Aug 6, 2013

how I manage to workout even when I don't want to

Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated to go to a workout class where you are getting your heart rate up, hitting the gym, or just doing exercise period. I admit, if it wasn't bad for me I would much rather snack on junk food and skip my workout that day, but then I know I won't feel better afterwards both mentally and physically. I also would also gain weight because of my lack of working out. For me, mental health, eating healthy, and going to the gym all operate together.

Honestly since I'm an energetic person by nature working out for me is a daily necessity and is like my natural antidepressant. I wouldn't say I enjoy it until I'm actually there doing it, and I can also honesty say the more you work out, the better you get at it, and the more it becomes a habit.

There are several things that keep me motivated to work out, from meeting and joining friends at a fitness class to buying a new pair of Reebok gym shoes. I also LOVE to buy new workout outfits. What keeps you motivated to workout? Here are some other ways I stay motivated so that I won't stay home catching up on a TV program instead. ;) Now that wouldn't get me anywhere, now would it?!

Lulu Clothes

I love my Lululemon workout clothes and other favorite workout brand names and not to mention their accessories. Everything I buy from this irresistible brand is bright, comfy, and super durable. They make me happy when I wear them to a favorite fitness class and due to my confidence in fun new clothing, I find myself working out more often.

However, sometimes I find myself wearing my favorite yoga pants daily as a day-to-day staple, and then I gently have to remind myself that I should wear jeans sometimes instead of only wearing leggings every single day. Oops! They are just so much more comfy and it also makes it easy for me to walk on over to the gym (since it's within walking distance from my place and I'm already dressed to workout).

Endorphins = Happiness

Read this quote above and you'll essentially know basically the main reason I work out. Working out stabilizes my mood (okay admit it, we all suffer from mood swings from time to time), and makes me happy overall. Usually when I find myself skipping workouts I get cranky and frustrated with myself. Going to my favorite class gives me confidence in myself and I always feel great afterwards, even if I don't feel like going beforehand.

I Like a Challenge
Lately I've been trying new classes that I find challenging, such as Yoga, Pilates, Piloxing, and other classes that I thought I never would have kept on going to a few years back. A good problem is though, is once you go to a class you really click with you kind of get addicted! Basically I tell myself that it's okay that I'm not that good at this class right now, but I will be in the near future! And if not that's okay too because I like the challenge. It pushes me to do something I love but may not be good at, and it also makes me feel confident and sexy while working out. I can't wait to try a barre class -- that's next on my list.

I hope you stay motivated to workout by coming up 
with little ways to get yourself to the gym or class! :)



  1. I definitely needed this motivation. I've been so lazy lately.

  2. I always need motivation! :)


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