Aug 22, 2013

planning for house guests? wow them with hospitality

Being a host to house guests can be tremendously rewarding, but also a bit risky. If you treat your guest carelessly or make them feel they're in your way, you could ruin friendships and strain family relationships. With just a little thought and planning, though, your house guests' visit can be the highlight of everyone's trip, and your guests won't hesitate in extending invitations for you to come visit them.
Here are some easy tips you can use this summer to ensure that your house guests' visit leaves them — and you — with wonderful memories.

Make Them Feel Welcome the Moment They Walk in the Door

Your guests may be thirsty, hungry, tired or even a bit cranky when they arrive, especially if they have traveled a long distance. Be prepared and have a pot of tea and an assortment of fresh fruit juices on the kitchen counter when your guests come in, suggests hospitality expert and party planner Colin Cowie. The drinks will be refreshing, while the pleasant surprise and show of hospitality will revitalize their spirits after the stresses of the road.

Add a Little Luxury


Put a folding luggage rack in your guest room — just like the kind you'd see in a hotel, suggests Your guests will appreciate the luxury of being able to keep their luggage off the floor or the bed. By combining one of the comforts of a hotel with the warmth of a home visit, you'll be giving your guests the best of both worlds.

The Gift of Sleep

A well-rested guest is a happy guest. If your guest room contains an old, saggy mattress, consider shopping the high-quality selection of mattresses that will be much more comfortable. Not only will your guests be in a better mood after getting a good night's sleep, but you'll be happier too waking up with such cheerful people in your kitchen.

Everyone Loves Privacy

Your guests are in your house, but let them feel as if they have some territory to themselves. says that no matter how big your guest space -- whether it's a huge guest suite or just a couch in the corner of the living room -- let them take care of it themselves. Don't clean up after them, and don't nag them about keeping the area neat.

Let Them Know What You Expect

Here's a great idea from Cowie: Leave a note by your guests' bedside explaining the routines of your household and any rules you'd like them to follow, such as whether they should answer your phone when you're out or if there is any special place they should park their cars. Your guests want to be good guests as much as you want to be a good host, and a friendly list of rules can help them feel more secure in their role, as well as go a long way to prevent unfortunate misunderstandings.

Take Time for Yourself

Togetherness is wonderful, except when it gets to be too much. Be sure to take some "me" time away from your guests to recharge your energy and enthusiasm.

Cherish Your Guests

If you start to feel exasperated with your guests, stop and remember why you invited them in the first place. Your friends and family aren't perfect, but always keep in mind how much they add to your life.

About the Author Tiffany Gonzales:  Tiffany and her husband flip houses for a living. She enjoys writing about home improvement tips from the lessons they learn.

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