Sep 19, 2013

Fragments - jewelry that reflects your uniqueness

I have to admit that most of the time I'm really bad about adding jewelry to my every day outfits, but if I find the right piece of jewelry I will wear it all of the time. Recently I came across a site called Fragments, and I love all of their unique pieces of jewelry. There's a diverse amount of designers who I can tell have taken a lot of time to carefully design the pieces, and if I were to ever splurge on a piece, I am certain I would wear a fashionable piece of jewelry from this website all of the time. 

Before I dive into some of my favorite pieces on the site, here's a little bit of a background story surrounding Fragments, for you history buffs. I don't know about you, but I always enjoy learning more about a company, where they began, and what inspires them to create even more. Fragments is no exception:

In 1984 (my Birthday year!), CEO and founder Janet saw a void in the accessory market and decided to develop a niche marketplace of jewelry. You can actually view the jewelry in Soho in NYC and I would love to stop by if I'm in NYC in the near future! Fragments gets their inspiration from NYC, but beyond that they have a passion to design and stay current with fashion and fine jewelry.You can read Fragment's entire story under "Our Story."

Here are a few of my favorite designers on the site:

Alexandra Mor:

"Alexandra Mor's work reflects a legacy of uniqueness and style that originated in her family of French fashion couturiers. Her collections are distinguished by her unmistakable signature details: simplicity and perfected symmetry centered around striking diamonds and gemstones."

I happen to love French fashion and what girl doesn't love diamonds and gemstones? Here is a piece of jewelry from Alexandra Mor's collection that is beautiful and bedazzling, to say the least! It reminds me of something one of the characters from the hit show Game of Thrones

Alberian and Aulde:
"The collaborative pair have crystallized a vision that celebrates the inherent beauty, intelligence and magnetism of the feminine spirit. They passionately strive to provide women with jewelry that reflects their uniqueness."

I can see what they mean by uniqueness, because I see a lot of what I love in my life in this jewelry as well! I think my favorite piece of jewelry is the Aquamarine Septet Studs, which are so gorgeous and remind me of the ocean. Speaking of the ocean, I miss the ocean oh so very much and hope to head back to my ocean dreams very soon! 

I also adore these opal cluster earrings, especially since they remind me of the ocean as well. They're very unique and the cluster of diamonds are also stunning! Not to mention both the opals and diamonds are set in 14K Rose Gold. Just beautiful.

What is catching your eye on the Fragments website?

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  1. I love unique pieces of jewellery. These all look so beautiful.


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