Here are some ways to cope with being lactose intolerant so that you can learn how to deal with it and be happy simultaneously.

Lactaid Pills

Many drugstores offer lactose pills that will help provide the enzyme that's needed for your body to successfully digest lactose (other known as milk sugar) that comes in a lot of foods. Before you take the first bite of food with dairy, take the pill. A lactose deficiency may make you sick, but with pills many people who are lactose intolerant can successfully eat food made with dairy. However, if you’re extremely lactose intolerant pills may not work. If this is the case, take a few lactose pills at a time or limit your dairy intake to prevent major stomach problems (i.e. diarrhea and cramping), and chronic bloating. Which believe me is not fun. It also is painful and not to mention not good for your body to go through this discomfort.

Avoiding Dairy All Together

This was just mentioned, but if Lactaid pills don’t work and if you’d like to go the natural route, a better alternative is to avoid daily all together or at least find food that are lactose free (make sure they are diary free too, which is NOT the same thing as lactose free). If this confuses you, read more about the difference. I am allergic to BOTH lactose and dairy. Lactose is a part of dairy and dairy has many more ingredients that you need to concern yourself with. Fun, huh?

Anyway, If you decide to stay clear of dairy, it's time to read labels. If you're lactose intolerant eating certain foods with dairy ingredients will not help you with your food allergy. When looking at a label, look for these words as a part of ingredients because all of these ingredients have dairy in them: l butter, cream, cheese, curds, milk, and whey are just a few words to be vary of. As well as looking for these words, be extra cautious with these food items: chips, soup, real butter, and even medicine will sometimes have lactose in it. If you’re not sure what the ingredients are, look it up on the internet or ask a professional in the health field. Remember – it’s not important to risk your health if you’re not sure of the ingredients.

Ways to Incorporate Small Amounts of Dairy

If your body can handle small amounts of dairy, mix it up and eat other foods while you’re eating dairy. Reducing the rate of which lactose enters your small intestine will help your body break down the lactose a lot easier. I do this and it helps out a lot, but I have to be very careful because if I risk it many times I have to suffer the consequences, which is not good for my body.
If friends end up eating dairy in front of you or you go to an Italian restaurant, try ordering pizza without cheese or take some of the cheese off. Bread, marinara sauce, and pepperoni are still good on a pizza without cheese! Ordering a basked potato without cheese or sour cream is another alternative. Figure out ways to still enjoy your food while having a great time with friends and enjoying a dairy free lifestyle or eating it sparingly will help you in more ways than one. Plus - over time it won't even both you if friends are eating dairy around you if you never eat it. It doesn't bother me at all now because I'm just used to it.

Being lactose intolerant is not anything to be ashamed of. It’s a food allergy that needs to be taken care of. Unfortunately there is no cure, but taking lactose pills, finding different foods to eat, and taking a vitamin such as a calcium vitamin will help supplement your lack of dairy intake. Being lactose intolerant doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Take care of your body and it will be kind to you.
 { ha ha must buy this tee asap via }

If you have any questions about being lactose intolerant or being allergic to dairy - please don't be afraid to ask! I've been suffering from food allergies for my entire life so I've learned quite a bit about my body even though I'm constantly learning more.

May 19, 2012

PrintRunner 250 business cards giveaway


{ Disclosure: I was not paid to host this giveaway,
however I will be receiving a set of business cards for 
hosting this giveaway. }

I'm happy to host a giveaway for PrintRunner, a full service high quality printing company located in Chatsworth, California. Since I'm a CA girl too it's nice to learn more about a great company that offers quality services!

In fact, I'm looking forward to trying PrintRunner's online business cards printing through their online printing services.

So what am I giving away exactly? Here are the details below:

Business Card Size and Style Business Cards: 2x3.5 (Standard)
Quantity:   250
Colors:    4/4 Color Both Sides
Paper:    14 pt. UV Coating on Front, 14 pt. UV Coating on both sides,
Proof:   NONE
Rounded Corners:   NO

Ready To Ship In:   3 Business Days

*Giveway is open to US Residents only, ages 18 years old and above.

Good luck and thanks for entering!

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May 17, 2012

Arizona moments

I know, I know. I've been a very bad blogger. I miss reading blogs but with my insane schedule I just haven't had the time! But I'm going to make the time soon...I miss you all!

I thought I'd do a quick post on what I've been up to in Arizona, besides working. ;)

Plus I think my posts have had way too many sponsored posts lately {not that I'm complaining}, but I just don't want sponsored posts to become the main aspect of my blog because that is not why it is here. It is here for me to reflect and share my thoughts with you all.

With that being said, I've been enjoying long walks with Tikko {my sweet Maltese that I've been dog sitting}, eating yummy food {maybe too much}, and taking a few adventures when time allows {I made it to Buffalo Exchange and ate some excellent sushi}. Maybe I will blog about that next. I also have been swimming for exercise and it's so refreshing with this heat!

One amazing thing about Arizona is the scenery and nature. Sure - it's really really hot, but the climate is so unique, unlike any other state I've been to. It's truly a desert land. It takes me back to the west (i.e. Tombstone, which I've actually visited) and everything else I grew up loving. My dad has a love for the west in the 1800s and even has a collection of ghost town bottles...hence why I love ghost towns and the desert.

Of course I'm an ocean dreamer...but I still love the desert and the mountains. Arizona also has some of the best sunsets I've seen. So here's a collage of some of the photos I've taken while taking Tikko out for walks near the house. This will give you a glimpse of what I'm talking about. See if you can find the fountain in the center of one of the pictures, which just so happened to be going off when we were walking on this particular evening. Gorgeous.
P.S. Have you entered into the Shabby Apple giveaway
I'll be having another giveaway on Friday so stop on by again! :)

May 15, 2012

Homemade Dog Food for Your Furbaby

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As you know I've been in Arizona for the past week puppy sitting a sweet puppy named Tikko. I still have another week to go! Not only has my time here been enjoyable, I've learned a lot about how to properly take care of Tikko! Before I thought it would be difficult taking care of a dog, but if they are properly trained (which Tikko is,) they are much easier to care for. So I guess when I get a dog I better train him or her correctly! ;)

{ Tikko resting his head on my leg. Just precious. }

In regards to taking care of Tikko, he eats his doggie food twice daily and if I'm a little bit late feeding him, he definitely lets me know! He lets me know by pushing his plate around or stairing at me with his big puppy dog eyes, letting me know that I need to feed him asap! :)

{ Tikko sunbathing with me near the pool}

Speaking of dog food, there's an awesome site that recommends feeding Homemade dog food to your pup. I checked it out and this seems like a great alternative to store bought dog food. Did you know that dogs have powerful acids in their stomachs that allow them to eat raw meat without a problem? I didn't know this. If you are thinking - oh my gosh, my dog is going to get sick, read on. According to Homemade Dog Food,dogs pick up most worms from the soil and flea bites, NOT raw dog food.

BUT - If you are feeling cautious about feeding raw food to your furbaby (to be honest I am but I would love to read more about this), then try the Easy cooked dog food recipe! Either way I'm going to keep this site in mind when I get a dog someday and also spread the word about it too.

What kind of food do you feed your puppy? Why not try a homemade dog food recipe to switch things up!

Visit Sponsor's Site

May 14, 2012

Shabby Apple dress giveaway

Spring has sprung and good has Shabby Apple! 
Shabby Apple is one of my affiliates and I 
happen to love everything on their site
because I am obsessed with dresses,
which are my favorite articles of clothing.

I'm excited to offer a giveaway of this lovely frock,
aka the HELENA dress (in your desired size if you win).
Shabby Apple offers an array of women's dresses
that are all gorgeous and if you've never heard
of them head on over to their site and check it out!
 The HELENA dress is a knit maxi dress that's lovely
and pink! Pink is one of my favorite colors.

To enter please enter via Rafflecopter below.
If you are the winner I will contact you via e-mail
and ask you for your details and size. :)
Good luck!

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May 13, 2012

are you wearing quality jeans?

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a ‘jean lover,’ it’s likely that denim – in one way or another – has managed to find its way into your wardrobe. Since denim first made its mark as a simple and sturdy material worn by workers in the late 19th century, this extremely versatile and timeless material has dominated the manufacturers’ machines, taking centre stage in fashion outlets across the world.

Despite a seemingly endless choice of styles, colours, fits, cuts, washes and prices, the humble pair of jeans is, ironically, one of the most difficult items of clothing to shop for. Alongside this great range of choice, denim jeans also diverge considerably in quality.

Here’s what to look out for when searching for a quality pair of jeans:

The price

Whilst paying more for jeans doesn’t always guarantee quality, generally speaking, the more you pay for a pair of jeans, the higher in quality they are likely to be. Jeans are priced differently because of the different factors and components that go into the manufacturing process. For example, ‘regular’ quality jeans are often made with a technique known as ‘warp and weft’, whereby one fibre goes in one direction and another fibre in a different direction entirely. Higher quality jeans are usually made with a special spindle known as a ring spun, which spins the cotton more unevenly, giving the fabric more character and depth. Whilst this is a slower, lengthier and more complicated process than the traditional denim-making technique, it usually results in a stronger and more durable product, with a more stylish look. This gives you the higher quality, the longer lifeline and the bigger price tag! 

Very’s Superdry jeans are made with skill, patience and with the use of the latest technology. As a result, they’re famed for being particularly tough and durable. Investing in a more expensive pair of jeans can often prove to be more cost-effective than a cheaper pair, as it usually means you won’t have to keep replacing them with new ones. 

The trimmings

Less expensive jeans usually feature fittings and trimmings, such as zips, buttons, pockets and belts, by cutting the cost of the fabric and keeping the manufacturing costs down. Higher quality jeans, on the other hand, don’t need to use such features or gimmicks in order to convey style and quality.

May 12, 2012

Oasap bunny shirt review - new sponsor!


Around Easter time I wore a long sleeve shirt that I think is just adorable. Perfect for the spring, this bunny top is super comfy and at the time looked great with my black skirt on Easter Sunday. Here's the outfit below that I wore:
I don't know about you but I love tees that have adorable characters, especially bunnies.

The tee is from my new sponsor, Oasap and they offer adorable apparel!
Head on over to Oasap and see what I mean!

Be sure to come back for a few giveaways this weekend and I hope you have an amazing weekend Ocean Dreamers!

May 9, 2012

looking forward to a beach picnic in a few weeks

I made it to Arizona and even though I love being with my sweet Tikko puppy again, I can't help but miss the beach.

Every summer BK and I like to have a picnic on the beach, which includes packing up a beach towel to sit on and sometimes if BK is in the mood, romantic candles. Before we head out to the beach we go to the store and pack up hot dogs, chips, dessert, and other goodies to later make a feast. My favorite part of our beach rendezvous though is packing up enchanting picnic baskets and making memories by the ocean that will last a lifetime.

Since you know how much I love the ocean I thought I'd show you some of my favorite pictures that I've come across, offering plenty of pretty decor inspiration. There are so many more elements that BK and I can implement into our picnics and these pictures offer plenty of inspiration:

Pretty dishes are perfect for a romantic beach picnic. I'd love to pack up some beachy and feminine dishes and place them in my beach picnic. They may be hard to pack - but they will look lovely once set up like in this:

Comfy pillows on the beach, especially if they are the color of the ocean water, will also be cozy and elegant looking. I'd love to carry some big pillows to the beach and sit on them during my picnic. Perfection!

This picnic looks more like what BK and I set up - a simple picnic basket, fruit, lemonade, and a fun blanket to sit on. What I love about this photo is that the picnic is set up at sunset - a perfect setting for a beautiful picnic.
So now that I'm all geared up and ready for a beach picnic, all I need is my BK!

Let's go already! I can't wait to be back in CA. 
Only a few weeks more.

May 8, 2012

say cheese! guest post by Ashley

I'm on my way to AZ to doggie sit again! So in the mean time, please enjoy a guest post by my friend Ash.  


Say Cheese!

Nothing makes your face radiate more than a beautiful, glowing smile. Everyone wants a grin they can be proud of, and fortunately, there are many ways of achieving that goal. After all, your smile is your best accessory; you deserve to know how to keep it bright, white and, above all, healthy.

Professional Tooth Care

From time to time, it’s necessary to seek professional tooth care to keep your smile in tip-top shape. These visits start with twice-per-year cleanings and examinations, although you may also want to invest in occasional in-office tooth whitening treatments to whiten your smile. If your teeth aren’t perfectly straight or could use some cosmetic revisions, discuss with your dentist or orthodontist the possible treatment plans that could benefit your overall dental health.
 For example, many health insurance and dental plans include benefits for orthodontics and braces, which can help align the teeth into a more favorable and natural looking position than they have taken on their own. If you’re interested in braces but don’t want to sport a mouth full of metal, find out if your dentist or dental plan offers invisible orthodontics, which are more fashionable and discreet than traditional braces.


The make-up you choose can have a profound impact on the appearance of your smile. Bright pink and red lip polishes are great for accenting white teeth, and you can draw even more attention to your smile with a glossy finish. Try to avoid lip colors that are particularly muted or nude, however, as these shades can accentuate the teeth less than brighter colors.
In addition to lip hues, your complexion also has the ability to enhance your smile -- especially if you’re particularly tan or dark-skinned. But if your skin is pale or lighter in color, consider using a bronzer or self-tanner to bring out golden tones in your skin that can offset a white smile. Just be sure to stay away from the tanning beds and sun, as excessive tanning may lead to skin cancer.

Hygiene and Diet

It’s impossible to have a healthy, white smile if you don’t take care of your teeth at home. Invest in a quality toothbrush and whitening toothpaste that’s both effective for removing plaque. You can choose a toothpaste that’s also helpful in preventing enamel stains from common foods and beverages like coffee, tea and wine. Be sure to brush for approximately two minutes, two to three times per day. Follow-up with daily flossing and a mouthwash to keep your breath smelling fresh and your teeth pearly white.
In addition to caring for your teeth with proper hygiene, you should also analyze your dietary habits to make sure you’re doing everything you can to build strong, healthy teeth that can last for decades. Vitamin D and calcium, for example, are essential to building strong teeth -- especially during pregnancy. You can get these essential nutrients from fatty fishes, exposure to the sun, fortified milk and supplements. Other helpful dietary staples include fluoridated water, phosphorus and vitamin A.

May 6, 2012


Since I started watching The Vampire Diaries not only have I been fascinated with the plot, but I've also been fascinated with the term "doppelganger." A German word in origin, the term is defined as a "double of a living person, typically representing evil or misfortune. In modern vernacular, the word has come to refer to any double or look-alike of a person."
So because I like to think about things like this, I thought - what would it be like if I had a doppelganger more like Elena's doppelganger Katherine in The Vampire Diaries? Someone who's bad but pulls their stuff together? Of course I wouldn't want to have a doppelganger like that, but it's fun to think of it, right? Fun to think of your life as a TV show or novel? Yeah sometimes I like to think about fun things like this and let my mind wander into imagination land.
All my life I've been considered a goody tushu. Sure - I'll take that as a compliment, but considering I never lived that phrase down in high school and college, sometimes a girl likes to have some fun and wish she had a doppelganger, aka an alter ego of sorts, right? And in my case...I think it would be fun to have a doppelganger who is polar opposite of me, someone who isn't labeled as a goody tushu.

So I tried Googling doppelganger to find a look alike for me and with Google's new search tricks it came up with a post from Michelle from The Vintage Apple called Doppelganger. The cool thing is that she mentioned a site that she found her celebrity doppelganger from and it's called

So I just hopped on there, excited to figure out my celebrity doppelganger is. Will she have a little bit of a mean streak, I wondered? Will she be just a little bit more dangerous and exciting? (Not that I'm not exciting, I just thought my doppelganger should be more...well, more opposite of me.)
I was hoping for someone like Kate Beckingsdale from Van Helsing. But boy I was wrong. Because...guess who came up as my celebrity doppelganger?!?! You're going to laugh because I did...

It's Princess Grace. Seems I just can't get away from the goody tushu phrase. Oh brother.

But I do have to say it was flattering coming up looking like Grace Kelly. She is gorgeous and I love everything about her. Which reminds me, I'd like to read a book on her sometime.

Anyway, in regard to cool doppelgangers, here are a few pictures that I wanted to share:
{Image from Deviant Art}
 { Mara Rooney went to extremes to play the part in 
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo }
 { And of course...where my interest with the word "doppelganger" began... }
Elena's doppelganger Katherine.

This is besides the point, but are you team Stefan
or Damon for the upcoming season finale
of season 3 of TVD? I'm team Stefan all of the way
and I'm so glad he's in love with Elena as opposed
to her evil counterpart, aka doppelganger Katherine.

I guess there's one good reason why I'm a good
doppelganger (well, if I had one).
I get a good guy aka my BK. ;)

And yes...I know I rambled on this post.
Sorry if it didn't make sense.
I just wanted to have a little bit of fun.

May 4, 2012


Sometimes things don't go as planned. Just when you think everything is in order you get thrown a fast ball and you have no choice but to deal with it. It's frustrating those fast balls. They come out of nowhere and you have no choice but to deal with it.

Disappointment takes place because of many things, factors, and situations. It could come up because of how a friend treats you, a work situation not working out like you'd like it, or family members treating one another unkindly. All are extremely frustrating and you wish they wouldn't happen, but they do.

So how do you manage after the fact? Do you let it get under your skin, frustrating you to no end? Do you get angry and lash out - blaming the person for their wrong doings?

I like to think that karma is a b**** and though that may seem harsh, that is the truth. As a Christian in all honesty I have such a hard time turning things over to God. God says revenge is his and yet as humans it is hard for us to let go or move on for that matter. But we have to, otherwise disappointment turns into other horrible emotions and turns inward, threatening to consume us.
 For me I have to turn over my disappointments over to God daily. I have to ask myself - is this worth for me to get upset over? Am I letting this person win if I'm allowing this to ruin my day? Well yes, I am. We have the power to not let things disappoint and bother us, if we choose to let it go.

So how do you let go of disappointment? You don't let it consume you. You have to be at peace with the situation. This may not happen right away, but it will happen in time. Part of leaving disappointment behind is opening new doors through new activities that will help you grow. Loving a person despite their imperfections but still having respect for yourself is important too.
This also includes being honest with loved ones, letting a friendship go, moving on to find new work ventures, or whatever else you may be going through. It's hard yes, but necessary.

Necessary for growth and necessary to leave disappointment behind.

Disappointment... I don't know about you, but oh how I wish that it wouldn't come up just when I feel that everything is going fine.