Aug 2, 2013

music that will help keep you motivated during your workout - guest post by Marcela

Let’s be honest; sometimes working out doesn’t exactly have the most appeal. And even when we are in the middle of a workout or long run, it can be tempting to quit. When there is no one next to you, pushing you to go the extra mile, staying determined to finish becomes difficult.

But, how do you get past the burn and drive yourself to keep going? When the sweat is dripping into your eyes, and it seems like you can’t go for five more minutes, what do you do? Studies have shown that listening to music during a workout can motivate you not to quit! Keep reading for some great tunes to get you pumped up—and help you stay that way.

Cardio Workouts
Cardio workouts get your heart moving and your heart rate up. They require you to keep moving at a fast speed, such as with elliptical training or treadmills. This means that you need some fast beats to motivate you in a big way.

The songs in your cardio playlist should all have between 120-140 beats per minute. This is so you can keep pace with your song throughout your workout. Some great songs to do this to are:

Paramore—Still Into You (137 BMP)
Alex Gaudino and Mario—Beautiful (128 BMP)
Shakira—Hips Don’t Lie (130 BMP)
Pitbull—I Know You Want Me (140 BMP)

Weight Lifting
Weight lifting requires strength and energy. You constantly have to push yourself and try to increase the amount of weights in each set of reps. That is why it is so important to listen to music that is going to make you feel like you can do anything!

Choose songs that are intense and energizing; many people enjoy listening to heavy rock to keep them going. Choose songs like:
Survivor—Eye of the Tiger
Queen—Another One Bites the Dust
Eminem—Lose Yourself
LL Cool J—Mama Said Knock You Out

Interval Training
Even if you are just beginning a running program, and a lot of it involves walking right in the beginning, it is still smart to make a motivating playlist! This helps you get off the couch and into those running shoes. Warm up to songs that have about 115-118 beats per minute, such as:

Daft Punk and Pharrell—Get Lucky (116 BPM)
The Band Perry—Done (102 BPM)
The Rolling Stones—Start Me Up (113 BPM)

When your program introduces more running within the walking, this is a good time to make an interval training playlist. Interval training is great because it keeps your heart rate up while giving you a chance to cool down when you need it. Find songs that are anywhere between 115-140 beats per minute, incorporating both your running and your walking. Some examples are:

Pink—Get the Party Started (129 BPM)
Rihanna—Don’t Stop the Music (122 BPM)
The Afters—Light Up the Sky (145 BPM)
Toby Mac—Get Back Up (120 BPM)

Make different playlists for each type of workout that you plan on doing. Don’t hesitate to mix it up every now and then! Fresh songs keep you even more motivated and get you excited about working up a sweat. Put those headphones in and get to work!

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and mother of three who always has a different music playlist for practically everything she does: yoga, work, running, etc. to keep her mind and body motivated. Follow her on Pinterest and Facebook today!

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  1. Very motivating! I am definitely going to give working out another chance as much as I am not a fan of it (I really should be!).


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