Jun 30, 2013

3 staples I must have with the help of coupons for a fashionista

Since I've been on my coupon kick lately (last post I promise), I thought I would introduce to you some more great coupons, this time centered on fashion! Finding womens fashion coupon codes are amazing, especially when it means getting great discounts on apparel that you adore. Whether you are looking for dresses, accessories, footwear, lingerie, and more, I love it when I come across a deal I can't resist. Here are some of the staple items I would love to add to my wardrobe stat (with the friendly help of fashionable coupons):

Peplum Skirt
Since I don't technically head to an office every day (my office is my home!), I don't have the chance to wear a peplum skirt that often. But what I wouldn't give to wear this peplum skirt below! I love the floral pattern, delicious colors, and on this particular outfit the orange shirt is paired with the skirt perfectly. Also, the accessories are equally as amazing. All of the above = Yes, please.
Crocheted Top 
A crocheted top is very feminine and girly, which is just my style. I currently don't own a crocheted top, and this one below is super cute. I think it would look great worn with leggings or jeans. Plus it will keep you cool during the summer time! 

Orange Heels
I rarely wear heels, but if I did I would wear this pair of orange heels below. They're bright, happy, and go with the purple skinny jeans quite well. This outfit is so much fun! Orange heels are a blast because they're super colorful and they'd also go well with other outfits, especially a little black dress for a fun weekend night out! Plus, let's talk about the turquoise nail polish. So. much. fun.

Let's go find some fabulous 
fashionista coupon codes asap!


moving made easy - a few of my tips

Anyone who tells you that moving is easy is not telling the truth. I can understand how packing can be fun if you love to organize (if this is you then unpacking should be even more fun), but the process of finding movers, figuring out where you're moving to, and keeping track of all of the details is often times difficult and can even be frustrating. If you happen to find quality services that make moving just a little bit easier, then it's worth it to remember the company for when your next move comes around.

For example, http://www.anyvan.com/courier-services is one site that offers quality moving services and that makes moving a lot easier. The important part about moving is staying organized, packing ahead of time, and keeping your cool. Here are few of my tips that I've learned through the years from moving (so this funny image below won't be you):

Find Quality Movers
It's so super hard to find quality movers. I actually ended up using the same movers for both of my moves in Southern CA. I found them on Craigslist. They weren't amazing though and in the future I would do more research and ask around first. They broke one of my mirrors, but besides that everything turned out fine. Oh, and they were really bad at stacking things in my storage room and still to this day I have at least two boxes of clothing I haven't seen in two years because it was stuffed in the far far back even though I told them to put it in the front (on brother). I guess I needed AnyVan to help save the day! :)

Organize Everything
If you wait until the last minute to pack everything and get it all organized I guarantee you will be a stressed out mess, unless you do well under pressure. I think it is so much easier if you label every box and categorize everything (ie sweaters in one box, scrap booking supplies in another box, etc). That way when it's time to unpack you'll know exactly where everything is and where it needs to go. Organization will save you as opposed to putting every random thing in one box.

Packing a Suitcase In the Beginning
Before you begin to pack up everything, you have to have the mentality that you're on vacation, even if it's just in your apartment or home. Pack what you would normally bring on a trip in your main suitcase, that way you won't accidentally pack it and then wonder where it is located. Believe me, it's a pain trying to figure out where that vital item of clothing (or spare keys are) when you're already packed up. So do yourself a favor and pack a large suitcase of the necessities that will cover you for the next week or more. This suitcase should last until you move to your new home and get situated. Warning: as you pack in your current home you'll still find yourself going back to that same place where your socks were stored, but at least you can remind yourself that they are now in your suitcase instead of forgetting to put a few aside all together.

So I have many more moving tips, including making sure your place of residence doesn't have cat or animal allergies BEFORE you move in, but here are just a few to get you thinking. Oh, and back on the cat allergies, let's just say I was not wise and I moved into an apartment that had major cats in the studio before I moved in. I just so happened to be very allergic to cats, so I was an acne and anxious mess the entire time I lived there.

So do yourself a favor and do your research, investigate the apartment or living place thoroughly before moving in, and find quality movers that you can trust. Moving will go a lot more smoothly and hopefully will be easy. Easy is how you want it to be and this is the ultimate goal. Happy moving! ;)


the comforts of online shopping from a entrepreneur's point of view

Online shopping has never been easier. Gone are the days where it almost impossible to find what you need at your small local store, and now you can have anything purchased and delivered to you with the simple click of a button. It almost seems too easy, and at times it is that easy. I don't know about you but I often find myself getting into trouble due to all of the latest and greatest apparel and accessories that are available on my favorite sites. With Debenhams Voucher codes and other great coupons and online codes, saving money while shopping online is simple, efficient, and sames me a ton of time.

Who says you have to get out and go shopping when you can shop on your laptop wherever you may be? Oh and don't even get me started on how much fun it is to shop on your smart phone. I find myself in bed late at night surfing my favorite sites - it's that simple and oh so much fun. ;) Plus it's super comfy, which makes it hard to get off of your phone or laptop!

I think what I love the most about online shopping besides how easy it is, is the ability to be comfy and stay relaxed at your home while shopping! It's amazing that you can be in bed on a rainy afternoon and it is also perfect to shop online when you just want to unwind. Of course it's always a great idea to check out the latest deals and promotions after a long day at work; it gets your minds off things.

Also, since I run my own company I find myself browsing shopping websites all of the time not only to get new ideas on how to advertise products and create new content, but to discover what's newly being released and what people are buying the most. Many times I end up purchasing a thing or two as well, since it's staring me in the face. Oh, and voucher codes are definitely helpful too. Saving money is always the key to online shopping!

How do you feel about online shopping? 
What do you love about it the most?


Jun 27, 2013

how to motivate yourself to workout - guest post by Sage

If you’re not naturally inclined to working out or don’t enjoy sports, it can be difficult to get into a rhythm of exercising each day. You know that it’s good for your mind, body, and spirit, but somehow life gets too busy -- especially with kids in the mix. It can be difficult to make the time and muster up the energy and motivation to exercise, but you’ll be glad you did afterward. No one ever regrets a good workout, and pretty soon you’ll find your energy level rising and your body getting hotter. If that’s not motivation enough, here are a few ideas to help motivate yourself to whip that body into shape:

Set Achievable Goals
If you have been a couch potato for the past few years, you’re probably not going to be able to run a marathon in your first week of working out. Let’s just be honest here. The key to being consistent and establishing a pattern is not to push yourself too hard in the beginning. You shouldn’t be discouraged that you can’t run a marathon right away. Start a Couch-to-5K program where you can gradually build stamina, and don’t be too hard on yourself. The key is to get your butt out the door for 30 minutes each week. If you have to, walk. It’s a good idea to get a  fitness tracker so you’re able to chart your progress and can see the gradual improvements. They will happen. It’s just a matter of time.
Mental Motivation
Your worst enemy is yourself when you’re trying to get in shape. All the lies and moments of self-consciousness tend to creep up, and the best thing you can do is push through them. Before you begin your workout, remind yourself that there’s a difference between being uncomfortable and being in pain. You will probably be uncomfortable during your workout, and that’s okay. You’ll never change unless you put yourself in a position of being uncomfortable. If you’re in pain, it means you’re doing something wrong and should talk to a personal trainer or fitness expert.

Post Some Pictures
Many women will put up pictures of model thin bodies as motivation to get in shape, when the truth is that their personal body types may prevent them from being a tall size zero. And that’s okay. If you have photos of yourself at a thinner and fit time in your life, use those photos for motivation. You were once at that size, and you looked wonderful -- you can do it again!

Sage is on a quest to get fit and she knows that weight lifting workouts as well as staying motivated to workout will help her on her get fit quest.

Jun 21, 2013

summer swim - chic & cool Canyon Beachwear suits & cover ups


The summer time is definitely a time when you want to relax and enjoy, and in my case it is time for me to be at the beach when I am in Southern CA and be at the pool when I am in Arizona! It doesn't matter where you are located though, you always need some stylish bathing suits. I know lately I've been on the look out for bathing suits that I love, and I came across some suits that caught my eye on www.canyonbeachwear.com
{A glimpse of my summer pool time when I'm in AZ }

What's great about the summer is that you can wear your swimming suit virtually anywhere under a cover up. This is ideal especially if you live by the beach or somewhere hot! That way if you are heading out to eat with a friend and then afterwards want to take a dip in the pool that's nearby or head to the beach, it's perfect! I know I'm always wishing I had my bathing suit on when I'm on the go, especially when it is hot outside. This is something I'm going to try to do more often so I can seize the moment and be spontaneous. ;)

So here are a few bathing suits I would love to wear right now! And, if you're like me and you're searching for cover ups, click here for designer cover ups and always be ready to hit the beach or head to the pool when you're on the go! 
 { Seafolly }

Psst...anything with the name of "Seafolly" automatically catches my eye. The sailor theme for this suit above is super cute and the patterns are all the more adorable!

{ Raviya }

You know my obsession with tie dye, hence why I love so many of the tie dye cover ups on Canyon Beachwear's website! This Scalloped Edge Dress looks perfect to wear during a stroll on the beach. I also love the peach color - so pretty!
{ LeMar }

Any type of bathing suit that looks artsy is always something I keep my eyes out for, just because it's unique and lovely! This suit looks like a scrapbook and is made beautifully. I also love the different patterns of the fabrics; this suit is top on my list!

And since I'm totally stuck on the Seafolly bathing suits, here's another bathing suit by this fun brand on Canyon Beachwear. Since I'm leaning more towards one piece bathing suits at the moment, I love how modest this suit is, and the way the bottom part of the suit is cut is also appealing. It's super cute for a bathing suit if you love the whole sailing theme; which I do! ;)

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Are you swimming or enjoying the 
water lately Ocean Dreamers?

If you are, what kind of bathing 
suit do you like to wear?


Jun 19, 2013

face Yoga to reduce wrinkles - guest post by Brenda

Face Yoga to Reduce Wrinkles

Yoga is an ancient technique with numerous mind, body and soul benefits to be enjoyed by practicing it. Now, face yoga has been hitting headlines. Plastic surgeons will surely fret because experts are arguing that some simple face exercises can reduce wrinkles. Better still; expect elimination of sagging skin on the face, especially the eye bags. You will be able to look years younger with these simple tips. When wrinkles disappear, the forehead becomes smoother and cheeks firmer.

Exercise Tips for Reducing Wrinkles

Take a mirror and place it in front of you before you start the face yoga exercise. You must be able to view your reflection. Most importantly, concentrate. Visualize a face free from wrinkles as this will motivate you and thus ensure success. Then, use your finger tips to massage the forehead while applying light pressure. Close the eyes and use a circular motion. Relax momentarily and then repeat the exercise three more times.

Blood circulation needs to be enhanced for wrinkles to be eliminated. In continuation of the previous face yoga technique, pull the eyebrows away from the eyes using the finger tips. Ensure that the eyes are closed. Repeat this twice to enjoy relaxed face muscles. In order to achieve a face-glow, the muscles at the forehead need to be tightened. Open your eyes wide. Then, massage the lines that will appear at the forehead using a circular motion. Repeat twice.

Many people suffer from wrinkled faces because they tend to frown a lot. Face yoga exercise leads to fewer wrinkles by slowing the creation process. In essence, one needs to visualize a smooth forehead. Open your eyes wide and then try to focus on the tip of the nose for approx 10 seconds. Relax and then repeat three to six times. You will succeed in getting smooth skin by simply stretching it. Wrinkle formation will also be reduced.

Other Home Exercises for Face Yoga

Achieving a natural face lift is possible indeed. However, consistency must be exhibited for the results to become evident. Set aside 20 minutes each day for exercising the face and one day every week for resting. Remember; give the face muscles an opportunity to relax, just as you do with the other body muscles during work-outs. Here are some simple work-out techniques to try at home:

The 'V'- This is a face yoga routine meant to slow the effects of aging by eliminating wrinkles. It targets the eyes. Pressure is applied to the corners of the eyes by using the middle and index fingers. Repeat the procedure several times before completely shutting the eyes to finish.

Smile Smoother- This exercise is aimed at making the jaw line and cheeks firmer. All wrinkle lines around the mouth are also eliminated. Smile as widely as possible while covering the teeth with the lips. Move the jaw up and down as well. Take few seconds breaks during the sets while doing the exercise.

Giraffe- This technique is for lifting the neck and giving it a perfect tone. Sit upright and pull the skin, at the neck, down using your fingers. Then face upwards and stick out the lower lip. Pull the mouth down while holding your breath for approx 10 seconds. Repeat the process several times.

In general, the aging process is irreversible but can be slowed down. All tell-tale signs of age can be minimized through face yoga. You can also use anti wrinkle injections or try this natural face-lift option. That way, you'll get to save thousands of dollars while enjoying a wrinkle-free face.

* *This is a sponsored post. 

Jun 2, 2013

3 steps to get healthy now - guest post by Sage

No matter the state of your current health, there are steps you can take to improve your health. There are many messages about health out there that can get overwhelming and confusing, and it’s difficult to know where to start and what will help you meet your goals. Start with a few of these helpful tips that will assist people at any fitness level to move toward a goal of overall health.

Cleanses are more than just fad diets. You’ll want to consult your doctor to find out if a cleanse might be right for you, but it can be vital to helping your body clean out toxins that are preventing it from naturally burning fat on its own. The body wasn’t built to consume some of the harmful chemicals and preservatives infused into foods today. These substances can block your body’s natural processes for metabolizing your calories and creating energy, causing you to amass calories rather than burning them. Colonic irrigation can also help clean out your body and get it in its optimal condition to clean out undigested food and toxins that may be harmful to the body.


Eat Well
Eating healthy does not mean eating like a rabbit. While it’s important to get a good dose of fruits and vegetables every day, you don’t need to starve yourself and live miserably in order to reach your goals. In fact, the healthiest people are people who eat well but moderately and exercise. Certain foods block the body’s ability to metabolize, and others aid it along. Foods such as fresh green vegetables, sweet potatoes, lean meats, salmon, and nuts contain good components that can help you enjoy your food as well as burn calories. Stay away from foods such as sugar and starches which slow down your body’s metabolism and make you sluggish.

We all know the importance of getting at least 30 minutes of exercise three times a week. It’s just as important to allow your body to rest and stretch in between workouts. Vary your workout routine by adding in low impact, soothing exercises like Yoga or Pilates, in the midst of higher impact exercises, like running or step aerobics. Your body needs rest to rebuild itself, fight infections, and restore cells. Be sure you’re giving it time to rebuild after workouts and giving it enough sleep to feel rested and rejuvenated in the morning.

About the Author: Sage is on a mission to get healthy. In addition to exercise and rest, she uses a home colonic kit to help her cleanse her system and get healthy.