Sep 12, 2013

Changing your man’s wardrobe into something you will both love

So, it happened. You’ve met a great guy, and the only thing you really don’t like about him is the way he dresses. Perhaps he’s wearing ill-fitting jeans and just has no concept of what size he should be wearing. Maybe his shoes came out of a junior high skate park. Maybe his clothing is just a little too worn out for your tastes. If he truly is a wonderful guy, dumping him for these superficial reasons is a grave mistake, but the topic of fashion can be a touchy one unless you approach it in the right way. Here are a few tips for convincing your man to change and improve his style ASAP.

Ask Questions
It may be easier to tell him what to do, but to preserve his feelings, it’s best to start off by asking him a few key questions. Ask him how his style developed as he grew up from his childhood to teenage years to adult years. Ask him if he’s ever noticed any celebrities who have clothing that he admires. If you take him to a store, ask him which types of clothing he gravitates toward. He may start suspecting what you’re getting at, but if you kindly keep encouraging and asking, it probably won’t bother him too much.
Show Him What’s Out There
Chances are that he’s stuck in a fashion rut and simply has no idea what types of clothing are available to him. Look online at sites that capture a unique style like the stylish Coke Boys brand, and just get his feedback. Walk through stores at the mall to explore what’s available. Ask him to compare one garment to the other to determine what he likes best. Start off by saying, “I think you would look really good in this,” or “This makes you look taller!” 
Buy Him Something
Face it, most men don’t get excited to try new styles.  Many men would keep wearing the same outfit until they die unless a woman intervenes.  If you want them to get used to a new style, you might have to suggest what you want them to wear.  Start small, and if they like what you’ve bought, go for a full outfit.  Try interesting accessories that will help ease the transition.  Belts, hats, ties, socks, shoes…. are all good starting points.  Sometimes a man just needs some help identifying his personal style and once he has it down, you mind find him looking forward to shopping and improving his style all the time!
About the author: Sarah is a writer who enjoys fashion and improving a man’s style. With a little bit of guidance, a man can find his personal style and run with it.

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