May 24, 2013

what to consider when remodeling your home or kitchen - guest post by Isabelle

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What to Consider When Remodeling Your Home or Kitchen:

The home is the center of a person's life, and the kitchen is the center of the modern home.

We really want to enjoy being at home in our kitchens. Updating your kitchen to make it more comfortable and livable is the best way to make your home feel new and fresh and prevent the feeling of  it being outdated.  A warm, welcoming feeling can be achieved in a kitchen more easily than you think, with a couple of replacements and clever tricks of remodeling.

I've seen some remodels that make the interior unrecognizable  Before you make your place, look at different interior examples from design firms like Unique Design's kitchens and bathrooms. Look at photos and inspiration to help you get ideas.

When remodeling your home, or drawing up plans, create a reasonable budget and then make sure that you stick to it. Don't overstretch yourself  on your plans, you probably  won't  know how much work it will be until you begin. Remember, building requires permits! Make sure that you have all of your permits sorted out, done and dusted and ready to go before you start to build. Building without a permit is illegal. You want to build a beautiful home, not break the law.

Be prepared for your remodel to take longer than you had anticipated. This isn't always the case, but it often is. You might be pleasantly surprised. Enjoy the new space that you will create!

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  1. All great advice, thanks!! We are looking at updating our kitchen here in the next few months so I'm bookmarking this post! :0)


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