Jan 26, 2013

high-tech ways to say 'I love you' - guest post by Liam


Being a romantic in the digital age is tough. Everything’s been done before, is a cliché, or is guaranteed to turn your half-assed proposal into the latest 4chan meme. Or is it? Turns out tech-heads everywhere have been finding ingenious ways to say ‘I love you’ in binary; like the plot of some 80s rom-com starring robots (seriously, that’s a thing? Jeez). Let’s hand it to those quirky Zooey Deschanel / Richard Ayoade types who showed their love by:

Proposing, Old Spice Style

Anyone remember those Old Spice adverts from a couple of years back? Of course you do, they were the best thing to ever happen to adverts, with one honourable exception. Well, in 2010 the Old Spice Guy took to YouTube to start answering questions. Most of these were your garden variety examples of internet ‘wit’, but one stood out from the crowd. Twitter user @JsBeals sent in a request for the Old Spice Guy to propose on his behalf, and the Guy totally did! Rather than instantly dump him to run away with the suave stud now proposing to her through the computer; Ms. Hutt-Chamberlin replied ‘Yes’. Cue much rejoicing and a new found respect for anyone who can look that good in a towel.

Organizing a Flash Mob

What could be better than having the hottest internet icon of all time proposing directly to you? How about starring in your very own romantic musical? In 2010, a New Yorker decided to show budding romantics how it’s done by organizing an all-singing, all-dancing flash mob to help him propose to his girlfriend. When she said ‘yes’ the mob went wild, kicking off a wild celebration dance. What they planned to do if she said ‘no’ is anybody’s guess.

Hacking Chrono Trigger

Is there anything more beautiful than nerds in love? Answer: not if they’re like this guy. A computer science major with a gamer girlfriend, he decided to hack Chrono Trigger into a trip down memory lane, followed by the geekiest proposal in the history of ever. Wrapped up in a so-sweet-you-wanna-cry-big-nerd-tears storyline, his added extra took his girlfriend through the highlights of their life, complete with lyrics from her favourite songs and her pet cat Cleo, culminating in an epic fantasy proposal. Did she say ‘yes’? Well, wouldn’t you?

Making an iPhone Music Video

OK, so the song is super-irritating, goes on waaay too long, and we can only imagine what the other theatre-goers thought was happening. But ‘Chad’s music-video proposal to girlfriend Vy gets round it’s obvious artistic flaws by being basically sweet. According to Chad, Vy had been asking him to write her a love song for some time; much in the same way I pester my girlfriend to bring back samples from the lard factory where she works. Possibly because he’s awesome, Chad decided a song wasn’t enough, and spent four months working on the above video; eventually persuading a local cinema to screen it before a film. He then took Vy to the film and, at the video’s end, proposed; to the sound of raucous applause.

Posting LOLcats

Photo Credit: Clint Chilcott via Compfight cc 

Yes I’m being serious. As anyone who has ever been within sixty miles of a computer knows, Icanhascheezburger is a website where humour goes to die. Featuring badly-spelled captions over pictures of (mostly) cats, this rotting cesspit of a site is considered by students of the Kabbalah to be final proof that we're not liked. If you’d asked me twenty minutes ago if anything good could ever come from it, I’d have punched you in the face until you resembled the victim of a bathsalts attack. But what do I know? One Valentine’s Day many moons ago, someone called Jon proposed via LOLcat. And he got a yes. And suddenly I’m having to re-evaluate my mindless hatred of this site. What a world we live in.

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