Apr 1, 2013

Motivation Monday - smoothie love

Hi Ocean Dreamers,

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! I did a bunch of relaxing and 
spending quality time with family. I can't believe it's already Monday!
Oh, and happy April 1st!

It's Motivation Monday and one thing that always
inspires me to stay healthy is delicious smoothies. 
If I'm craving some sweets I always turn to fruit
and sometimes what's even better is a delicious smoothie.
My smoothies are fairly simple - I make them out
of fresh fruit, about a half a cup of almond milk,
and sometimes I pour a little bit of cranberry juice in 
there to help with my digestive system. 
I also like to use a tablespoon of powder, and
since I'm allergic to dairy I go for superfood blends 
{I love superfood blends by Philosphie
 Also, occasionally if my fruit isn't that fresh
 I use a fruit sweetener but only a little bit. ;)
Then I put it all together and
use my Magic Bullet to blend! I'd love to buy
a juicer at some point but I need to save
up some $$ first. 

If I don't have fresh fruit I use pre-made frozen smoothies. 
I love the Jamba Juice smoothie packets 
that you can find at most every grocery store
 and believe it or not they are really low cal. 
They are also very tasty!
However, they do have some dairy but
not enough to upset my stomach thankfully.

My favorite fruits for smoothies are:
strawberries, raspberries, mango, and pineapple. Yum!

My goal is to drink more smoothies this week -
I got a little burned out on them while I was
in AZ but now I think I'm going to have
some more while I'm in UT!

How do you make your smoothies and
what's your favorite kind of smoothie?



  1. i go through smoothie phases! i like anything but mango.

  2. Love smoothies!! Haven't found one I don't like yet!! I especially love them in the summer after a hot run!

  3. Wow, I loved smopthies too! Last week i did make an orange juice smoothie, taste really yum hehe! Happy April 1st to you Sierra! Take care!

  4. I looove smoothies. Mango, peaches and bananas are some my favorite fruits. I'd really like to try some spinach and greens.

  5. YES, I eat a smoothie for breakfast every single week day. I make them the night before. So obsessed with them!!!

  6. I drink smoothies almost every day!


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