Aug 26, 2013

how to keep summer alive whenever, wherever

It’s never until the first of August that I’m suddenly hit with the realization that summer’s nearly over. When you have parents who grew up on an island and are a perpetual sun worshipper yourself (with the right SPF, of course), it’s almost impossible not to dread the inevitable end to come. Instead, I find myself fingers crossed for one of those long Indian summers and clutching desperately to my summer beauty favorites.
(And yes, at the same time because I’m bendy like that.)

Here’s the thing with summer: it’s more than just an earthly rotation. Would it be ideal to celebrate sand and summer all year round with little denim shorts? Of course it would, but rather than limit it to a simple, seasonal shift, think of it as an energy kept alive by a state of mind.

Even so, it’s easy to forget come first sign of fallen leaves. If you’re ever left shivering under layers of silk and wool, sometimes all it takes is a summer beauty favorite to remind yourself of those perfect summer nights. That’s the power of nostalgia: a few good products that don’t just shimmer and shine, but bottle up that summer spirit for whenever you need it most.

Here’s how I keep summer alive – in the words of Shakira, the ultimate summer inspiration, herself – whenever, wherever:

Keep it dewy.
Rather than mattify your complexion, try for dewy instead. For years, fall runways featured models in a matte or powder-y foundation – hence the influence on our own regimens – but the past two years have been focused more so on a clean, natural finish than what was once typical of autumn/winter beauty trends. Forgo the powders and try using liquid- or cream-based face products instead. A liquid foundation mixed with your moisturizer leaves a lightweight, natural finish on the skin, and cream blushes and highlighters do wonders in mimicking that just-in-the-sun flush.

Bronze it up. 
I’m not sure why bronzer is a beauty taboo come autumn or winter; everyone surreptitiously reaches for their cool-toned contour powders instead. I say save the sculpting for Kodak moments and reach for your beloved bronzer instead. Nothing keeps the last legs of a summer tan alive like a tawny glow – nor does anything capture the spirit of summer better than such a staple product. Feign a holiday tan with a few strategic sweeps of bronzer on the high points of your face: the center of the forehead, tip of the nose, and cheekbones. Brownie points for using a shimmery – not glittery – powder that imparts just enough highlight for that ever coveted, sun-kissed glow.

When you’ve finally lost all trace of your summer tan, swap that bronzer for a matte shade that’s slightly lighter or less orange/terracotta-based. You’ll still get that gorgeous hint of holiday glow, but it’ll look more natural with a paler complexion.

Don’t be afraid of color. 
I love my nudes and neutrals as much as the next, but sometimes all a girl needs is a pop of color. Eyes, cheeks, or lips? Take your pick. A swipe of shimmery blue, turquoise, purple, or gold liner under the eyes paired with a neutral, shimmery lid reads Rihanna a la “Music of the Sun” days. A bright peach or coral flush on the cheeks looks fresh and sun-kissed, and a statement lip does wonders in lifting the whole complexion. I’m partial to orange-based shades (e.g., bright orange, orange-red, coral, punchy pink); they complement bronzer and self-tanner well.

Ah, the power of scent! For most, summer smells like coconut and fresh vanillas and/or a blend of exotic, citrus-y fruits with a hint of a salted margarita. While I wholeheartedly encourage smelling like summer all year round – I’m championing the occasional spritz for nostalgia’s sake – those aforementioned scents might not always feel appropriate once the days start getting shorter. Autumn and winter shouldn’t restrict you to gourmands, woodsy elements, or musk. Balance those opposing scents instead: keep your summer favorites (coconut or citrus, for example) as a top note and ground it with a warmer scent (a gourmand vanilla, sandalwood, or light musk work as beautiful bases). You’ll still get a hint of the summer fragrance you love, and let the memories follow.

Spray and scrunch. 
Beachy waves are beautiful year-round. And even if they’re not actual sand-and-sea induced mermaid waves, recreate it with your favorite salt spray. Just spritz liberally into damp hair and let air dry. Leaving it as is with a matte finish looks more straight-off-the-beach, but adding a few pumps of a shine serum to the ends looks lovely too. Always keep the summer beauty philosophy in mind: simplicity is king.
Glow baby glow.
No matter your skin type, your complexion naturally looks and feels drier with the onset of colder weather. Restore that healthy, summer dewiness by being diligent with your moisturizer: be sure to hydrate your skin twice daily and if necessary, switch to richer, more emollient product to prevent moisture loss.

The secret to dewy skin year-round, however, isn’t in the makeup: it’s all about skincare. A few drops of a peptide serum beneath your moisturizer not only serve as an anti-aging treatment, but will also leave the complexion soft, silky, and smooth to the touch. The finish is quite beautiful; the unique blend of antioxidants, peptides and botanicals help bring out and enhance that lit-from-within glow no matter when or where.
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Author’s Bio: Kimberly Yang. Writer, blogger and marketing maven currently working for Mario Badescu Skin Care. She tends to be verbose (and just so happens to despise referring to herself in the third person), so let’s keep it as short and sweet as possible. She writes and dances. A lot.

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