Aug 26, 2013

planning for a perfect beach wedding

I used to dream of having a beach wedding. The sound of the calming waters and the windy breeze makes the mood even more intimate and fitting for a matrimonial affair. That’s why when my time comes to be wed, I never hesitated to choose a lovely beach setting. Now when it comes to the preparation, nothing came easy. I had to attend to every single detail in order to make sure that my wedding will be successful. And luckily, all the hard work have paid off and now I’m starting a new life with the man that I love. Are you planning to have a beach wedding like me? Do you need some help with the planning and preparation so that you will be able to pull off a lovely wedding like mine? Then you should be able to know these simple planning tips to turn your wedding into a perfect day that will forever be remembered.

What You Need To Pull Off A Perfect Beach Wedding:
1. The dress selection must be appropriate for your location – The first thing you have to think of concerns more on the dresses to be worn or your wedding day. Since you are going to have a beach wedding, it is important to wear something simple and a little bit reveal to infuse a tropical feel into the celebration. Make sure that the wedding entourage will wear something comfortable from you bridal gown to the bridesmaid dresses. Sleeveless bridesmaid dresses, simple bridesmaid dresses, or short bridesmaid dresses will do as long as you make sure that their dresses won’t get in the way of the celebration. Take a look at some of these dress designs and draw some inspiration out of it:

(Bridesmaid dresses):

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(Wedding dresses):


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2. Food, decors, and other details – Make sure that all these details will also be fitting for the theme of the wedding. Foods must be made from fresh produce (including seafoods), the decors and giveaways must be made from non-toxic materials to prevent harming the natural ecosystem of the area.

3. Party and have a great time – Inform all your guests ahead of time about your plans of having a beach wedding. In this way, they will be able to prepare a more suitable dress to go with the flow of the occasion. And the most important thing you have to remember is to enjoy and have a great time. Beach weddings are made informal so that all the people will feel more relaxed and avoid feeling the pressures of formalities.


Preparation is the key in turning your dream wedding into a reality. Just follow these basic preparation tips and surely you will have a great beach wedding memories that can last a lifetime.

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