Jun 30, 2013

3 staples I must have with the help of coupons for a fashionista

Since I've been on my coupon kick lately (last post I promise), I thought I would introduce to you some more great coupons, this time centered on fashion! Finding womens fashion coupon codes are amazing, especially when it means getting great discounts on apparel that you adore. Whether you are looking for dresses, accessories, footwear, lingerie, and more, I love it when I come across a deal I can't resist. Here are some of the staple items I would love to add to my wardrobe stat (with the friendly help of fashionable coupons):

Peplum Skirt
Since I don't technically head to an office every day (my office is my home!), I don't have the chance to wear a peplum skirt that often. But what I wouldn't give to wear this peplum skirt below! I love the floral pattern, delicious colors, and on this particular outfit the orange shirt is paired with the skirt perfectly. Also, the accessories are equally as amazing. All of the above = Yes, please.
Crocheted Top 
A crocheted top is very feminine and girly, which is just my style. I currently don't own a crocheted top, and this one below is super cute. I think it would look great worn with leggings or jeans. Plus it will keep you cool during the summer time! 

Orange Heels
I rarely wear heels, but if I did I would wear this pair of orange heels below. They're bright, happy, and go with the purple skinny jeans quite well. This outfit is so much fun! Orange heels are a blast because they're super colorful and they'd also go well with other outfits, especially a little black dress for a fun weekend night out! Plus, let's talk about the turquoise nail polish. So. much. fun.

Let's go find some fabulous 
fashionista coupon codes asap!


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