Jan 27, 2013

top 6 most famous and desirable diamond shapes for your engagement ring - guest post by Jenny

Diamonds are timeless and some of our most valued assets. They have many traits and are known to epitomize the unconditional and eternal love between a man and a woman. And what better occasion to lay the foundation to express your “Together Forever” feeling than with your engagement. Get that best cut, most radiant diamond ring for your would-be spouse and see his/ her face glow with radiance. For special moments, CZ rings (cubic zirconia crystals) might not be the best option. CZ rings might come in a very affordable range; however, diamonds are one of a kind and captivating. Nothing can make a better gift for a special ring ceremony than a diamond ring. So why not quickly run through the most famous and desirable diamond shapes for your engagement rings?

Heart Shaped: You just cannot escape this shape when you are planning for your engagement. These diamonds already convey the love message with their perfect shape. Ensure that the carats justify the shine (as this shape’s cut is not enough to get the wanted radiance). So don’t go below the bare minimum of 0.5 and simply mystify your fiance.

Princess Cut: These diamonds top the list when it comes to engagement rings. Most importantly, they are pretty easy to deal with when it comes to the setting of these diamonds on varying shapes of the ring bands. They have a royal touch in their shape and yet look too stylish to be called outdated.

Round Shaped: The most sought after cut, known for its sheer brilliance and enigma, this shape is the perfect when you go for solitaires. Besides, the cut renders the diamonds to be extremely good at reflecting light optimally. This one is really very enchanting and evergreen shape.

Asscher Cut Diamond: Only the makers know the line of difference between this shape and the emerald cut. For the buyers, it is more important to know that this shape has an upper hand over the emerald because of its excellent cut and technical details. Its brilliance is remarkable and outstanding.

Oval Shaped: These diamonds are similar to the round ones when it comes to the technicality of their cutting. However, they create an illusion of being bigger in size, all credits to their long shape as compared to the rotund round diamonds. The carat selection does matter to improve the radiance of the diamonds.

Marquise Diamond: This shape is like a narrow oval, similar to that of a football. Marquise is known for its huge surface area that enables this diamond to dazzle more because of the increased reflection. So when you want to make your diamonds look bigger within the specified budget, go for this cut diamond.

You have got an entire gamut of couple rings to pick from; however, it’s up to you if you want your ring to resemble your partner’s. You can differ here if you want to go for a more gender specific ring. You also have colored diamonds – from the mellow yellows to ravishing reds that are contoured with small series of white diamonds that work as beautiful highlighters. Know your pocket size and of course the ring size and pick the “simply-made-for-you” diamond ring with your favorite shape.

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