Apr 4, 2013

TV Thursday - remembering Carrie & Big from Sex and the City

Lately I've been watching Sex and the City (again) and every time I watch it (again lol) I am more and more reminded how much I love this show. If possible I wish there could be a Sex and the City for every decade because that's how much I love it and I wish it never ended. The good thing is I know it will never go out of style. The characters are timeless and so are the revelations they uncover.

Before I dive into how much I love Carrie and Big, let me just say how much I still can't get over Carrie's endless style and fashion. From Carrie's devotion to Vogue on the show and everything else that went into the show that inspired SJP's style, everything she wore was truly amazing. I loved everything she wore, from clubwear dresses to the most stylish of shoes! Her Carrie necklace was definitely one of my favorites too.

But I digress...being the hopeless romantic that I am I love Big and Carrie's love story. I like how their relationship unfolds. In reality on the TV show Big really isn't a likable character; he strings Carrie along without willing to ever commit. Even in season 6 when he has a heart problem he seems like he is going to open his heart, only to close it again. Mr. Big seemed like he was going to be forever a bachelor...

In fact, this time around during watching SATC if I have to be honest I actually really would have liked Carrie with Aiden. He was the "more suitable choice," (not to mention super sexy), but Carrie's heart was a bit more wild and I think she was in love with Big all 6 seasons long. All along her heart belonged with Mr. Big. I'm just so glad that he finally came around in the season finale of season 6 and told Carrie: "Carrie, you're the one!" "Oh come on and kiss me you big cry baby" she happily replied.

There's hope for men who can't commit because sooner or later they will hopefully realize that when they find a great catch, they shouldn't let her slip out of their fingertips! In this case Big was lucky enough that Carrie was willing to wait; her heart was secretly hoping for him to change all along. Of course I think part of this was because it's Sex and the City - Carrie needed to date to make the show! However, with the continuation of the story with the movies I was completely satisfied because I felt like it did a wonderful job creating more drama and romance with Big and Carrie's relationship.

Sure, their relationship was never perfect. But whose is? Many may think Mr. Big was not a suitable choice for a husband. But what fun is Mr. Perfect? I personally like a man with substance (i.e. someone who has thoughts, ideas, isn't perfect, but still gives me butterflies). That's why I'm so happy that I have my Mr. Big (aka my Big Kiddo). I can't wait to live happily ever after like Big and Carrie. :)


Have I mentioned how much I love that they can laugh together?
I think that's such a wonderful trail to have in a relationship. :)
I love Big and Carrie. 



  1. I still always watch Sex & the City, It's still one of my favourite shows!
    I actually like thet Big & carrie ended up together, I thought it showed that sometimes relationships aren't perfect but some people just "fit" together. But Aiden wouldn't have been a bad choice either, Carrie... :P

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  2. Love that last picture. So adorable!

  3. We just watched the movies again and I will watch the show during the summer again...just loved their chemistry!


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