Mar 5, 2013

storm chasing holiday - guest post by Emily

Storm chasing holidays are one of the newest types of holiday that are available on the market today, becoming more popular due to television series in which professionals chase storms and tornadoes in hope of getting close to them and getting some good pictures.

This type of holiday works in a completely different way to any other holiday that you are likely to book, therefore it is important that you familiarize yourself with what is involved before you rush into booking up anything, remember that as with most holidays, a deposit for a storm chasing holiday is required, this is likely to be up to $1000 and is often non-refundable under any circumstances. 

With a storm chasing holiday, you need to go to where to storms are, not where you want to go. This will most likely mean that you are limited to places like America, that are notorious for their extreme and frequent storms. Consider all of the countries offering a storm chasing holiday and decide which of those places you would most like to see.  Remember that the price of the storm chasing holiday does not usually include travel costs from the UK, if you are from there. So for example if you go to America, you will need to pay for all flights and transfer and must also pay to get yourself to the location within America were you have pre-agreed to meet, this can add hundreds if not thousands onto the cost of the storm chasing holiday. On the other hand, if you are located in USA, it will be way easier for you to chase the storms and travel to the certain places where they are expected to be.

The way a storm chasing holiday usually works is that you will book it and then receive details about where to meet, you will meet on the day and in the place specified and will be introduced to your storm chasing leader.  Then you are usually taken for a 5 to 7 day tour around the country to various different hot spots of weather fronts and weather related activities, in hope of seeing something good. Each evening you will stay in a hotel, which most likely won’t be 5 or 4 star top quality accommodation, but is likely to have everything you need and be clean and comfortable. Once the 5 to 7 day tour is over, you will be dropped off at a pre-agreed place (typically where you were picked up from) and can then make your own way home from there.

One of the disadvantages to booking a storm chasing holiday is that the weather is completely unpredictable, this means that you could book it and there could be no storms at all during your holiday which  would be very disappointing. To help this disadvantage, people offering storm chasing holidays typically only have them on offer between April and June, because this is a very short period the places on these storm chasing holidays usually get full very quickly.

Some companies to offer a guarantee for if you are unlucky enough to not see a storm whilst on holiday, the way this guarantee usually works is they will say if you don’t see at least two storms while you are on holiday, we will give you some money off the next storm chasing holiday you book with us. 

If you never plan on going on a storm chasing holiday again, this guarantee won’t be much comfort to you and so you may not want to take it too much into consideration.  If you intend to go storm chasing at least once more, however, this money off voucher will greatly reduce the amount you end up paying next time.  Storm chasing holidays are usually quite expensive, costing thousands just for the storm chasing part.

Bio: Emily Miller is a professional freelance writer and blogger, social media junkie and chocolate lover. Traveling all over the world and telling all about it is what drives her at most. She is constantly seeking for newer and more exciting destinations and experiences. Her readiness to share all about these amazing travel adventures is the reason why we are delighted to have her present article on here.

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