Feb 27, 2013

11 iPhone shopping apps for price comparison - guest post by Stephen

Imagine buying an item at X price at one place and then finding out that the same item is available for much lesser elsewhere. It’s so confusing to make the right decision once you enter a store. That’s why you need a clever app to check and compare prices before you throw things into your trolley.

1. Milo
Milo helps you find the best local price on any item, by scanning real-time availability data. For example, if an item is not available at a local store yet, Milo will let you know, so you don’t have to drive over only to be disappointed. You can also scan barcodes, read reviews and product descriptions before purchase. Milo includes a handy map, which helps you see which nearby stores carry your desired certain product. Use this app to compare prices of the same product in different stores. You can also pay for it via your PayPal account and pick up the product later.
2. Google Shopper
Google Shopper helps you to search for and gather information on billions of products. Browse according to subject, browse results and scan barcodes or cover art to find out more. You can read reviews and get the best prices online and retail before you purchase. You can also view product videos and detailed product specs to help you decide on more expensive items. You can also save items in your shopping list and share it with other shoppers, friends and family.
3. Price Check
Price Check comes to you from Amazon; this app can help you compare prices from Amazon and its affiliated merchants. You can search for prices using voice, text, barcode and even pictures – there’s no limit. You can use this app to directly purchase an item using Amazon Prime and Amazon’s 1-Click ordering system. You can also share products with your friends on all major social networks. If you find a better deal than what Amazon has, you can even inform Amazon about it through this app.
4. RedLaser
This app can scan QR and UPC codes to compare prices on hundreds of local and online retailers to find the item you want. Using this app, you can browse coupon deals, store your loyalty cards and purchase your item directly. You can also check out the products other RedLaser users have purchased, and look up similar items to your recent purchases. You can create wish and gift lists, and share loyalty cards with others via this app.
5. PriceGrabber
PriceGrabber focuses more on online stores rather than local retailers. Using this app, you can easily find out if you can get an item for less online than in your local shops. You can go through millions of products stored by thousands of online retailers and get the best bargain online.

6. CompareMe
CompareMe Shopping Utility use percentages to calculate the very best deal out there. By using this method of price comparison, CompareMe can help you find truly mindblowing prices, both online and local retail. It also informs you of special deals pertaining to the items you want, such as coupons, discounts, buy 2-get-1 and so on.
7. ShopSavvy
Scan product barcodes and search local retail and online stores for your product; view estimated shipping prices and incidentals as well, so you can get the final pricing picture. Read reviews on products and retailers by other users. You can even get their input on the price you’ve decided upon and directly purchase the item by loading the ShopSavvy "wallet" with cash.
8. Groupon
Groupon offers you a price break on every imaginable item, including restaurant deals. You can purchase items directly from Groupon, apart from checking out a billion products, prices, reviews, and people’s shopping history and so on.
9. SnapTell
Take a picture of the CD, DVD or book you want to buy, and watch this app pull out reviews, prices and a list of local stores. This app can recognize the name of any book and distinguish between bestsellers and regular books. This app’s barcode scanner isn’t as good as its picture function.
10. The Find
You can scan and search, compare prices and shop for the best deals using this app. You can do a price comparison at top retailers as well. Create shopping lists, review coupon codes and shipping deals, find out the best local stores and set up price alerts for the items you’ve scanned. PriceGrabber
11. Decide
Review recommendations on product, pricing and purchase time from other customers and experts before you make your purchase. If the item you purchased is sold at a lower rate within the next two weeks, the Decide app team will pay up the difference. You can use the app’s barcode and QR scanners, set price alerts and search through thousands of retailers and sites for the products you want using Decide.
Stephen is a die-hard advocate of using optimized landing pages and A/B Testing to up online conversion rates. He regularly speaks on this topic, apart from contributing articles to various blogs.


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