Jun 19, 2013

face Yoga to reduce wrinkles - guest post by Brenda

Face Yoga to Reduce Wrinkles

Yoga is an ancient technique with numerous mind, body and soul benefits to be enjoyed by practicing it. Now, face yoga has been hitting headlines. Plastic surgeons will surely fret because experts are arguing that some simple face exercises can reduce wrinkles. Better still; expect elimination of sagging skin on the face, especially the eye bags. You will be able to look years younger with these simple tips. When wrinkles disappear, the forehead becomes smoother and cheeks firmer.

Exercise Tips for Reducing Wrinkles

Take a mirror and place it in front of you before you start the face yoga exercise. You must be able to view your reflection. Most importantly, concentrate. Visualize a face free from wrinkles as this will motivate you and thus ensure success. Then, use your finger tips to massage the forehead while applying light pressure. Close the eyes and use a circular motion. Relax momentarily and then repeat the exercise three more times.

Blood circulation needs to be enhanced for wrinkles to be eliminated. In continuation of the previous face yoga technique, pull the eyebrows away from the eyes using the finger tips. Ensure that the eyes are closed. Repeat this twice to enjoy relaxed face muscles. In order to achieve a face-glow, the muscles at the forehead need to be tightened. Open your eyes wide. Then, massage the lines that will appear at the forehead using a circular motion. Repeat twice.

Many people suffer from wrinkled faces because they tend to frown a lot. Face yoga exercise leads to fewer wrinkles by slowing the creation process. In essence, one needs to visualize a smooth forehead. Open your eyes wide and then try to focus on the tip of the nose for approx 10 seconds. Relax and then repeat three to six times. You will succeed in getting smooth skin by simply stretching it. Wrinkle formation will also be reduced.

Other Home Exercises for Face Yoga

Achieving a natural face lift is possible indeed. However, consistency must be exhibited for the results to become evident. Set aside 20 minutes each day for exercising the face and one day every week for resting. Remember; give the face muscles an opportunity to relax, just as you do with the other body muscles during work-outs. Here are some simple work-out techniques to try at home:

The 'V'- This is a face yoga routine meant to slow the effects of aging by eliminating wrinkles. It targets the eyes. Pressure is applied to the corners of the eyes by using the middle and index fingers. Repeat the procedure several times before completely shutting the eyes to finish.

Smile Smoother- This exercise is aimed at making the jaw line and cheeks firmer. All wrinkle lines around the mouth are also eliminated. Smile as widely as possible while covering the teeth with the lips. Move the jaw up and down as well. Take few seconds breaks during the sets while doing the exercise.

Giraffe- This technique is for lifting the neck and giving it a perfect tone. Sit upright and pull the skin, at the neck, down using your fingers. Then face upwards and stick out the lower lip. Pull the mouth down while holding your breath for approx 10 seconds. Repeat the process several times.

In general, the aging process is irreversible but can be slowed down. All tell-tale signs of age can be minimized through face yoga. You can also use anti wrinkle injections or try this natural face-lift option. That way, you'll get to save thousands of dollars while enjoying a wrinkle-free face.

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