Jan 29, 2013

spring trends I'm looking forward to

Since I'm currently snowed in and the snow keeps on coming in Utah, I've been dreaming of spring time and all of the outfits I will wear. There are a few trends that are sticking around from previous seasons that I'm especially excited about: florals and ruffles. Both of these trends are two of my favorites and since my wardrobe never has had a lack of ruffles, I will continue to re-wear some of my favorite girly dresses and more that I already own. Of course I will also be adding more ruffles and florals to my wardrobe as well!

There are also some other trends that I have my eyes on and I will mention them below as well so keep on reading. ;)

{Just as You Dreamt Dress via Modcloth}

I love this dress by Modcloth because it is super girly and very feminine. For some of you it might have too many ruffles, but I think it has the perfect amount. It would look lovely with a pair of cowgirl boots and a pearl necklace. Also, wearing your hair in curls would be very pretty as well. 
{Rolled Sleeve Slub Tee via Express}

Rolled sleeves are already in this winter time and the three-quarter sleeves with rolled sleeves are everywhere in the stores. In fact, I just picked up a few tees that look similar to this Express tee at H&M. They are great basics that go well with jeans, but they also work great for layering if you like to put a rolled sleeve tee under a low cut dress. The rolled sleeve aspect gives your outfit some added style. These types of tops are super comfy and usually the fabric is pilled, which gives it extra character. I love it. Express has great clothing that follows this trend and if you're looking for great deals you can go to Express.com and find coupons to apply as well. 
{Dew Mist Heart Dress via Spool No. 72}

Another trend I've been noticing, which is perfect for Valentine's Day, are dresses, tops, and tees with heart cut outs. I'm in love (ha ha pun on words) with this dress above in particular not only because of its blue color, but because of the heart cutout on the front. It would be super adorable with a pair of ballet flats and a bubble necklace. Yes, please! 

Another stand-out-style that's perfect for spring is peplum. In fact, I'm loving this peplum top from ASOS pictured above. Like the model is wearing it with red lipstick and black pants, I think I would do the same. It's a great top for going out in (maybe Valentine's Day?!) and the crochet lace overlay is just lovely. Prior to the end of 2012 I wasn't that familiar with peplum so it's been nice seeing this trend everywhere as of late. 

I certainly can't wait to wear peplum and all of these other trends this upcoming spring!!

What spring time trends are catching your eye? 
Do you have some favorites that I did not mention?

5 practical tips to prepare yourself for an exhausting bicycle ride - guest post by Jordan

I just booked a ticket to see BK in CA mid-Feb and I couldn't be more excited! Besides seeing BK, I can't wait to take more fitness classes because being in Utah and snowed in has made it difficult for me to go to classes like spinning and more! I hope you enjoy this guest post by Jordan, who tells us all about bike rides and spinning {which by the way is a great way to get in shape!} Sigh. I can't wait to go on a bike ride or spinning class in CA.

P.S. I'll be blogging again soon. We've had a lot of family here so it's been a crazy yet fun start to the new year!


Long bike rides are rewarding and memorable, but if you venture out on an extended tour without the necessary preparations, you may get left behind. What’s worse, you may even find yourself subject to unnecessary injury or premature fatigue. If you have a long ride ahead of you, consider some basic but essential tips for making the most of your training: 

Visit your Physician 

Training for a long bicycle ride is an extremely strenuous process, and it’s important to ensure that you have the optimal health to maintain such a rigorous regimen. Your doctor can help to uncover any previously undetected medical conditions, or give you the added reassurance that you need to begin your intense training. 

Build up your Endurance Slowly 

If you haven’t ridden in over a year, and you start your training with 25-mile practice rides, you will only set yourself up for injury. Start light, ride often, and increase your output each day, until you feel comfortable covering the necessary distance for your big tour. In your initial training, you may want to practice on stationary spin bikes, which are safe and controlled. 

Adjust Your Bike as Needed

If your posture is incorrect, you will find long bike rides extremely difficult, and you may even leave yourself vulnerable to injury. When you sit on your saddle with the pedal in the 6:00 (downward) position, your heel should just be able to rest on the pedal, with the pelvis level and knee straight. If the saddle is too low or too high, adjust it accordingly. The saddle should also be straight, or tilted just slightly forward. The handles should also be adjusted about 40 to 60 degrees forward. 

Ride with Other Cycling Enthusiasts 

When it comes staying motivated, group camaraderie can make all of the difference in the world. When you share the open road with likeminded cyclists, you naturally feel challenged to be your best self and constantly strive for new heights of success. Communal riding also removes the monotony from your training process, and creates a truly enjoyable experience. 

Set Specific Goals

If you simply strive to do a little better each day, you will make progress. But in order to prepare for a long, challenging ride, you need to have a specific game plan. Seek advice from other experienced riders, decide how much time you have to reach your target distance, and tailor your training accordingly. 

With the right preparation and determination, you can conquer any difficult journey. The key is to just get out there and start riding. If you notice any injury or discomfort, scale back your training to a less rigorous routine, and most importantly, listen to your doctor’s advice. Lastly, have fun out there on the open road! 

Jan 27, 2013

top 6 most famous and desirable diamond shapes for your engagement ring - guest post by Jenny

Diamonds are timeless and some of our most valued assets. They have many traits and are known to epitomize the unconditional and eternal love between a man and a woman. And what better occasion to lay the foundation to express your “Together Forever” feeling than with your engagement. Get that best cut, most radiant diamond ring for your would-be spouse and see his/ her face glow with radiance. For special moments, CZ rings (cubic zirconia crystals) might not be the best option. CZ rings might come in a very affordable range; however, diamonds are one of a kind and captivating. Nothing can make a better gift for a special ring ceremony than a diamond ring. So why not quickly run through the most famous and desirable diamond shapes for your engagement rings?

Heart Shaped: You just cannot escape this shape when you are planning for your engagement. These diamonds already convey the love message with their perfect shape. Ensure that the carats justify the shine (as this shape’s cut is not enough to get the wanted radiance). So don’t go below the bare minimum of 0.5 and simply mystify your fiance.

Princess Cut: These diamonds top the list when it comes to engagement rings. Most importantly, they are pretty easy to deal with when it comes to the setting of these diamonds on varying shapes of the ring bands. They have a royal touch in their shape and yet look too stylish to be called outdated.

Round Shaped: The most sought after cut, known for its sheer brilliance and enigma, this shape is the perfect when you go for solitaires. Besides, the cut renders the diamonds to be extremely good at reflecting light optimally. This one is really very enchanting and evergreen shape.

Asscher Cut Diamond: Only the makers know the line of difference between this shape and the emerald cut. For the buyers, it is more important to know that this shape has an upper hand over the emerald because of its excellent cut and technical details. Its brilliance is remarkable and outstanding.

Oval Shaped: These diamonds are similar to the round ones when it comes to the technicality of their cutting. However, they create an illusion of being bigger in size, all credits to their long shape as compared to the rotund round diamonds. The carat selection does matter to improve the radiance of the diamonds.

Marquise Diamond: This shape is like a narrow oval, similar to that of a football. Marquise is known for its huge surface area that enables this diamond to dazzle more because of the increased reflection. So when you want to make your diamonds look bigger within the specified budget, go for this cut diamond.

You have got an entire gamut of couple rings to pick from; however, it’s up to you if you want your ring to resemble your partner’s. You can differ here if you want to go for a more gender specific ring. You also have colored diamonds – from the mellow yellows to ravishing reds that are contoured with small series of white diamonds that work as beautiful highlighters. Know your pocket size and of course the ring size and pick the “simply-made-for-you” diamond ring with your favorite shape.

Jan 26, 2013

high-tech ways to say 'I love you' - guest post by Liam


Being a romantic in the digital age is tough. Everything’s been done before, is a cliché, or is guaranteed to turn your half-assed proposal into the latest 4chan meme. Or is it? Turns out tech-heads everywhere have been finding ingenious ways to say ‘I love you’ in binary; like the plot of some 80s rom-com starring robots (seriously, that’s a thing? Jeez). Let’s hand it to those quirky Zooey Deschanel / Richard Ayoade types who showed their love by:

Proposing, Old Spice Style

Anyone remember those Old Spice adverts from a couple of years back? Of course you do, they were the best thing to ever happen to adverts, with one honourable exception. Well, in 2010 the Old Spice Guy took to YouTube to start answering questions. Most of these were your garden variety examples of internet ‘wit’, but one stood out from the crowd. Twitter user @JsBeals sent in a request for the Old Spice Guy to propose on his behalf, and the Guy totally did! Rather than instantly dump him to run away with the suave stud now proposing to her through the computer; Ms. Hutt-Chamberlin replied ‘Yes’. Cue much rejoicing and a new found respect for anyone who can look that good in a towel.

Organizing a Flash Mob

What could be better than having the hottest internet icon of all time proposing directly to you? How about starring in your very own romantic musical? In 2010, a New Yorker decided to show budding romantics how it’s done by organizing an all-singing, all-dancing flash mob to help him propose to his girlfriend. When she said ‘yes’ the mob went wild, kicking off a wild celebration dance. What they planned to do if she said ‘no’ is anybody’s guess.

Hacking Chrono Trigger

Is there anything more beautiful than nerds in love? Answer: not if they’re like this guy. A computer science major with a gamer girlfriend, he decided to hack Chrono Trigger into a trip down memory lane, followed by the geekiest proposal in the history of ever. Wrapped up in a so-sweet-you-wanna-cry-big-nerd-tears storyline, his added extra took his girlfriend through the highlights of their life, complete with lyrics from her favourite songs and her pet cat Cleo, culminating in an epic fantasy proposal. Did she say ‘yes’? Well, wouldn’t you?

Making an iPhone Music Video

OK, so the song is super-irritating, goes on waaay too long, and we can only imagine what the other theatre-goers thought was happening. But ‘Chad’s music-video proposal to girlfriend Vy gets round it’s obvious artistic flaws by being basically sweet. According to Chad, Vy had been asking him to write her a love song for some time; much in the same way I pester my girlfriend to bring back samples from the lard factory where she works. Possibly because he’s awesome, Chad decided a song wasn’t enough, and spent four months working on the above video; eventually persuading a local cinema to screen it before a film. He then took Vy to the film and, at the video’s end, proposed; to the sound of raucous applause.

Posting LOLcats

Photo Credit: Clint Chilcott via Compfight cc 

Yes I’m being serious. As anyone who has ever been within sixty miles of a computer knows, Icanhascheezburger is a website where humour goes to die. Featuring badly-spelled captions over pictures of (mostly) cats, this rotting cesspit of a site is considered by students of the Kabbalah to be final proof that we're not liked. If you’d asked me twenty minutes ago if anything good could ever come from it, I’d have punched you in the face until you resembled the victim of a bathsalts attack. But what do I know? One Valentine’s Day many moons ago, someone called Jon proposed via LOLcat. And he got a yes. And suddenly I’m having to re-evaluate my mindless hatred of this site. What a world we live in.

If you are looking to get your loved one something special this Valentine's Day, then visit Prezzybox

Jan 21, 2013

No nonsense - a "No nonsense" style that's chic and trendy!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of No nonsense for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I happen to love leggings and tights, so when I was given the opportunity to review No nonsense tights and leggings I couldn't be more excited! I received their tights and leggings and I have to say their leggings are my favorite. I received navy blue jeggings (leggings and jeans combined if you're not famliar with the term) and love them. They have a higher waistline that smoothes things out and they keep my legs warm, especially when I am in Utah when it is super cold! 

The leggings are also very easy to pair with a variety of tops, such as tunics, tee-shirts, and even a dress! I chose to pair my leggings with a longer tee-shirt and to put more emphasis on my waist, I implemented a belt. I took a pic and posted it on my Instagram and you can see it here:

I never get tired of wearing leggings and tights. In fact, they are mainly what I wear on a day to day basis when going out! They're stretchy, easy to put on, and goes with virtually anything! When I pack a bag to go to California, I always pack my leggings first. they're lightweight, easy to pack, and always look wonderful with so many outfits! I don't know what I would do without this staple item of clothing.

If you want a pair yourself, (they're affordable too!) you can find No nonsense leggings and tights at a variety of places: food, drug, and retail stores!

If you'd like to have a pair of No nonsense leggings or tights, head on over to their Twitter page and you can also connect with No nonsense on Facebook

Plus, have you heard of Jill Martin? This fashion guru is pairing with No nonsense to promote their brand as a Brand Ambassador and Style Expert! If you're not familiar with Jill (I wasn't until now), she is an Emmy Award-winning TV personality! She also is a co-author of the NY Times bestselling fashion and styule guide: "I Have Nothing to Wear!" and she also is a NY Correspondent for Access Hollywood.

I really want ot check out Jill's book because that sounds like something I say all the time when I look at my closet, lol! Except now I do have something to wear because I have my leggings and tights! ;)

Check out this video about No nonsense and

hop on the fashion bandwagon so that you can

enjoy their amazing tights and leggings too!

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Jan 17, 2013

get and find the movie bling you most love right now - guest post by Jenny

Have you ever been watching a movie, only to be distracted from the story-line by the bling the actors wore? And then you may have started wishing you could add it to your own jewelry box? Or you must have been secretly jealous of the beauty of celebrity engagement rings? I'm guilty of all of the above and here is why I will share with you about several pieces of jewelry that I love the most. If you love them too, the good news is that there are many offerings of replicas online at quite the affordable prices.

Heart of the Ocean Jewelry

Whenever I think of movie jewelry, The Heart of the Ocean is the first that pops into my head. The sapphire necklace Kate Winslet's character Rose wore during Titanic is absolutely stunning. The blue color from the stone is deep and layered, just as if you're staring into the ocean, and of course, it is also heart-shaped. (Anyone wondering where the name came from?) As a 155 karat sapphire that is surrounded by 16.19 karats of diamonds, all hanging from a silver chain, the Heart of the Ocean is as memorable part of the award-winning film Titanic.

Wishing for It

When I saw Jennifer Aniston wear a statement piece, I loved it. Can't you see why I wanted her wishbone necklace?  Its shape is cute and creative and some even come covered in diamonds. What more could a girl wish for?    

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

It is certainly as the song from Moulin Rouge says: diamonds are a girl's best friend. I mean, they dance in the light and they'll always be there for you. In Moulin Rouge, Nicole Kidman, who plays Satine, is given the diamond necklace that puts all others to shame. Made of 1,308 diamonds for a total of 134 karats, it was the most expensive piece of movie jewelry ever made (to date). In the story-line the guy who gave it to her was a creep, but he definitely had some fine taste in jewelry.  

Sex and the City 2 Ring 

Yes, we've come back to New York to think about these fabulous ladies and their amazing taste in jewelry.  (What can I say? Sex and the City 1 & 2 has fabulous taste.) I'm thinking about their jewelry and though my favorite was hard to choose, I have to say the black diamond ring that Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) received from Mr. Big was my favorite. Why? Because it's different, which was the reason of course why he gave it to her. “Because you're not like anyone else.” Okay, maybe my opinion was swayed to the ring by that line alone, but just a little.

Best in Teen Romance

So you may not love the movie series based on Stephanie Myer's Twlight series, but the engagement ring in Eclipse is nothing to scoff at. Adorning Bella's (Kristen Stewart) finger throughout the film, she receives the oval ring filled with several tiny diamonds from her vampire beau, Edward (Robert Pattinson). In the story-line it was an antique from Edward's family and had no specific design. So Stephanie Myer had to draw it herself to make it perfect for the film. The result, yes, is perfection. Imagine you received that ring from a vampire - would you say no?


Jan 10, 2013

how to kick bad habits to the curb in 2013 - guest post by Kay

It's the new year, and that means it's resolution time. Do you want to lose weight? Quit smoking? Start exercising more? You've probably tried to do these things in the past but, unfortunately, were not successful. It can be very difficult to break a habit or to start a new one.

Whether you want to stop eating junk food, stop smoking, stop drinking, or stop NOT exercising, here's how you can kick that bad habit in 2013 and start making healthier choices:
Announce Your Goal
The first thing you can do to help you achieve your goal is to announce it in some way. Tell friends about your plan. Share it with family. Even just write it down. If you talk about it to others or write it down, it makes the plan more "real" and helps you to take action. Plus, when you tell friends and family, they will surely follow up to ask you how it's going, providing some measure of accountability.

Get to the Root of the Problem
Maybe you smoke now because you're addicted. Or you eat a lot of junk food because it has become a habit. But why did these habits start? Do you smoke because you feel anxious or stressed out? Do you eat when you're bored or upset? Understanding why you engage in your bad habit can help you to break it. You can address the emotional or situational issues and find healthy solutions.

Choose a Healthy Replacement
You don't have to go cold turkey to kick a habit necessarily. If you really love junk food, you can eat healthier versions of some of your favorite foods, such as cakes and cookies made with natural sweeteners or pizza made with whole wheat crust and low-cal cheese. If you smoke, you can switch to an electronic cigarette to get the same feel of smoking without the harmful side effects. Figure out ways that you can make healthy substitutions, and you can make giving up the habit a little easier.

Avoid Triggers
There are many triggers that might cause you to want to indulge in your bad habit. For example, many smokers say they feel a strong urge to smoke when they are hanging out with friends or when they go to a bar and are drinking. Maybe you always want to reach for a bag of chips when you are sitting on the couch and watching TV.

Once you identify what your triggers are, find ways to avoid them. This doesn't have to mean never watching TV again, for example. But instead, maybe you can change other aspects of your TV watching, such as sitting in a different chair or watching in another room. By changing the situation, you can change your reaction to it.

You don't have to keep repeating the cycle in 2013. You can break the bad habits you want to be free of and replace them with healthier habits and lifestyle choices instead. Follow these simple tips to get you started and to make this the year that you finally break the cycle for good.

What bad habits do you want to break this year? Share your resolutions in the comments!

Kay Winders is presently the resident writer for badcreditloans.org, where she researches the best way for people to pay off their debts without damaging their credit. In her spare time, she enjoys freelance writing, the beach and gardening.

Jan 9, 2013

how to enjoy the new year in London - guest post by Michelle

Seeing London in the New Year:
London is one of the world’s busiest and liveliest cities, and when you are someone who wants to have a great time in this city in the the new year, there is plenty to do. Check out some of these experiences that you should consider if you are visiting London.
Sight-Seeing Bus
A sight-seeing bus is definitely on the touristy side of things that you can do, but the truth is that it is a great experience. A sight-seeing bus puts you above the general traffic, and this can give you a calm and safe place from which to see the city. If you are someone who is deeply invested in learning more about the city and not getting buffeted by traffic as you do so, this is definitely an experience you need to consider.

Go to the Theatre
London is a city that is known for its performances. Whether you want to take in a fantastic foreign film or you are more invested in making sure that you don’t miss your favorite musical theater performance, you need to pick up theatre tickets as soon as you get to town. There is always something playing, so whether you choose a tried-and-true favorite your choose something entirely unexpected, you’ll find that there are is always something going on.

Head to Kensington Gardens
London is wonderful, but it is also quite busy and quite crowded. London has plenty of buildings that are hundreds of years old, and sometimes, the experience can be a little suffocating if you are not used to it. When you want to take a break from the city, consider heading to Kensington Gardens. This is a great place to surround yourself with a little bit of greenery and to simply relax for a bit.

Explore On Foot
London is a walker’s city, and though there are plenty of people who go everywhere by Tube, it is definitely worth your while to explore on foot. Not only will it help you get some exercise as you travel, it can also introduce you to shops and experiences that you never considered before. London has a lot going on at the street level, and if you simply bustle from the Tube straight to your destination, you could miss a lot.

London is a city that has a lot going on, and if you are someone who is deeply invested in experiencing it fully and learning more about it, take a few moments to see what is going around you.

Lululemon delicious active wear


One of my favorite fitness brands is Lululemon. I admit they're not cheap, but their active wear is certainly durable, trendy, and perfect for a variety of fitness activities! This fashionable athletic clothing makes you feel like you're all dressed up for the gym!

If I could I would wear my Lulu wear every single day. It's so super comfy and great to wear to my zumba, pilates, yoga, cardio classes, and even when I go for a walk! Here are a few pictures that I love of Lululemon and a few things I have on my I Want List. :)
No longer available but love this top!

On my I Want List:

Ista Lulu: { My Recent Purchase }

Do you like Lululemon?
Do you find yourself obsessing over their delicious
active wear like I do? ;)