Jan 29, 2013

spring trends I'm looking forward to

Since I'm currently snowed in and the snow keeps on coming in Utah, I've been dreaming of spring time and all of the outfits I will wear. There are a few trends that are sticking around from previous seasons that I'm especially excited about: florals and ruffles. Both of these trends are two of my favorites and since my wardrobe never has had a lack of ruffles, I will continue to re-wear some of my favorite girly dresses and more that I already own. Of course I will also be adding more ruffles and florals to my wardrobe as well!

There are also some other trends that I have my eyes on and I will mention them below as well so keep on reading. ;)

{Just as You Dreamt Dress via Modcloth}

I love this dress by Modcloth because it is super girly and very feminine. For some of you it might have too many ruffles, but I think it has the perfect amount. It would look lovely with a pair of cowgirl boots and a pearl necklace. Also, wearing your hair in curls would be very pretty as well. 
{Rolled Sleeve Slub Tee via Express}

Rolled sleeves are already in this winter time and the three-quarter sleeves with rolled sleeves are everywhere in the stores. In fact, I just picked up a few tees that look similar to this Express tee at H&M. They are great basics that go well with jeans, but they also work great for layering if you like to put a rolled sleeve tee under a low cut dress. The rolled sleeve aspect gives your outfit some added style. These types of tops are super comfy and usually the fabric is pilled, which gives it extra character. I love it. Express has great clothing that follows this trend and if you're looking for great deals you can go to Express.com and find coupons to apply as well. 
{Dew Mist Heart Dress via Spool No. 72}

Another trend I've been noticing, which is perfect for Valentine's Day, are dresses, tops, and tees with heart cut outs. I'm in love (ha ha pun on words) with this dress above in particular not only because of its blue color, but because of the heart cutout on the front. It would be super adorable with a pair of ballet flats and a bubble necklace. Yes, please! 

Another stand-out-style that's perfect for spring is peplum. In fact, I'm loving this peplum top from ASOS pictured above. Like the model is wearing it with red lipstick and black pants, I think I would do the same. It's a great top for going out in (maybe Valentine's Day?!) and the crochet lace overlay is just lovely. Prior to the end of 2012 I wasn't that familiar with peplum so it's been nice seeing this trend everywhere as of late. 

I certainly can't wait to wear peplum and all of these other trends this upcoming spring!!

What spring time trends are catching your eye? 
Do you have some favorites that I did not mention?


  1. Oh, I love peplum tops! And I can't wait for spring and the warmer months! I always get excited around this time of year for it to get a bit warmer. But there's probably snow in the forecast in the next few weeks.

    Hope you're staying warm in the snow!

    xo, gina

  2. I'm loving these spring trends. I'm so excited for spring fashion now. I love the look of dresses with a heart cute at the front - so cute.

  3. Holy fabulous, I am now obsessed with that gorgeous modcloth dress. It looks like something out of a dream. I'm speechless.


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