Feb 3, 2013

tips on how to mix and match colors in jewelry fashion

Fashion is rapidly growing and expanding and there is no need to be left out of the loop. Most people are reserved about the mix and match trend because the thought of many colors is scary. They may fear any negative attention they might get. Well, fear not because there are easy and practical tips to help you figure out what color accessories best suites your outfit and how you can incorporate them with your wardrobe. You will pull off a trendy yet beautiful ensemble and accessories.

Below are some of the best color blends that you can try with your accessories or even clothing. Put these color combinations together and make a perfect blend.

A blue, white and silver necklace can be mixed with the red clip on earrings to bring a very unique appeal that will blend perfectly. These types of accessories would look fantastic paired with a maxi dress that has beautiful colors on it. You can also wear this colorful accessory with floral jeans or even a neutral clothing combo and still look great. This mix and match ensemble will give both a lively and cheerful impact to your clothing, making you look very hip and funky.

Green and purple accessories tend to flow together effortlessly and the result is that you get a fancy and classy look. The mix and match colors complement each other and can be worn with colored jeans to give a pop of color and cheerful appeal. Wear these colorful accessories with a purple jeans and you will look classy and fashionable. These colors also will look wonderful if worn with a bright printed dress that has at least one of the main colors that's showing up in the accessories.

Even if your boss hates the eye-popping colors you don’t have to look dull. You can liven things up a bit by wearing colorful accessories that will be compatible with your clothing and make you a more lively in the office. Try necklaces and bracelets that are compatible and they will all look nice together. To add more pizzazz to your style, you could accessorize with earrings that are dazzling and attractive. You could even pair them with a bracelet and necklace.

These types of accessories are also compatible with a fun summer look because they will cheerful and will also compliment any color garment in your entire wardrobe. Don't forget a bracelet as well. The two will blend well and will definitely make you look fashionable and elegant. Summer is all about excitement and looking forward to the beach and these ornaments are a true statement to that fact. You can now look dazzling during a heat wave or while you're at the beach.

It would be a sin to omit the most sought after accessories. This is a look most of us love to pull off - black and white is an elegant combination of colors that is both attractive and trendy. You can now turn it up a little by adding red clip on earnings or even blue clip on earrings that will offer a beautiful appeal.

Make your friends envy your sense of fashion by placing the right colors combinations together. Be your own fashion police and know what blends best with what and within no time at all your friends will be coming to you for fashion tips.


  1. This post is the anti-Coco Chanel, but I love it! I'm such a fan of piling on accessories, though it really is an art to not look cluttered. These pictures are stunning and complete and total outfit inspiration!

  2. This post is very helpful! Loved the layers of jewelry in the very first image, pinning this!
    Have a great day Sierra!

  3. Very cool. I love the look of these bracelets and have on other blogs and sites, however whenever I try to accomplish it, that musch bling on my wrist drives me nuts! haha


  4. I love the look of piling on bracelets. Especially during Summer! ;-)

  5. Need to get more into bracelets! I have a feeling I'm missing out on a lot. ;)


    P.s. just a reminder...it's now crazylittleworldofmine.blogspot.com ;) Hehe. ;)


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