Apr 2, 2013

Thoughtful Tuesday - it's never too late to spring into action! (an update on my New Year's goals)

It's been 3 months since we made our New Year's goals! How are you with following through on your goals? Mine are going pretty well. I've definitely been springing into action with my exercise and diet. I've felt healthier and more motivated these last three months than I have in quite some time and I know it's because I've finally made up my mind to do something about it! There are some other goals that I had in mind at the beginning of the year, such as reading more and spending more time with God. Here's a brief update on my New Year's goals and how they are going for me. I also will be mentioning how I can improve them. I hope my updates also encourage you to spring into action as well because it's never too late...

Exercising 5 Days a Week 

I've been fairly successful at making enough time to exercise every week and not only have I seen an improvement in how my body feels and looks, but how I feel emotionally too! Exercising is not always enjoyable for me, but it gives me a relief from my daily work schedule and it also relieves stress if I am having a rough day. I've had to make some adjustments since I used to be a runner in the past, but I've found a bunch of classes that I really like and that motivate me to be and stay fit. Some of the classes I've taken and love are Pilates, Cardio Kickboxing type classes, Yoga, and Zumba. Some are really tough, but I welcome the challenge.

Eating Clean & Healthy Foods

I've always liked junk food a little too much. The old Sierra used to eat cupcakes, chocolate, chips, and everything else that's really bad for you. However, I've been doing so much better! As soon as I cut out the food that was making me gain weight I started feeling a lot better about myself and not to mention I have been losing weight. It's been a slow start but I finally feel like I'm getting a handle on my diet. I had to drop the sweets completely because it's all or nothing for me. Sometimes I do have a small snack but I try to limit it so that I don't go back to my old habits. Now my diet consists of chicken, veggies, fruits, seafood, whole grains, and taking my daily vitamins. I know I can continue to improve but I think I'm off to a great start. I only hope I can stay this motivated and continue to eat healthy and also lose more weight.

Taking Less Medication = Glowing Skin

A few years ago I was hospitalized for acid reflux (I had internal bleeding) and I had to take medicine to help me get better. I was thankful to have a great doctor who set me on a positive course of recovering and I thankfully did not have to deal with any medical negligence that happens a lot these days when you don't find the proper health care. I won't go into a lot of detail about this, but I think our health care needs some serious reforming. There are a lot of doctors who do not care about their patients and I think it's pertinent in our society for doctors to care because not only do younger people depend on it, but the elderly do too. Thankfully their are outstanding companies who can help us with medical negligence and other issues that arise, such as pryers-solicitors.co.uk.

Anyway, thanks to a great doctor and a positive mindset to take less meds, I am now medicine free (except for the occasional Advil before and during my monthly as well as allergy pills sometimes). I feel like my body is a lot healthier and I feel great too. My skin has also vastly improved, which tells me there's usually something I'm allergic to in my medicine. I'm certainly not against medicine because I know many people who suffer from anxiety and other health issues who need it {it's a blessing but definitely has side effects}, but I'm happy to be free from medicine for the time being. It makes me feel happy and healthy and besides, I've always been sensitive to medication so this is a good thing for me.

Reading More & Spending Time with God

This is the one area I need more discipline in. Since I write and read a lot for my own business, I rarely make time to read on my own time. I have several amazing books that are collecting dust on my bookshelf and in the past I was participating in the amazing Bible Study series She Reads Truth. Try pulling up the hashtag and keyword #SheReadsTruth on Instagram and you'll see some amazing photos. I am inspired by people's Instagram photo journaling so to speak and how their faith in God is being used as a witnessing tool.

I can't wait to finish some books soon. I've had a horrible habit of beginning to read a book only to put it down a week later. Starting now a new New Year's goal is to finish a book and not switch to a new one if it gets a little boring. I need to read the book from start to finish!

Pay Only with Debit & Live Permanently in CA

This is getting long and I could go on and on, but another goal I have is to pay off all of my debt (I'm getting there!) and move back to California permanently. I admit being a traveling gypsy is fun (after all I get to see my favorite pup Tikko), but I miss being in CA all of the time. I call CA my home but in reality I have three homes - Arizona (where my aunt and uncle live and I puppy sit), Utah (where my immediate family lives), and California (my home for the past 10 years, where my friends reside, and where I met my love BK). I know by paying off my debt, paying only with a Debit card, and moving back to CA hopefully in the near future I'll be an even happier lady!

How are your New Year's goals going so far? 

Do they need some revising or 
do you need to get re-motivated? 

There's no time like the present! 


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  1. Sounds wonderful Sierra. I love that you are motivated to make a change and really working on it :) I'm trying to do the same. It's hard but I just need constant motivation. x

  2. Love all of your goals! Sounds like this year has been a great one for you so far! :0)

  3. Love these goals. You have inspired me.

  4. I'm inspired too. I was doing so well with my 'eating less sweets/junk' resolution until about a month ago. I definitely need to get back on and cut down again.

  5. Yes yes yes, you'll be a happier girl and we will be all happier too to have you around again! :)


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