Mar 24, 2013

ch, chh, changes...

Happy weekend Ocean Dreamers! 
It's been such a wonderful weekend so far too! 
I'm back in UT and getting used to a normal schedule again.
I was in AZ for 3 weeks and in CA for another 3 weeks
so I don't know where I live these day, ha ha.

But really, it's good to be back and I'm looking forward
to blogging regularly {really} this time!!

I had some fun on Photoshop today and redid my 
blog buttons. I've always loved watercolor backdrops
so I implemented that into the buttons. I hope you like
it because I know I do. ;) I also changed up
some other things on the blog like my About Me section
and other areas. You'll just have to see for yourself! 

The biggest thing I'm excited about is my
Mon - Fri themed posts
that I will be writing. My goal is to make them a little
bit shorter since I always put pressure on myself to
write a ton but it's perfectly okay to just write a little 
sometimes! So I've come up with themes that you'll
already see under my new profile image on the right
column of my blog. ;)

Soon the themes will link to the posts, but for now
you just get to see the pretty layout. Also, I'm going to
outline the themes and what I will be focusing on for each of them:

Daily Blog Themes on Ocean Dreams Blog:
{Starting on Monday 3/25}

Motivation Monday - Since I'm on a mission to get fit I'm going
to be writing about my get fit and weight loss journey, tips on
how to work out, eat better, and tone your body! Think of
the Tone it Up girls, Fitness mag, and great reads.

Thoughtful Tuesday - I'm reserving this day to reflect on things
that are going on in my life, such as something that inspires me, or 
a topic that is thought provoking that I'd like to share with you.

Wishful Wednesday - This is going to be my shopping and fashion
day so to speak. Stay tuned for things I wish I could have, places
I'd love to visit, people I admire, and beautiful things that make me happy.

TV Thursday - I have so many TV shows that I watch and I've been 
meaning to blog all about them, but haven't
made the time. I'm excited to write about some of my favorite
shows such as The Vampire Diaries, oldies like Everwood,
and whatever TV shows in the future suit my fancy. 
You may find some recaps now and again too!

Sea Foam Friday - Of course I have to write about the ocean!
Look forward to dreamy ocean pictures from Pinterest, images
from my personal travels, activities on the beach, sweet summer
romance, and other lovely things that remind me of the ocean.

Weekend - The weekend will either be reserved for guest posts,
sponsored posts, or me just taking a break. :)

I hope you're as excited as I am! If you'd ever like
to guest post on any of these select days please let me know, 
I'd be happy to have you! 

See you back here on Monday for Motivation Monday! 



  1. The blog is looking great. Can't wait to see these themed posts.

  2. Hey girl, loving the new look! Loving the new daily posts...can't wait! :) And yes I should be writing a paper, I know. ;)

    Happy Monday!!


  3. I love the idea of the themes! Can't wait to keep on reading!

  4. Love it!! Great ideas for weekly themed posts!

  5. I love the water color look. Pretty!


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