Mar 5, 2013

switch up your routine - spring forward with new activities

Spring will be here before you know it, and it’s time to get creative. If you find that you get in a rut every time spring time rolls around because you do the same thing every season, then perhaps it’s time to think of new activities. Coming up with a new schedule that allows for new and exciting activities will not only keep you healthy, but it will also help you enjoy spring time more as well. Think outside the box and think of activities you wouldn't normally do. Examples include going on a hike, taking your kids to a nature center, playing at a nearby park, or for an adult only activity, heading to a wine club.

Begin by Making a List of New Activities
Can’t think of new ideas for this upcoming spring? Gather your family together and make a list. Ask each family member what he or she would like to do and agree to do one new activity each weekend until every family member has tried something new. If you can’t think of new ideas make a list of what type of outdoor areas and other potential activities are near your home. You may have forgotten about that nearby nature center that has excellent hiking trails or an indoor surfing center that helps you learn how to surf indoors! By allowing your children to be a part of the organization of new activities they won’t feel left out and at the same time you can complete a list on your own for adult only activities. You don’t want to forget about a romantic date with your spouse or visiting the wine club to get away from it all!

Set Goals so that New Activities Get Completed

When the sun warms everything up outside and school picks up, your kids suddenly might become very busy with school activities, such as soccer and Girl Scout’s activities. In order to fit in your family time be sure to mark an activity on the calendar once a week so that you won’t forget about your new fun list when things get crazy. Setting goals so that the kids will accomplish new educational and healthy activities is great too – it will give them something to look forward to while educating them on the go. What’s more, carving out time to have a date night with your husband or wife will also only take place if you schedule it in, or at least have a goal to try something new to spark some new romance. Whatever you and your kids end up doing make goals so that the new activities will take place!

Remember Which Activities You Love the Most

After you’ve finally tried all of the activities on your new list this coming spring, don’t forget to continuously try new activities while sticking with the ones you love the most. Instead of getting stuck in a rut, plan activities that call for creativity and that will create new memories. Not only will new spring time activities strengthen the relationships you have with your family members, but it will give you something to look forward to. Look forward to switching up your routine, enjoying the sunny weather, and trying something new and social!

About the Author: Corinne is trying to switch up her routine in time for spring to arrive and she can't wait to implement some new changes soon.

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