Feb 15, 2013

why celebrity hair always looks amazing - guest post by Sarika

When we look at those perfectly done heads of hair in the media many of us may wonder what it is that makes celebrity hair look at good as it does.

So what is it that keeps celebrity hair looking that good all of the time? We look at just some of the reasons why:
1.   A Personal Stylist – Part of the celebrity job description is looking good and photograph worthy all the time. A host of people are involved in this exercise for looking good. A personal stylist will not only take care to see that the celebrity is dressed in clothing that reflects the latest trends but also the personality of the star. This involves enhancing their natural assets and playing down the faults.
A very important aspect of getting great looking hair is to make sure that the style, color and cut suit the face structure and shape as well as the natural coloring of the person. So a lot of expert advice from stylists goes into making celebrity hair look the way that it does.

2.   Constant Care – Taking good care of hair by getting regular salon treatments and protecting hair from the sun are part of the reason that celebrity hair looks as good as it does. Highly experienced experts to cut and style the hair make sure that this is so all of the time.

3.   Using Good Quality Products – Using good quality hair care products that protect and nourish the hair and prevent hair breakage is another facet of great looking hair. You could well say here, that it would be good to be able to afford the high end hair products and the stylists and you wouldn't be far wrong. 

4.   Being Fit and Eating Healthy – Celebrities that work on their health and fitness will likely have great quality hair because good health is a part of healthy hair. Healthy food habits and regular exercise keeps not only the body fit but also the hair; so perhaps having a personal trainer is a good idea for all of the body, including the hair!

5.   Hair Extensions and Other Artifice. Celebrities can and do have access to artificial hair aids such as extensions, hair pieces, wigs and so on. So all that lovely hair you see may not even be their own! The unflattering photo may at times show visible hair extensions and other evidence of borrowed hair!

6.  The Friendly Neighborhood Photoshop Program – computer generated enhancements are another poorly kept secret about celebrity hair. The celebrity hair that you see on the cover of that magazine may not really be as rich a color or as luxuriant looking as it seems. It could be the result of some touching up not just on the salon chair but also on the screen of a computer by a talented Photoshop artist.

So it isn't just that a lot of time, effort and money goes into making celebrity hair looking as good as it does, there is also quite a bit of artifice and even some trickery involved!
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  1. This is a great guest post. I totally agree, there is a lot of trickery involved, which the most expensive salon products in the world can't imitate. And I've noticed celebs (pop stars, at least) actually ruin their hair with all the hair dye and extensions and wigs. Eek.

    Although, I will admit, I totally agree that quality hair products (although more expensive) really do make all the difference.

    I have really long hair (past my waist) and I've noticed in recent years that I've gotten more compliments on it after I stopped blowdrying. I only air dry my hair now and it makes it a lot shinier. :)

  2. Absolutely. Blowdrying hair causes a lot more damage than we imagine. The hot strips the hair of natural moisture.


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