Mar 25, 2013

Motivation Monday - got legs?

Since my legs are a bit uh larger, I love it when 
I see lean and long muscular legs
{notice I did not say "skinny" legs
even though I have against thinner legs lol}
that are most definitely toned and fit. 
I most definitely have "athletic" legs
and I'm okay with that.
I just want to tone my legs and make
them look like above!!
Since I've been consistently doing Pilates,
Yoga, and other cardio classes while I'm in 
CA I've definitely seen a difference in how my legs
look, even though I need to lose some weight.
Actually, when I saw less cellulite on the back of my
legs over a week ago I thought to myself maybe I'm
not such a lost cause! Seeing that little
improvement on the back of my legs made me
encouraged to keep up with my leg workouts.
I think cardio focused classes like "Cardio Blast"
and similar named classes are definitely a great
way to get those dream legs. 

If you're on the go a lot like me then leg exercises
that you can do almost anywhere should
be helpful and keep you motivated. 
In fact - check out these exercises below
that I found thanks to my friend Pinterest.
 It's time to leg exercise away!

P.S. Don't plank leg lifts kill?!
{via Pinterest}

It's time to say "I have those legs!"



  1. Don't you just love Pinterest? This workout looks tough but totally worth it!!

  2. Oooo I am so doing this at the gym tomorrow!


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