May 27, 2013

bringing Hawaii home with you - guest post by Kendra

Travel has always played a huge role in my life.  From first landing in the Bahamas as only an infant, to visiting 28 countries on 6 continents, to eventually becoming my career, I can confidently say I have been awed and amazed by all this world has to offer.  Ranking high as a personal favorite, Hawaii is the most isolated location on Earth, which may be why I am always left feeling so serene following a visit.  Now employed as a mother of three, I have found multiple ways to bring a little bit of the island state home with me.
Yoga is something that I had always been interested in but didn’t fully commit to until a trip to Oahu.  Yoga has been a great way for me to unwind and relax while staying fit at home in Chicago. As yoga continues to gain mainstream popularity, many large and small gyms around the country have picked up on this trend and offer a variety of classes including hot yoga. As a result of this popularity, various locations in Hawaii offer a number of opportunities to meet other yogi’s. For any of you lucky enough to visit Hawaii in the early spring, Oahu’s Wanderlust Festival brings hundreds of yogi’s together for some spiritual therapy. In Hawaii there is always a time to practice yoga. This meditative exercise can be practiced alone of in a class setting at a number of hotels in Honolulu. Whatever your preference, Hawaii is a great location to take in the scenery and mediate with this relaxing exercise.

The Tropical Treatment
Arguably the best part of this tropical destination is their lavish spas. After relaxing for a day at Waikiki’s Olankino Spa or Halekulani’s Hotel and Day Spa, you will be sure to feel relaxed and refreshed.  As a travel advocate, I encourage you to make the trip to these wonderful islands … but in the meantime, I have prepared a DIY Coconut and Pineapple Face Mask that will be sure to have you daydreaming of the tropics and feeling rejuvenated wherever home may be.  

To prepare the Coconut and Pineapple Face Mask yourself, you will need:
2 tbs coconut milk
4 slices of fresh pineapple
a blender or food processor
a bowl

Quick Tip: You may buy a whole coconut from your local grocer or buy already packaged coconut milk.  I bought the coconut and drained the juice, however mostly for the experience.

Your first step is to place the pineapple in a blender or food processor. Add the coconut milk next and blend until smooth.  Remove the face mask from the blender with a rubber spatula and place in a jar or homemade container before applying.  

Apply the mask to a washed and dried face. Let the mask sit for 10-15 minutes while your skin absorbs the vitamins and rich enzymes.  Make sure to avoid the area around the eyes.  When you are relaxed and your skin replenished, wash off with warm water.


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