Mar 7, 2013

best nutrition and fitness apps for your iPhone - guest post by Amber

Hi Ocean Dreamers! I'm in AZ and I plan on blogging again soon. It's been a crazy start to the year with trips and family events. 

Quick note: I don't have an iPhone, I have a Droid! However, these fitness apps look great and I hope they are helpful for those of you who have iPhones. ;) Thanks Amber for a great guest post! 


Male or female, young or old, seems like nowadays almost everybody loves hitting the gym and leading a healthy lifestyle in terms of nutrition. At the same time, the number of people owning an iPhone is constantly increasing. But what do both facts have in common? Quite simple. The numerous apps that can be very helpful in your strife for a healthy and good looking body. There are dozens of such apps, but here is a list of the most widely used ones.

Lose It
Price: Free

This will help you consolidate your food diary and workout journal into one. There is a food library that includes all types of food, including name brands. You get the proper estimation of each food product, all the values: fat, fiber, carb, calorie, protein. Add your daily workout as well as the food you have consumed and you will receive a calculation of how much you have ate and how much you have burned.

Price: Free

This one is ideal for the people who are constantly on the road or
moving from a place to place on a regular base. Your location is tracked by a GPS and, based on your location, the app recommends you healthy food options. It targets grocery stores, convenience stores and casual dining restaurants near you. Once you've made your decision, let the map guide you.

Price: Free

This one can provide you with valuable nutrition tips, as the name of the app suggests. Do you know that oysters contain iron, calcium and protein? Or that cut melon must be thrown out after three hours? Or that the beef that is considered leanest include roasts and round steaks? The app has facts like these, plus over 500 more. Just shake the device for a new one.



Price: $2.99

The name of this app stands for “Couch to Five Kilometers”. It is designed for those new to the running 'business'. It is a nine week regimen that guides you through a 30 to 40 minute workout, three times a week, in order to help you boost up your endurance. Each week you are expected to increase your running achievement by setting your personal bar higher and higher. Each workout is a combination of walking, running as well as a warmup and cool down. There is an audio prompter that tells you when it is time to switch from walking to running and vice versa.

Price: $1.99

Whenever you are too busy to go to the gym, this app comes in handy. Just turn it on and it will track down your distance, steps and average speed. Unlike other
pedometers, this one can work even while in your pocket. The counter will automatically pause whenever you stop and resume when you start walking again.


GymGoal ABC
Price: Free

Designed to teach you the ABC of weight lifting, this app has over 250 exercises along with written instructions and animations, over 50 routines (grouped into four different levels) plus the ability to add images of your own. There are the calculators for estimating your body fat percentage, BMR and BMI.

Price: $9.99

You might find the price a bit high, but this one is the most widely used app and considered the best of them all. Not only is it packed with over two thousand images AND videos but it also has more than 200 workouts, tracking compatibilities, five fitness timers, loads of different calculators and you are even able to ask an exercise professional a question that bothers you. And for a $4.99 monthly, you can double the amount of workouts, photos and videos.

Bio: Amber Collins is a professional freelance writer and fun-loving mother. She is a fitness junkie and always try to be creative in implementing different exercises in her daily activities as a stay at home mom, such as maintaning and organizing the living space. Her story of following her passions in home making and writing about it will inspire you. Her present article is dedicated on the best nutritious and fitness iphone apps.


  1. I love my fitness pal. especially the option to scan barcodes on packaged foods. genius!


  2. I downloaded Lose It a while ago and really should start using it. I've heard nothing but good things about it. I will have to check out these other apps too, although to be honest, I tend to gravitate towards the free ones. :P

  3. I have used My Fitness Pal off and on. Love the idea of the other apps you shared! :)


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