Jun 21, 2013

summer swim - chic & cool Canyon Beachwear suits & cover ups


The summer time is definitely a time when you want to relax and enjoy, and in my case it is time for me to be at the beach when I am in Southern CA and be at the pool when I am in Arizona! It doesn't matter where you are located though, you always need some stylish bathing suits. I know lately I've been on the look out for bathing suits that I love, and I came across some suits that caught my eye on www.canyonbeachwear.com
{A glimpse of my summer pool time when I'm in AZ }

What's great about the summer is that you can wear your swimming suit virtually anywhere under a cover up. This is ideal especially if you live by the beach or somewhere hot! That way if you are heading out to eat with a friend and then afterwards want to take a dip in the pool that's nearby or head to the beach, it's perfect! I know I'm always wishing I had my bathing suit on when I'm on the go, especially when it is hot outside. This is something I'm going to try to do more often so I can seize the moment and be spontaneous. ;)

So here are a few bathing suits I would love to wear right now! And, if you're like me and you're searching for cover ups, click here for designer cover ups and always be ready to hit the beach or head to the pool when you're on the go! 
 { Seafolly }

Psst...anything with the name of "Seafolly" automatically catches my eye. The sailor theme for this suit above is super cute and the patterns are all the more adorable!

{ Raviya }

You know my obsession with tie dye, hence why I love so many of the tie dye cover ups on Canyon Beachwear's website! This Scalloped Edge Dress looks perfect to wear during a stroll on the beach. I also love the peach color - so pretty!
{ LeMar }

Any type of bathing suit that looks artsy is always something I keep my eyes out for, just because it's unique and lovely! This suit looks like a scrapbook and is made beautifully. I also love the different patterns of the fabrics; this suit is top on my list!

And since I'm totally stuck on the Seafolly bathing suits, here's another bathing suit by this fun brand on Canyon Beachwear. Since I'm leaning more towards one piece bathing suits at the moment, I love how modest this suit is, and the way the bottom part of the suit is cut is also appealing. It's super cute for a bathing suit if you love the whole sailing theme; which I do! ;)

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Are you swimming or enjoying the 
water lately Ocean Dreamers?

If you are, what kind of bathing 
suit do you like to wear?



  1. I just got a new swimsuit and can't wait to wear it now. It's still so cold though.

  2. Cute swimsuits! Love the coverups, too! Unfortunately, the only beach near me is really nasty and gross, so I haven't worn a swimsuit in a while. I'm looking forward to some beach time when we head to San Diego this fall!

  3. Ah, I love Seafolly...but it's also sadly not in my budget. :(


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