Jul 31, 2013

why sandals are my go - to for every outfit

These days all I wear are sandals and I think that's perfectly okay. They look fantastic with a variety of outfits and they are extremely comfy. Plus, with the variety of sandals that are available on quality sites, it gives me plenty to choose from.

I'm in Northern California right now and all I brought with me are sandals and flip flops. You might think I'm pretty boring, but I think I'm practical. Here are 3 reasons why I LOVE sandals and I don't find myself trading them in for boots anytime soon. Well, except for when fall and winter rolls around and I'm visiting Utah. 

They're Versatile
Sandals really go with anything. Whether you're wearing a dress, skirt, or a pair of jeans, it's easy to slip them on and go. Headed to a concert? Sandals look awesome with your concert outfit. Headed to a Yoga class? Slip on your sandals and take them off when you arrive at the studio. It's easy to make your sandals work with any outfit.

They're Comfy
Since their are so many great sites and shops that sell sandals, it's a lot easier to find comfy sandals that don't hurt your feet. I always try on the sandals prior to purchasing if possible and if not, I read the reviews or buy from a shoe brand I've worn before. This always helps me make a decision prior to purchasing a brand new pair of sandals and whether or not they will work with my wider feet.

They're Chic
And of course, the biggest reason of all why I wear sandals? They're so cute and chic! I always wear sandals to Yoga, Pilates, to the mall, and on road trips. Basically I wear sandals everywhere. I know that not all of us work independently, so your work may not allow flip flops and sandals, but if you're on the go like me they are quite ideal and look super cute. My current everyday staple usually consists of Lulu Yoga pants, a Free People top, and a pair of sandals. Yes, please! ;) Also -- they are perfect for the beach!!


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