Apr 9, 2013

Thoughtful Tuesday - Pacific Coast Highway vacation: visiting the coastal towns

Even though it is Thoughtful Tuesday & this post is more suited for Sea Foam Friday, I couldn't help but post it since I've been a bit behind on my Sea Foam Friday posts. ;) On this thoughtful day I thought I would reflect on how much I miss CA, and how I can't wait to be back there at the end of this month for a short visit!!! I've been to mostly all of these places listed below, but there are still so many more places to see! I can't wait; sunny CA is a beautiful place that makes vacationing in your my own backyard more than worthwhile - I feel like I'm in a new place everywhere I travel to in California. I love that. 

Even native Californians have referred to Pismo Beach and its surrounding areas as “where God lives.” Those who don’t live in this great state may not realize the incredible diversity between coastal areas as you drive up or down the Pacific Coast Highway. There’s a good reason this highway is called #1. This is what makes the PCH and its surrounding areas such an incredible vacation location for you and your family. Take a week and explore the stretch of land between Central and Southern California, starting and ending in either San Francisco or San Diego. You’ll not only visit these great cities, but have the opportunity to stop off in must-see locations, including San Simeon, Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, and Orange County.

Central California
Pismo Beach is a beautiful vacation location, which features a tremendous amount of activities that will be fun or relaxing for the whole family. Visit the local farmer’s market, orchid show, kite surfing expo, fine dining and wine tasting, art shows, monarch butterfly grove, and outdoor activities such as golfing, biking, horseback riding, scuba diving, or exploring tide pools, coves, and caves. The long pier and gorgeous ocean views will undoubtedly capture your imagination and offer the perfect setting to reignite some romance in your relationship.

San Luis Obispo and Surrounding Areas
San Luis Obispo is just a short drive away, where you can visit some world-renowned wineries and enjoy the beautiful, historic downtown full of great shops, restaurants, and people. If you’re driving down to Pismo Beach from San Francisco, be sure to stop off at San Simeon and tour the Hearst Castle, commonly known as Xanadu, the empire of the late publishing maven William Randolph Hearst, on whom the film Citizen Kane is loosely and controversially based. His rare art collections, incredible gardens, and stunning home are sites to be seen. Travel just north of the Hearst Castle to Piedras Blancas, where you can view (at a safe distance) an incredible herd of elephant seals languishing on the beach.

Southern California
Between Los Angeles and Orange County, Southern California also has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife, culture, fine dining, museums, and outdoor activities. Visit Disneyland or many of the great Los Angeles museums, including automotive, film, fashion, and art museums. The Getty or the Getty Villa are great museums to visit, as well as the Huntington Library and Gardens in Pasadena, which is a great place to visit with kids. Enjoy clean, warm beaches and surfing, as well as dining at many of the locally owned restaurants.

About the Author: Sage enjoyed her comfortable stay at the Quality Inn Hotel in Pismo Beach California while researching Coastal California vacation destinations.


  1. My family planning to vacay there in Disneyland soon, can't wait:) Great articles Sierra! Take care!

  2. Beautiful!! Love the pictures! :0) We're going back to Disneyland over Labor Day Weekend for the Disneyland Half...my first Coast to Coast! SO excited!


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