Jun 30, 2013

moving made easy - a few of my tips

Anyone who tells you that moving is easy is not telling the truth. I can understand how packing can be fun if you love to organize (if this is you then unpacking should be even more fun), but the process of finding movers, figuring out where you're moving to, and keeping track of all of the details is often times difficult and can even be frustrating. If you happen to find quality services that make moving just a little bit easier, then it's worth it to remember the company for when your next move comes around.

For example, http://www.anyvan.com/courier-services is one site that offers quality moving services and that makes moving a lot easier. The important part about moving is staying organized, packing ahead of time, and keeping your cool. Here are few of my tips that I've learned through the years from moving (so this funny image below won't be you):

Find Quality Movers
It's so super hard to find quality movers. I actually ended up using the same movers for both of my moves in Southern CA. I found them on Craigslist. They weren't amazing though and in the future I would do more research and ask around first. They broke one of my mirrors, but besides that everything turned out fine. Oh, and they were really bad at stacking things in my storage room and still to this day I have at least two boxes of clothing I haven't seen in two years because it was stuffed in the far far back even though I told them to put it in the front (on brother). I guess I needed AnyVan to help save the day! :)

Organize Everything
If you wait until the last minute to pack everything and get it all organized I guarantee you will be a stressed out mess, unless you do well under pressure. I think it is so much easier if you label every box and categorize everything (ie sweaters in one box, scrap booking supplies in another box, etc). That way when it's time to unpack you'll know exactly where everything is and where it needs to go. Organization will save you as opposed to putting every random thing in one box.

Packing a Suitcase In the Beginning
Before you begin to pack up everything, you have to have the mentality that you're on vacation, even if it's just in your apartment or home. Pack what you would normally bring on a trip in your main suitcase, that way you won't accidentally pack it and then wonder where it is located. Believe me, it's a pain trying to figure out where that vital item of clothing (or spare keys are) when you're already packed up. So do yourself a favor and pack a large suitcase of the necessities that will cover you for the next week or more. This suitcase should last until you move to your new home and get situated. Warning: as you pack in your current home you'll still find yourself going back to that same place where your socks were stored, but at least you can remind yourself that they are now in your suitcase instead of forgetting to put a few aside all together.

So I have many more moving tips, including making sure your place of residence doesn't have cat or animal allergies BEFORE you move in, but here are just a few to get you thinking. Oh, and back on the cat allergies, let's just say I was not wise and I moved into an apartment that had major cats in the studio before I moved in. I just so happened to be very allergic to cats, so I was an acne and anxious mess the entire time I lived there.

So do yourself a favor and do your research, investigate the apartment or living place thoroughly before moving in, and find quality movers that you can trust. Moving will go a lot more smoothly and hopefully will be easy. Easy is how you want it to be and this is the ultimate goal. Happy moving! ;)


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