Feb 16, 2013

Skypax review - shopping on UK websites has never been easier!

I was so excited to discover Skypax online because this UK forwarding shopping site (they offer Shopping Concierge services too!) allows me shop on any UK site that I want and then they ship it to me here in the US or anywhere else in the world! There are so many fashionable items of clothing that I want from UK sites but I don't have an UK shipping address! Thankfully Skypax solves this for me. 

I don't know if you were aware of this, but many UK stores will not ship to people outside the UK or do not accept international credit cards. However, Skypax services provides international consumers access to shop the UK and their products shipping to any destination Wordwide. Hooray! ;)

In fact, if you want to learn more about Skypax's forwarding services here is some more info. Skypax shopping makes it convenient to shop on all  your favorite UK shopping sites! 

  • Use Skypax’s forwarding service - it is only only £12 + Shipping costs
  • Includes 2 packages received and consolidated into your shipment
  • Additional packages consolidated just £4 per packages
So what sites do I want to shop on when I use this clever and convenient UK forwarding service? Well, there's quite a few but here are just a few items I have my eyes on that may not always be available in the US:


These adorable cyberjammies from figleaves.com are adorable and look super comfy. Plus - it's a tank top which makes it perfect to wear to bed during the warmer spring and summer days that are ahead.

This 'Shamballa Macramé Braided Hematite Turquoise Swarovski Crystal Beaded Power Bracelet is such a statement piece! I love that it is so sparkly and it is also a trendy piece in the UK right now as well. Snag this bracelet from Amazon.co.uk at a great price! 

I am absolutely in love with this cream short sleeve lace dress. For one it is simply stunning and beyond that it is also trendy and perfect for spring time! This lovely frock comes from Dorothy Perkins and they offer many other trendy dresses such as peplum and more! Sigh. I can't wait for spring time. 

So if you've been dying to shop on UK websites because they offer your size or have a pretty little number that you can't find in the US, Skypax is a perfect solution. Plus, hot shopping is at your fingertips if you want to learn more about UK sites that you may have never heard of before. Get that magical spring time dress and use a quality service! 

Skypax is on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, so if you'd like to connect with them, I suggest you should! Stay up to date on UK sales and more via their social media sites! Come on - I know you love to shop like me! ;)

Happy Skypax shopping Ocean Dreamers! 

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